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  2. nothing I've read suggests it was injury related. (at least no beat writers seem to suggest that)
  3. Why do leagues still include kickers? Its the most skill less FF decision you can make each week. I don't get why people still use them.
  4. I don’t doubt that he is effective within his role. He clearly is. That doesn’t necessarily mean he is deserving or capable of opportunity outside of the things he does well. He’s the runningback version of a Martavis Bryant or Desean Jackson. Great efficiency, limited skillset. As such he is likely to just keep doing what he is doing. Those hoping he becomes something he is not are set for disappointment.
  5. It is also April 24th...small sample sizes all over the place. I do not expect anyone is AAA to hit .400 over a full season. The juiced ball is one thing, but that is kind of making an excuse or belittling what Biggio excels at, which is drawing walks and getting on base. That is a very valuable skill and it is being valued by MLB teams more and more. I don't see that changing any time soon. The average will dip, but he will still grind out walks. He is still a decently young player. He was exposed in the second half of last year if I remember correctly. I imagine he is a pretty bright kid and made adjustments. Do I think he keeps up this level of production...of course not. Do I think he could get an extended look for a rebuilding team....sure, why not. Most of these players need an opportunity and I think that Biggio should get that. Personally, in dynasty, I just want kids that get an opportunity to figure it out at the MLB level. Organizational depth is not fun to navigate.
  6. I am most encouraged by his BB:K ratio - 12:12. Leads me to believe he has made some tangible changes to his approach. Topped out at 27 homers, though 15-20 seems more reasonable with 10-15 steals. Runs could be where he makes a big difference; hitting at the top of a quality lineup could lead him to triple-digit runs. Really just has the makings of a solid overall contributor. Not necessarily overlooked since ownership (at least on Yahoo!) is at 70%, but West Coast guys can fly under the radar.
  7. Snell pulled. Anyone know if it was injury related??
  8. Prospect lists are not inerrant. Looks to me like potential plus plus power from the infield - i'll give him him churn and burn spot for a week and ask questions later.
  9. I think this may be the year Swanson figures it out, so I would choose him. I know Wong has got hot before, then really cooled, but I think with Goldy, Ozuna & DeJong in that line up with him, it is helping him in a big way. Don't think you can go wrong with either though. Good luck!
  10. Well Yahoo has done dumb stuff before, so who knows. Wasnt it Yahoo that gave Schwarber C eligibility when he shouldnt have had it?
  11. Of course it's arbitrary, but I followed up on a premise which was already pretty arbitrary, that was the point. The statement was that when given the chance, Drake is efficient. I'm saying in 2017 definitely (*), in 2018 he didn't outshine his competition. And my question "what happened" is an honest one, I have no idea what the difference was. (*) For sufficiently arbitrary values.
  12. I was under the impression that they would be following official MLB IL status as well but I wonder if they're making an exception here. Why else would he be played on the 60 day as the pitcher version yet remain on the 10 day as the hitter version? Unless its a simple mistake, which I admit is the most likely outcome here.
  13. Nice to see him getting run at 1B in the interleague. Was wondering if theyd keep him on the bench for that.
  14. Yep. They have multiple options they could go with this struggle. One is a platoon with Thames, they also have Shaw who can play 1B and Moose who can slide to 3B in that instance. Hiura is really hitting the ball well too down in AAA and while I dont think his promotion is imminent I could see them sliding Shaw to 1B eventually with Moose moving back to 3B and Hiura up and playing.
  15. Available as pinch hitter though. Good sign.
  16. Usually this stuff leaks before the police have a presser. I wonder if the Chiefs even know what's going down yet.
  17. If they go by official MLB IL status then this is a 100% impossibility. Your last part is the most pressing thing, why all services havent combined him to one player is beynd me.
  18. Quiet thread for such a great pick. Leading off against a RHP tonight 💪
  19. (Yandy's been screwed by bad called strikes in both at-bats)
  20. Am i missing something? Guy has an OPS over .900 and started out on fire. Not sure what expectations of some were but hes not off to a bad start at all.
  21. First time I ever said no to Trout!!
  22. in H2H categories maybe Jack Flaherty in any other format Nelson Cruz
  23. feels kind of arbitrary without full context... who were all those games against, split run/receiving, etc etc..... ok back to lurk mode until July.
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