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  2. Might not be the worst trade off
  3. AL only league of that size, Sanchez would not get you either of those two closers if I were their owners
  4. I would have leaned no before but definitely don't do it now with Meadows going down.
  5. Misses the White Sox for the Red ones. Fantastic.
  6. Yeah if I'm spending that much on a TE might as well go for Kelce, would be my opinion.
  7. No, he's been in there against the last couple of lefties they faced (HR of Erod the other day)...his splits from the minors show a player that can hit same handed pitching more than fine, but that's not really the rays MO...he was mostly in the lineup against those lefties because of injuries to other guys, but maybe not too...we will find out as the roster gets healthy and the Rays have versatility at it's peak.
  8. absolutely, and the projection / value only holds if he returns to football. maybe i misspoke in my first post, because the reality is, there is a good chance sanders does not return to football, and if he does he'll have an arian fosters' level comeback. too bad, because he really was shining when last season began. takes a special WR to make case keenum look good.
  9. Yeah I feel the same. His speed is diminishing with age, soon will be 4-5 a year. Power is not big, if he ever hit 30 before the age of 30 it would shock me Batting eye never been great, always will be a 250-260 hitter But like you said price is right roll with the red head bomber
  10. I think they’re hoping for another injury, to keep him back until June
  11. "Never start a pitcher at Texas.", "Never start a pitcher at Texas.", "Never start a pitcher at Texas."
  12. Down 7 & have following SP today: Stripling at MIL Mahle at SD Eickhoff at COL Do I start all 3 or sit any of them, to avoid negative points? Other team has no SP left & there is also a weekly high points payout, that I am close too as well.
  13. Not in love with the skills to be honest, more of an average player. Hoping power would develop faster No complaints though considering I paid nothing for him
  14. And now Meadows too. Even bigger need for outfielders. 5 slots and only 4 rostered
  15. He’s been injury prone hasn’t he? I know this can happen to anyone, but damn. Guy was locked in.
  16. His statcast data is legit. And his K% is extreme but his swinging strike rate is the lowest of his career, though still high at 16% I could see making room for him at CI or utility spot.
  17. He will when they face a LHP. They were already doing that.
  18. Can definitely see him getting less starts as he cools down. Numbers arent really sustainable
  19. As a Yankee guy I really like what he brings to the table. His strong lefty swing will play well at the Stadium. Solid arm and good speed. Plays with heart. He should see solid playing time going forward. Maybe 4/7 days of the week until Stanton is back. From a fantasy perspective he MIGHT be worth a shot but I honestly won’t be taking that plunge in my 10 team leagues.
  20. Getting 2018 Max Muncy vibes. Think Muncy's '18 line is completely attainable for Vogelbach
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