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  2. He's sitting way too often. Sitting again tonight. Definitely a drop.
  3. Another homer from Avisail. A lot has been made about the Rays' acquisition of Yandy Diaz from the Indians, but perhaps the White Sox were overlooking Garcia as well. Last year, from June 26th to July 7th (12 games), I remember he had eight home runs but an injury took him out for a couple of weeks and he wasn't the same the rest of the season. Hopefully he can continue having regular playing time.
  4. this Tyreek dude is a super villain
  5. this season is no joke with these injuries
  6. Man do Soto's at bats look really terrible so far this year. He just flailed at a 91mph FB out of the zone to strike out.
  7. I'm confused....muscle man isn't Joey Wendle.
  8. Like Samson with that bomb and hair
  9. Ugh Beni grand slam on my bench 😕
  10. Well, Cole is off to a good start for his 1st game. Lol! Even before this, I think Cole may have a chance to stay up.
  11. Think both have potential, but I would take a chance on Tucker.
  12. Would consider trading Senzel & maybe Yu for a decent SP, which allows you to open up a slot. If you have to drop now, would consider dropping Yu.
  13. Best $11 I've spent this year, just needs to stay healthy.
  14. Yah. Just read that on Twitter. Thanks!
  15. I'm basically holding for that fateful day when the Yanks lineup is healthy and hopefully he gets his timing back.
  16. Just saw that info after Twitter searches. Thanks too
  17. 0 percent. He’s in A ball and they are not competing. They don’t even want to call up Vlad lol .
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