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  2. Same story every week with this guy. There's just not enough volume of passes for Flacco to hit Sutton, Sanders, Lindsay and Fant. I'm starting because I have to, but I think the floor is scary low -- like 2 catches 23 yards. Going forward, it would be nice if the Sanders trade rumors came to fruition.
  3. anyone care to offer a prediction? Belly put up insane #s to start the year. Might be worth a flyer in Roto with a deep bench to opportunistically put up some #s.
  4. He has Richaun Holmes #1 overall.
  5. And the likelihood of a starting role of Rashaad Penny
  6. Tough to say. Renfrow leads the team in WR targets that haven't gone to Williams. Jones is just completely an unknown his first game in the offense. How "up" on the playbook is he to contribute a full load? And he obviously has minimal time with Carr (though Renfrow's just a rookie). If I had to guess, Waller's already large target share ticks up slightly. Renfrow's share probably jumps enough to expect decent volume if they are in a lot of passing situations. I wouldn't feel good about playing anyone else. For me, it's: Waller: must start TE, as always Renfrow: around WR40 this week, can be used in deep PPR leagues. (I'm likely firing him up in a 14-team dynasty league where around 300 offensive players are owned and I have Williams.) Zay Jones: desperation dart throw, and outside of really deep leagues I'd be surprised if a team would have to start him.
  7. thanks yeah I got Kelce late 2nd. Lost my 7th Rounder in Lamar day after the draft. Traded Lindsay for Juju after week 2 thinking I bought low which backfired massively lol WR core has been banged up due to their own injuries or their QBs injuries so I've been struggling there
  8. I think Lowry...Toronto will lean on him and Siakam now that Kawhi is gone. Milwaukee has so many weapons.
  9. I have a bad feeling he will be out for a few more weeks. I hope I'm wrong, but if he doesn't practice today, you have to assume he isn't playing this week.
  10. Can someone talk me out of drafting trae/doncic at the turn in a 10 man h2h 9 cat league? While on a per game value I expect players like Irving, Kawhi, and Beal to outperform Trae/Doncic , the risk associated with those players seems to be significant both in terms of injury and load management. The risk seems to be even more magnified when you're talking about taking two of those players at the turn this year. Obviously if someone like Lillard drops I would be taking him, but absent that I find it hard to justify taking on significant risk with my first two picks when high upside/low load management players are available.
  11. Drew Brees is a free agent. He has a juicy matchup against the Falcons during Watson’s bye week. Assuming he returns before week 10, should I drop Malcolm Brown for Brees? My RBs: CMC, Fournette, Singletary, Rolls Royce, Sanders, Henderson, M Brown
  12. Yeah problem was he was on the WW until I picked him up after week 5 (he had good weeks 4 and 5) to fill in for Waller. I’m thinking other teams saw that and won’t trade for someone who was just on waivers and yet to prove himself consistent.
  13. Or it could be more incentive for another team to trade for him since the new team can keep him for 2 more seasons and not just an end of season rental.
  14. Burkhead will most certainly take Bolden's snaps and also take a few snaps away from both Michel and White. But I think White is still a safe floor week-week. He's the runningback that is in the best "graces" of the quarterback and coach. Brady will keep targeting him 6-9x per week.
  15. And the help of Goff's golden arm to keep defenses honest.
  16. Wonder what his Espn and yahoo! Projections are going to be like... he still as a zero
  17. My opinion is Lazzard emerges as Rodgers go to guy until Davante comes back. Once Davante's back he's the WR2. MVS, Geronimo, & Kumerow have had plenty of time to build rapport with Rodgers, and none of them seem to have great chemistry with him. Say what you will about Lazzard, but he's already shown chemistry with Rodgers in his limited play.
  18. Thanks! I’ve made 5 trades to get to that point lol the only players on my team that I drafted is CMC, Ertz, Coleman and ARob
  19. PPR, ten teams, redraft. Carlos Hyde or Miles Sanders?
  20. That's great that DH has more yards and catches. I own DH as a keeper in 2 leagues but you cannot compare DH to RoJo right now. You might not like RoJo and thats fine but you haven't been following whats going on in Tampa and how well RoJo has played when given the opportunity. Anyways this is the wrong thread for this discussion. Drake isn't going to fix TBs problems.
  21. Sounds like sweetness and LT had a baby named Darrell Henderson. World beater in the making.
  22. duh! Is anyone seriously considering benching him? It doesn't matter who Julio plays he is capable of having a big game against anyone or a down game against anyone. You just play him no matter what
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