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  2. This one is pretty even but id lean towards Tate when Barkley is back it should open up more of the offense
  3. its a gamble. all depends when he gets back losing 2 good players and not getting your player back for 6 weeks. it might not matter then because you could easily lose your weeks. Plus you should be getting Green back here soon who has WR1 upside
  4. Keenan always does this. He has stretches of insane production then stretches of duds. Usually he has his duds in the early part of the season and goes crazy towards the latter half. Basically the mirror opposite to Thielen before where he would be crazy early and go cold at the end. It's a nice little wrinkle that Keenan went insane at the start this year, but I wouldn't be worried. Rivers is usually at his most productive late anyways.
  5. Didn’t anyone watch this game? Prescott’s throws were all over the place. Yes, Gallup had 1 bad drop, but the other 2 were going to be circus catches when they didn’t need to be. Gallup also made a couple tough catches on off-target throws. The Cowboys as a whole didn’t look very good with both starting OT’s out. I expect a better performance from all of them next week
  6. He already had a great game after coming back from his injury though. Yesterday's performance was a big disappointment. There's no getting around that, especially with almost every website that posts anything about fantasy football saying how good he should be going forward, but I'm also not giving up on him either. I'm still going to consider using him once again next week, as it was only one bad game out of 4.
  7. PPR Give OBJ Get Devin Singletary and Tyler Lockett
  8. Just putting this in writing to hold myself to it. I will no longer read any "analysis" or "insights" throughout the week. I will analyze matchups and look at numbers on my own, but I'm not reading anyone's opinions. I've already sworn off looking at player rankings or asking others for start/sit advice and I've loved that decision.
  9. White is about the same as Jacobs to me so the White side is getting McLaurin for free!!
  10. I'd go Godwin also and I own Kupp lol. Goff scares me and Godwin seems to have a sturdy role on the offense
  11. This is a horrible take. How can you compare guys who have barely rushed at all to legitimate starting running backs? And quarterbacks, of all positions?
  12. I have one guy in a league that's like that. He'll trade away his stud players after a couple bad weeks....And he'll always take the hot flavors of the week. Needless to say I'm happy to send him trade offers
  13. Nice. It depends on format too and team construction. It seems like basically trading a 3rd and 4th round pick for a first round pick. Not sure which side I would prefer.
  14. standard league opponent is desperate for QB so im trading my Lamar Jackson for either his Lev Bell or Marlon Mack. Who would you want going forward ROS?
  15. I was telling people to pick him up the past few weeks. Now that everyone wants him, Berry sends that out? All he does is reiterate the obvious calls once they're obvious.
  16. I agree with others Kawhi, Porz is way to go given the depth on waivers. I would scoop up Lopez if he is still their after deal or Rubio as a 2nd choice.
  17. Oh god someone make sure Henry doesn't drive anywhere. A Berry endorsement that high most likely means he's going to lose a leg or something.
  18. I got Mixon, Boyd and Hopkins so I'm screwed 3 ways to Sunday
  19. Matthew Berry says blow your ENTIRE Faab budget on him👀👀👀
  20. I don't think so. If anything, Tate would cut into Ross once he comes back. There's a reason why Boyd is leading the team in targets by a large margin (besides Green being hurt), and that's because he firmly established himself as a fixture of their offense last season.
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