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  2. My OF (after a recent trade and player coming off IR) projects to be very crowded. We are a 5OF league, but even then, with my situation I've got excess for sure--right now my OF holds the following: Clint Frazier David Dahl Charlie Blackmon Andrew Benintendi Jesse Winker BN: Jose Soler, Jason Heyward, Franmil Reyes I'll likely have to finally give up on Franmil, and I currently have an offer with Jorge floating out there, but I'm wondering if a deal of Frazier for Groundchuck would be fair for both sides? Am I asking for too little, given Frazier's firm grasp on fantasy value at the moment? WHIR 100% just link and reply. Thanks
  3. No, he is not. He is a below average runner and is a low end level back up RB overall, somewhere in the 45-60 RB range as a talent. There are 1-2 RBs on every team in the league that are better than him.
  4. I'm thinking of adding Stephenson too. I know at one time he was a nice spec and seems to be doing very well
  5. You are missing it, badly. To answer your question about Hyde and his usage in 2017. In the final 5 games of the season, his targets halved. He had 49 receptions in the first 11 games. In the final 5, he had 10 receptions for 55 yards total. He was completely phased out of the passing game and then let walk by Shanahan shortly thereafter. Further, in the 49ers 10 losses that year, Hyde averaged 5.3 receptions. In their 6 wins, as he was being completely phased out of the pass game, he averaged exactly 2. Even more, he only scored in 5 games that year, almost exclusively in garbage time, and never once, over 88 targets and 59 receptions, through the air. In 11 games, he didn’t score a touchdown, as a high volume RB with 240 carries and 88 targets. Yikes. And, here are UDFA RB, and Carlos Hyde’s backfield teammate, Matt Breida’s receiving stats in limited usage in 2017: 36 targets, 21 receptions, 180 yards, 1 TD. Hyde averaged 3.9 ypc and 5.9 ypr in 2017. Breida averaged 4.4 ypc and 8.6 ypr in 2017. On top of everything, Carlos Hyde graded out as the worst pass blocker in the league at the RB position for players with qualifying number of snaps. Youre barking up the wrong tree.
  6. And what did Tucker do when he was up? What's he doing now? Gaudy stat lines don't always mean a guy is ready. There is a belief for some that you can stunt a guy bringing him up too soon. I think Alvarez is up this summer.
  7. Hyde's pretty good when healthy, think most agree.
  8. That's not necessarily true. Bregman was up early and got an extended stay. I don't think Tucker is ready. Whitley has yet to log major innings in the minors.
  9. Lol my bad I saw the bobs and it threw me off. And I was referring to it not being lopsided, not who wins the trade.
  10. Hate when I see a thread bumped and I’m expecting an update, only to see an empty “Any updates??”
  11. 5 spot changes his value significantly. This is potentially massive for his value.
  12. Any updates? Just struck a deal for the injured guy. Wondering how much longer..
  13. The more I analyze it, especially with Benny getting hot, the more I'm blown away. Aguilar is just lost right now. I'm on cloud nine--getting a leadoff hitter for one of the best league's offenses. That all said, my only concern is this leaves my OF overcrowded. I may need to make a few more deals.
  14. He'll always be tempting to anyone who had him on their roster during that ridiculous stretch in early 2017. I know I'll at least keep him on my watch list.
  15. Yea he put those numbers up. But that’s nothing special when you have 3 1B who can do that as well. Plus Archer is going to put up 200+ K’s and finally put up the best ratios of his career.
  16. I find a lot of the discussion here about Carlos Hyde to be a bit off. I offer this information as no slight to Damien Williams, nor to make any prediction. I just find the narrative that "Carlos Hyde is a bad running back" to be perplexing. Here's the 2017 Rotoworld RB rankings thread, in which Hyde is pretty consistently ranked in the top 10-15 of the entire NFL (for fantasy purposes). In the 2018 thread, no one seems to think he is a bad running back. General consensus ranges seems to be in the "he's fine" category, with a few "greats" sprinkled in. I realize this is not the optimum way to analyze a football player's talent. But I do think it can illustrate recency bias for fantasy perspectives. Hyde's situation was abysmal last year - pre-Mayfield Browns and a Jags team with Bortles that had basically thrown in the towel. I guess we could fault him for not transcending all this. My general point - football players generally don't change overnight. Unless most people here thought Hyde was simply a volume-based back and simply didn't say it, there's a pretty good consensus on these boards that Hyde was a an acceptable NFL running back for fantasy for a number of years. One year spent in the Sahara Desert of the NFL doesn't seem like a reasonable cause to change all those evaluations. On the note of Hyde's pass-catching in 2017, I guess I just have to ask why a team with a presumably-forward thinking coach in Kyle Shanahan would continue to throw the ball to a player who is a historically bad receiver. I understand that the final stats may not look pretty, but this is the equivalent of banging your head against the wall. Hyde finished 5th in targets. Was no one on SF wise enough to his inadequacies? Maybe I'm missing something, but the narrative here doesn't add up for me.
  17. I got both Domingo Santana and Glasnow. If you're trade doesn't get vetoed, let me know so I can offer the same trade and maybe my leagues as idiotic as yours
  18. The Mets are such a joke. Goes from strep to elbow barking, scheduled MRI, nah no MRI needed, ok maybe still an MRI we'll see, let him throw, then actually have the MRI. And all of that for a guy that hasn't even begun the extension that they just gave him. They handle their most prized assets with the least care.
  19. He was placed on the bereavement list earlier today. Looks like he'll miss this 3 game series at Baltimore because of the death of his Grandmother in the Dominican Republic.
  20. On the other hand, Hill probably would have been arrested if the cops thought the child was injured via an intentional or reckless (and therefore criminal) act. He wasn't arrested, as far as I know.
  21. Should've said less risk, of course anyone can get injured at the plate or running the bases. Anyway, I still think it's a lopsided deal in favor of the Cruz side. I'm not hating on Eloy, but track record over upside in this scenario for me. I definitely could be wrong, so could you. Previous poster already addressed that. Thanks for repeating though just in case I missed it. Also, I didn't ask any question. I'm not the OP. I think you're confused, lol. BTW, the poster just above my first post agreed he'd take the Cruz side so I don't know where you get "three clear votes" from.
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