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  2. Easy yes, though not sure the other guy accepts it.
  3. I’m interested. Email is Would be glad to answer any questions about my experience etc. Been playing for decades and would love to find another solid league to join.
  4. not my fault it was sitting in my offers. guy is in last place, probably for a reason.
  5. Flaherty just dealing on my bench.
  6. Gregory Polanco has returned to save fantasy teams everywhere. These at bats tonight are phenomenal.
  7. Another Bomb!!! Did see him talking to the trainer about his back once he got back to the dugout. They went into the locker room
  8. Interested if still open. Email is FastEddie is trying to take over every replacement squad available on here so don’t pick him lmao
  9. yonny 2018: 7 hrs yonny 2019: 5 hrs i'm off this train
  10. All things being equal, in a Roto who would you drop?
  11. One month isn’t that long and he’s still the better player. When Bellinger inevitably goes cold, it’ll be as if he wasn’t playing for weeks.
  12. MVP! MVP! MVP! In fantasy anyway. Can't believe his ownership% is still low. Coma leagues.
  13. a bad back cannot slow down Hunter Dozier.....
  14. if the infield is a need more than OF, go McMahon. But on an even scale, I tilt the Winker
  15. Will he use outstretched arms at least? Seems safer than leading with the face.
  16. I checked the stream for Friday’s game and she was not there...I thought I looked for her Saturday, maybe I am mistaken.
  17. I didn’t brand Bellinger as a low average guy. .268-.270 is about average to above average. Where did I say that Judge has better contact than him? It sounds to me like you’re either a Bellinger owner or a Dodgers fan and don’t want to hear facts. Bellinger’s current results are unsustainable period. That’s not a debatable issue. Easy analysis of his BABIP and HR/FB% is “pretending”? 😂. There’s a reason why Judge was rated significantly higher before the season. He’s a better power hitter, has better plate discipline and has a better track record. He also has a better home ballpark and when everyone’s healthy is in a better lineup. I’m not even mentioning how Bellinger’s playing time and position varies based on matchups. I don’t think you can find any expert who will put Bellinger over Judge. If we’re basing player value on 2 weeks, then I guess Betts and Jose Ramirez are WW players now right?
  18. I dont see how you can say no tbh no matter what the needs are lol. Gamble on Betts all day.
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