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  2. Yeah, not sure what that guy was getting at. RT made a career throwing to slot receivers and AH is a pretty damn good one.
  3. As long as Mahomes' injury doesn't prove to be season ending, hard not to be encouraged. 57 yard bombs against Chris Harris with Matt Moore throwing to him in Denver? I'm good.
  4. Honestly I would not be a happy camper if that TD didn't happen. Crazy how fantasy football can impact your mood so heavily.
  6. Absolutely. Plus, he went in the 3rd, to most likely 4th round so the expectation isn't as high as the people listed who were mostly taken earlier.
  7. he was drafted around mid 4th round in 12 teams roto leauge 9 cats. The GM drafted him also drafted McGee around 9th round. Those 2 guys pretty much secured the blocks for that GM.
  8. He hasn't been a GLB in years. If you thought otherwise you were misinformed.
  9. Well he was 16th last year and he could be better this year. If he had no injury history he would be a consideration at the turn of the 1/2, particularly given the dearth of standout picks there. But he has injury history and no one is selecting him there. Anything third round and beyond isn’t a reach imo, it may be optimistic about his injury history. But it’s not a reach.
  10. I have a feeling he will eat in PPR with Tannehill Solid flex this week
  11. I'm looking for a money league drafting tonight (Friday). I prefer an auction, but am open to looking into anything! If you need to fill any spots, feel free to email or DM me... Thanks! hanny
  12. Kc made adjustments at half. I think they went into the game trying to take away Sanders.
  13. Sure they could run more but that could just mean more carries for Damien in the RBBC. Damien isn't going anywhere because Mccoy is not a workhorse at this stage of his career. He also doesn't look like the GLB.
  14. Much lower ceiling and floor with Moore but looks like he’s not going to be totally useless
  15. Yeah man. The allure is 'Kc has the best offense' but I may cut bait for a lottery ticket if Mahomes is seriously hurt.
  16. I disagree with this. I think the Williams debacle ends soon and with Mahomes out they need to run the ball more. McCoy's value increased dramatically last night.
  17. I would "slightly" lean Tate this week. Good luck!
  18. I actually dropped him in a 10 team league before the game last night. It felt (and feels) good. Not saying he shouldn’t be rostered anywhere, but there wasn’t room for him on my team and there was no trade interest.
  19. I'm in this weird spot of never being able to start him but not wanting to drop him in case he or Brate gets traded.
  20. Im pretty sure he was slowed by a foot injury in camp/pre-season and than Peyton's arm and body was completely shot. So its wasnt all on CJA. He still finished as a top 30 RB that season which is something Damien Williams could only dream of.
  21. The TD was a very nice throw by Moore. Perfect accuracy, and surprising chemistry with a backup QB on a unique route that Aikman thought might have been improvised. This link probably won't last long:
  22. I like Gore. Revenge game vs Miami and Buffalo should be playing with the lead allowing them to make sure Singletary is healthy
  23. Without getting too much into the details/statistics, I’ll counter with these few simple facts: 1) Drake has actually had success in his NFL career at some point. Drake was very good the last two years when the Dolphins weren’t a complete dumpster fire. 2) Drake has trade value and some team will actually give something up for him. 3) The only team to give Walton consideration after he was waived was the tanking Dolphins and it took him this long to leap the worst RB in the NFL on the depth chart. Like I said, without getting too much into it, the Dolphins clearly disagree with you and only one NFL team thought he was worth even having on their roster (yes I understand he had arrests, but talent wins out).
  24. Fuller & Latavius. I wouldn't be able to sit Fuller with his blow-up potential. Even last week, he should have had 3 big plays. Opportunity is too great to sit. I'm assuming Kamara will be out or limited so I prefer the RB. If Kamara ends up 100% I'd go J.Brown over Lazzard. I'm not trusting him off one game.
  25. Amazing how consistent he is in this s--- offense. Can’t believe he couldn’t get to hundo for the bonus in the 2nd half 😞 dear lord Flacco sucks. If Lock was around he’d be benched
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