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  2. Az third stringer Foster went down Friday- the only other viable option who knows the offense. I don’t know that signing another rb speaks to DJs health much- if at all. Need bodies....preferably ones with NFL experience.
  3. White. Either should give you 80-90% chance of win but typically WR's goose or totally flop more than RBs though and I think White has topped 5 in half-ppr every game this year.
  4. Manage to snub Robinson through WW last year and it paid off in the playoffs final, but it was ridiculous watching FIZ make the adjustments during play.
  5. Seriously, he just seems like a dick. worst coach for fantasy ball
  6. Someone offered me Delanie Walker for him, during the game, after he'd *only* scored 2 of his TDs. *rolls eyes* But as for serious offers, I have not gotten any yet..
  7. Pretty sure the throwing TDS were by design as teams continue to load boxes against the conservative offense. I dropped him as I was searching for certain ceiling and really thought Texans would score more. Still think he's just a high floor guy which is better than most, but yeah I was wrong about him this week. Chiefs game looked like his floor but
  8. Even in an attempt to show self-awareness, Nagy shows that he completely lacks self-awareness. No, Nagy, you are an idiot.
  9. I think he will get you similar production and won't cost you as much, honestly.
  10. I agree with spro. He makes me vomit.
  11. If you went Drummond/Gobert you are effectively punting FT%, PTS, ASSISTS, 3's. If you're going down this route you really have a small margin of error as you need to improve on 2 of your 4 glaring weaknesses. I would just settle for hard punting PTS and FT's because it's extremely hard to make up for points outside of the top 25 picks. Thats where all your points will be coming from. Instead you will be looking for players that do not score a whole bunch but will help you in other cats. Lord Covington is your savior so please do not let him get sniped. If you can somehow get Westbrook or Simmons with 3rd pick, you can begin to focus on assists. In your middle rounds, I would target your 3 point shooter and steals. You need 3 and D players to make this work. Then finish off with cheap blocks with Whitside, McGee, Noel etc.
  12. I'm not a big fan of either option. That said, I think I'd go with White. I'm not feeling confident of anyone in the Jets organization not named Le'Veon Bell, and White should get some touches, even while competing with Michel.
  13. Yeah but it's a lot easier to throw a lob to AD and have him do a fade away then to get into the position allowing a successful lob pass, even if its zion. Dray will eat, regardless. He has enough shooters around him to exceed his ADP. I think dray will make up for those Durant missed assists and even increases them because hes a great passer, playmaker and he will be in better shape. Holiday isn't Draymond, but I was using it as an example. I see dray increasing his asts this year regardless of the increase in difficulty.
  14. Nah he's a beast and one of the best two way players in the nba. Feel confident with your pick. Lonzo is getting overrated in this thread right now, and people are freaking out over pre season. Just check his game log last year: He's also a great passer:
  15. White is safer with burkhead out. I think Crowder gets there as well
  16. Barring health/load management, the team will be a wrecking ball. As mentioned the PG13/Holiday turn was amazing. CP3 as a mid round pick could yield great results. My favorite pick though is Lowry at 73, he's easily a top 50 player. Got my fingers crossed for the health of your team, but other than that have fun this season!!
  17. Who cares. This guy sucks this year! Would probably do better grabbing someone off waivers. The good news is with Kerryon hurt you can't be tempted to play him. I just recently picked up Walton and would rather play him than a healthy Kerryon right now. I still have hope for the guy, but he has to show me again before I play him again
  18. Fizdale makes absolutely mind boggling decisions, often fueled by foul trouble. Robinson will get into a bit of foul trouble and he'll understandably put in Portis. But then he simply won't bring Robinson in again. It's like he has this idea of not disrupting the flow of the game. It'll be 4 minutes left in a close game and he'll just keep playing Portis. Play after play the opposing team slashes in and scores in the paint and the whole time I'm thinking, "Robinson might have blocked that".
  19. As a Rams fan, I can endorse this statement. Ramsey played well, but he wasn't completely up to speed on everyone else's assignments. This was just Matt Ryan being Matt Ryan.
  20. hey it's in the league message board, but here it is: see you in the draft room!
  21. The point is, why do we need 2 threads? Just post in the original Lillard thread for the 2019-2020 season.
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