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  2. All I need to hear is his first name ADDbert... and I knew what I needed to do...
  3. Yonny with a QS @NYY. Liking this dude.
  4. Do I start Renfroe, Reyes at home vs Chacin (MIL) or K. Davis, Laureano at home vs Cashner (BAL)
  5. Matt Carp goes deep RCF. 1 - 0 birds
  6. Pirates could be interested in him as long as they can have club control. Marte and Bell for him.
  7. And the opposition eats their meatballs so it’s a very synergistic effect!
  8. Breaking ball looks good, locating also. Looks solid thru 3
  9. he eats innings like Chris Archer.
  10. I personally wonder if that won't matter in a potential call up. The Rays could just use him as a bulk 4-5 RP for this season to keep his innings down. Just a thought.
  11. Good lord. Steamrolled by an Anaheim team that flew across two countries to play to begin a homestand. Vlad just going down without whimpers right now. They're actually ran poorly enough to entirely screw this kid up. On record.
  12. Mikolas thru 3ip, 49 pitches and 2 hits. Balls been down and hitting spots. Breaking balls been solid and using it early for strikes.
  13. What are the extra categories? Walks OBP? Then Conforto becomes way more valuable. I like the deal overall. The guy with the greatest upside is Conforto.
  14. Come on Tanaka, 1 more out buddy. Give us a W. Yessss, can Tanaka just start against TB only?
  15. How is Edwin Jackson a professional baseball player?
  16. damn rain delay ******** with Castillo. smh
  17. I dropped Wheeler 2 weeks ago (public league lol)
  18. Looking for a Manager to take over a team in a 12 man Dynasty League on Yahoo. We are entering year 4, the draft is offline starting on Monday June 24th. Each team can roster 21 players plus 2 IR slots. Roster: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/T, W/R/T, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR. Basically Standard Yahoo Default Setting besides: 30 yards passing per point and 6 points for thrown TD's. Other difference is negative points for missed FG's depending on distance. Its a 4 team 2 week playoff. No divisions, head to head scoring. Your team if you choose to join will have the #2 Pick in this years draft. The draft is done offline and each manager has 24 hours to pick for the first round. 12 hours to pick for the 2nd round. Picks will be posted on a draft thread on the league page. What I'm looking for: A Manager with Experience playing fantasy football. Preferably on yahoo and with some dynasty experience but not required. More than anything someone who's in it for the long haul! This is a FREE league no money involved. This is for passionate dedicated fantasy freaks. No weekend warrior's need apply! We do talk s--- and post graphic pics occasionally. If your sensitive to these things then move along. This team does need work. Assuming you already knew that considering it has the #2 Pick. The Team consists of: Cam Newton/Matt Stafford at QB. Travis Kelce/Jared Cook at TE. Antonio Brown/ Alshon Jeffery/ DJ Moore/ Will Fuller/ Tavon Austin/ Eli Rodgers at WR. Jay Ajayi/ CJ Anderson/ Ameer Abdullah/ Deandre Washington/ Latavius Murray/ Cord Patterson at RB. Pittsburgh for DEF. Santos for K. Email me at if interested! -Warren, Commish of Dynasty Debacle
  19. getting rid of Wheeler even in dynasty leagues. heck with him.
  20. Hold on guys, they may be on to something here: A 28yo RB who never scored more than 800 yards, behind a young star, in an anemic offense, and your cheat sheets are all over him?
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