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  2. This is going to be the hottest thread today. 🔥
  3. I actually wanted it to go through as it was a lowball but the commish vetoes it. That is why I ask. Haven’t seen it before. I always take down trades when games start.
  4. In a vacuum I'd rather have Royce. But as the A.Jones owner yeah I'd rather have Jamaal. Its a pretty even deal
  5. I definitely think he gets more Carrie's now. Do you think they're going to run the same pass happy offense that they did with Mahomes? McCoy operated as the 1A yesterday. The touch battle didn't get close until Damien had 3-4 carries in the final drive when they were up 30-6. They'll have a 10 days to install a balanced game plan. Rbs gonna get more work and McCoy showed last night that he should get the majority of it. How many more games do we need to see with McCoy averaging over 5ypc and Damien under 2ypc? The chiefs are taking a downgrade in offense but they were arguably the best offense in the league. If Moore can be half decent, the chiefs offense can be like the jags or something. Somewhere in the bottom half of offenses but not the bottom. Heck they are still probably better than Denver's offense.
  6. Who might that be? Looking at raw numbers all three are neck and neck on catches. My take. Damien’s value is plummeting, the running back to own is McCoy. Should anybody drop Damien well that is your decision.
  7. Nope.. great strategy by your opponent. Can't do anything about that
  8. Traded Evans/Gurley for Chubb/Hockensen and I couldn't be happier.
  9. Analysis from pre-season that I heard was that it was going to be minimal usage first half of the season leading to a gradual uptick in usage which meant if Ingram didn't go down early he was a drop (Gus handcuff) unless you have deep benches and could manage stashing through bye weeks. Their prediction (I think) was having the main share of the carries week 12 on. I've been able to hang on to him, but I would be looking to snag him off waivers on their bye next week for a stash and pray.
  10. I understand most trades should go through as long as there is No attempt foul play. But what about accepting a trade once a player is injured. I foolishly had a trade out there for Mahomes during the game and the Mahomes owner accepted before I could take it down. Is that veto worthy or should that get out through?
  11. Well I need to make it to the play offs first but guess great if he can help then... speedy recovery my homie
  12. It's fair, I'd do it. You have a useful player plus the lead dog if an injury happens. I think you should be able to do an even swap there.
  13. Winston. He had one of the worse games I have ever seen in my life and he still put up decent fantasy numbers. It was incredible.
  14. That would honestly be worse than an injury knowing his history.
  15. Winston some weeks may ratchet up 50+ passing attempts. He’s gonna sling it.
  16. Have similar options and am starting Jones. Cousins my second option.
  17. If they are smart they will get him the ball on some of those jet sweeps, reverses and screens against GB. That wide set defensive line creates a ton of holes at the LOS.
  18. Even if it’s best case scenario, I don’t think it would be wise to bring him back before the bye. The team might as well sit him for week 11 as well and bring him back week 13 especially since the rest of the division is struggling.
  19. Probably more of a WR2 for now, but I don't see myself benching him.
  20. Just wanted to point out these are in the same league
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