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  2. Team in sig. Was offered Tatis Jr, W Davis, & Musgrove for Nola & Segura. No interest in Davis / Musgrove. See a counter? His team: 1b: Voit 2b: Villar 3b: Suarez ss: Xander 1b/3b: Vogelbach 2b/ss: Tatis Of(5): Cain, Upton, Mancini, Acuna, Soler UT(2): G Sanchez & Springer-IL H Dozier-IL SP: Verlander, Corbin, Giolito, Yamamoto, Musgrove. IL: Taillon & Lyles RP: Davis, Hand, Leclerc, S Kelley, Kimbrel 12 team, H2H, daily pts, redraft, no keeper. Maybe Tatis & who for Nola/Segura & maybe 1 other?
  3. What are the expectations for how Andujar will do after returning from a torn labrum next year? How much of a down-tick, if any, should we expect?
  4. How many days a week is Garver even playing now? He's probably ok to drop due to playing time concerns.
  5. I don't know but I'd love to find out lol. Stripling was still starting when Urias went to the pen, right?
  6. I am starting @ MIN. Yankees have his number the past two seasons. Other than that he has been dominant against the rest of the league. It is not like there are a lot of options these days.
  7. I think you would be insane to start him at Minnesota. Wait it out one start and see if he figures something out.
  8. I like Judge and Madbum here. Madbum not what he used to be, but I think Soroka will be on an innings limit at some point.
  9. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I have no idea right now. I guess it depends on what my team does between tomorrow and his next start.
  10. Yup. What a weird thing for people to complain about.
  11. So my two cents after seeing it a few times. A. Its a finger or thumb on his right hand. Not his left follow through hand. Which is more managable. B. It looks like he jammed the thumb/finger into the tag (glove) more than he did the very hard base itself, which could be good news. He's definitely gonns get an MRI. He pulled back in pain immediately but then jogged off the field not really wincing in too much pain. But if its a torn tendon im sure it would be a 4-8 week thing which would be a massive blow to teams. I'm praying.
  12. A league of 1 wouldn't be fun for anybody (least of all Trout).
  13. Looks like I'm with a lot of you. Ketel Marte and Max Kepler. Makes me feel better at least.
  14. Yes, Clevinger and Conforto for me too.
  15. As a Cards fan, I never doubted they wouldn’t score there.
  16. What? Are you playing with 12 year olds? Get out of this BS league.
  17. They need to create another league for him at this point. Just have him face top 5 pitchers because everything else is a joke.
  18. So the Cardinals had the bases loaded with no outs in the 10th and they couldn’t score? Bader three straight swinging strikes (scrub) and Ozuna with a GDP? These ain’t your pappy’s Cardinals!
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