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  2. All I know is that the power is legit. Dude’s last two homers have been absolute bombs. Legit 25 to 30 HR power for sure.
  3. No love for the Ji-Man? He's hitting .293/.373/.431 through 16 games. Hit his first home run last night. Hits 3rd usually in a damn good Rays lineup and is getting steady playing time so far. There is definitely value here in deeper leagues, assuming the playing time remains as is.
  4. Not much talk about Trevor Williams. He's not real sexy but he's thrown a QS in all 4 of his starts and he's sporting a 2.59 ERA and 1.03 WHIP. He's probably never going to have an eye popping K rate and I expect a little regression but he's looking like a dependable arm to round out your rotation. I also like that he seems to have taken a step forward each year he's been in the big leagues
  5. The sliders he threw in that at bat were probably his best of the outing.
  6. Anyone have any info on who's expected to come in after Wood opens in TB today? They might be a good streamer today. The Rays have been world beaters and they're facing Baltimore.
  7. Let’s go Zach Davies in one . 🤞 Let’s go Corbin, Paddock, Soroka & Urias 🤞🤞in another team.
  8. He has a ton of solid pitching but no ace, I also have Bauer & Noah, to go along with Archer, Paddock, Musgrove & Caleb Smith. My offense hasn’t been getting it done at all though, and I have a struggling Jose Ramirez.... probably going to offer Sale with someone lesser first. I just acquired Sale by trading James Paxton & Aaron Hicks
  9. He's a superstar in my league that punishes strikeouts and doesn't reward steals very much
  10. That one at-bat against altuve was beastly Major League sequencing there I'll admit I'm not the best at breaking down pitches but that looked like Frankie knows what he's up to
  11. Back to the ejection. Don't forget this little tidbit, Joe West has had it out for the White Sox back to the Ozzie Guillen days and has had issues with Anderson before And knowing that Joe is bigger than the game itself, its probably safe to say that he was looking for a reason to toss him because that elephant forgets nothing and Tim's words from last September were echoing in his head.
  12. Will probably get picked up in a lot of leagues now
  13. He's been closer in waiting for a long time and I suppose he will still be next in line should Greene be traded. However, he's messed up my weekly ratios a few times in the past and just can't stomach holding him any longer though...
  14. There's a reasonable chance Greene gets traded at the deadline. But I'm still not sure that makes JJ worth holding unless you're in a deep league.
  15. Was pretty high on Joe Jiménez coming into the year and he just continues to be horrid. Anyone think he’s still worth holding onto with Greene cruising?
  16. Agreed. I just know I’m not picking him up for his W/L record and I guarantee that is why he is not owned in more leagues. I wish we would go to a QS setting. Much more valuable
  17. So he finished with 55%, looks like my prediction was right. Sure you won the just for fun wager, must feel good Tommy-boy!
  18. I kinda feel like matchups don't always matter for Godley. I think his best start this year is vs the red sox .I seem to remember similar things last year.
  19. People play in win leagues in 2019 for some reason. "Traditional" categories. Whatever. He's still worth owning.
  20. I just picked him up in my 10 team. I think he is a fine SP should give you decent stats but he plays on the Marlins. They are going to be facing Phils, Braves, Mets & Nats and that will greatly diminish his Wins.
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  22. Yea he looked good yesterday no doubt. Fastball consistently 97 touching 99 at times with good control. Slider was dirty. Hope it continues, kid is fun to watch.
  23. Burdi notched his second W of the year after pitching a perfect 9th with 2K’s to send the game to extras. 7.2 IP, 15 K’s to 1BB with a sub 1 WHIP and his era is under 4 now after the bad outings vs the cards
  24. Another linedrive HRs by Diaz count as a flyball, according to Fangraphs, as they just decided that this is a flyball too, for whatever stupid reason:
  25. Those aren’t good ratios from a guy you want closing all season.
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