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  2. His upcoming schedule is kinda concerning- how many points is this team really expected to score? Next 4 weeks: SF @Min @Buf BYE I'm not quite at the 'set and forget' comfort level yet.
  3. All he does is post emojis and every now and then that one article just to change things up.
  4. Exactly what I needed to hear. And here I thought I was overpaying. Lol. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Why do you post the same thing 10x in every thread?
  6. Like everything else, it depends. It depends if you have a backup, it depend on what you're offered, it depends on your record, it depends if the trade fills your needs, etc. I'd say in general that if you can find someone who thinks he will be back in 3 weeks and playing his normal game, and gives you fair value at that level, I'd take it instantly.
  7. What are the chances he plays 60+ games this season? As usual, that's the issue with a guy like Rondo who will always find a way to hoard AST and pickup some STL while he's on the court.
  8. I’ve had it. Drop. Yes for someone but if I even hint at who it is this will get deleted
  9. Probably starting him next week against Green Bay, FWIW. First game without Mahomes and it’s a good matchup.
  10. Nobody knows except for Gurley and the team, but I’m also suspect that it was a bruise that kept him out of a game 10 days later and still has him practicing on a limited basis 15 days later, given his knee issues. Certainly would be easier for McVay to make up an injury rather than say it’s his knee and have to field 100 questions about it again. But yeah nobody here knows
  11. Their next game is a Sunday night match against the Packers at home. GB is currently #26 against the run. McCoy definitely gonna be in my lineup.
  12. Bump Pairing Jameis with Allen will be a nice way to finish QBs but big appeal for Williams with Lafleur forcing split carries.
  13. Tate vs JAX Hendo vs ATL (with Gurley playing but Brown likely out)
  14. What do you guys think of trades involving Mahomes is everyone staying put?
  15. I was leaning toward Edmonds but is the Jags defense really that bad against rb's?
  16. I mean, it’s like some people haven’t watched Shady his whole career. It’s baffling.
  17. The most redeeming quality Walton possesses for fantasy owners is that he was free. If you grabbed him, and you hold onto him, there's absolutely no harm, no foul in what he becomes or doesn't. You can speculate until the cows come home. If you're actually considering trading for him, you're in a different boat and quite a slippery slope. Recent bias, absolutely. They played a home game against the only team in the league as terrible as them. And they still couldn't break the 100 yd rushing mark as a team. As a matter of fact, their team high is 84 yards. Also, they have 1 rushing TD this year and it went to Ballage. Miami RBs also managed to turn 15 targets into only 70 yards last week. Efficiency, not there. Volume, not there in this RBBC (Drake or no Drake). TDs, definitely not there. If he's free, yes. If you have to pay for him, PASS.
  18. Totally agree. They will definitely lean on the ground game more, and Shady will be the guy on 1st and 2nd downs. DWill will likely just be a 3rd down back for them now.
  19. Same. Dorsett, still limited in practice and may not be 100 if he plays. I'm waiting for Saturday's practice report to decide. Both are probably good choices so that means they will both suck this week.
  20. You're describing Chark to a tee right there. I'd like to see what this kid does but there hasn't been a productive TE in Jax this season yet, not sure how much the rook makes an impact in his first start as the primary TE but i'm curious nonetheless.
  21. Even if he does get traded (which I think is a longshot at best) what do you really think the chances are of him learning the playbook and getting up to speed quickly enough to actually contribute? The track record of pass catchers being traded mid-season and producing is pretty poor. Only Cooper last season comes to mind as someone who actually produced in a meaningful way.
  22. I don't think Mixon + Jeffery will be enough to lift Bell, not if the other guy knows what he's doing. Mixon has very little trade value with how poorly is doing behind that swiss-cheese offensive line.
  23. I have nothing against Searage but I'm curious to know what pitchers he worked his magic on?
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