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  2. That's fair. I wouldn't play him against SF. Pittsburgh is starting to gel defensively and I'd be on the fence about Seattle and New Orleans. But definitely worth a crack in NYG, TB, LAR, and CLE.
  3. Maybe it’s time for turnovers to hurt more in scoring settings. Who’s with me? Probably not me.
  4. I think it is mental with Gallup. He's maybe thinking about his knee. Because before he got hurt he was looking amazing and running crisp routes.
  5. I was just thinking of Barkley. There may some others but he was the easiest to think of. Bell, I suppose.
  6. Just found this for an official source.
  7. Henry will be top5 moving forward with a high Td upside have him in 2 leagues ,but traded him in 1 league where I have Waller already , did the old 2 for 1 sent Jarvis and Henry for melvin gordon
  8. I agree, however I'm also cautious since he has produced against two of the worst defenses in the league.
  9. Yeah I don’t love GB anymore - GB giving up massive yards on the ground and OAK has a great O-line and Jacobs. Leaning SF at the moment. That defense really controlled LAR.
  10. I dunno about that. I've seen him make corners look silly with his route running when he's 1-on-1. He doesn't get separation because he's got to beat 2 defenders. The reason he is still an elite WR is, as you say, his elite ball skills. They still throw it to him even when he's mostly covered.
  11. Only guys I would have before him now are Kelce and Kittle, Ertz hasn't gotten it done this year
  12. No one is getting a shot at a full time gig. Its a RBBC accept it. McCoy is currently tied for 5th in YPC at 5.4 so I dont see how you can say he isnt playing well. The only names averaging more YPC are Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, Matt Breida, Mostert, and McCoy is tied with Dalvin Cook. So basically the top rushing QBs and the 49ers backfield are ahead of McCoy on a YPC basis. That sounds elite to me. FYI Darrels 52 yard catch yesterday was a pick play that should have been called as offensive pass interference on Kelce. The pick gave Darrel a free lane to run 50+ yards. Watching the tape, the play is not impressive on Darrels end.
  13. I like Godwin ROS. Even though Jamies is not a good real life QB , he gets stats for his WR. I also don’t trust Geoff anymore.
  14. After last week Winston’s passer rating when targeting Godwin went down to 148.6, Winston’s rating when targeting a Evans is 74.7. Overall his passer rating is 84.9.
  15. No, only because I don't think you can take the hit with RB depth right now.
  16. Yeah, I stand corrected. I believe I said that Damien was in there more than McCoy but it looks like McCoy was there 50% of the time. I can't tell those guys apart still, even after being told by posters here exactly how to differentiate them from their stances. Sorry.
  17. These are all good points. How would you rank him with the rest of the TE's ROS?? I don't think I have many TE's above Henry. Kelce/Ertz/Hooper/Andrews = tier 1 Olsen/Waller/Henry/Engram/Kittle = tier 2 Seems good to me.
  18. I took a break from inter webs yesterday (aside from drafting 2 killer teams), and had some realizations. I'm actually a very nice person in real life, but sometimes online I'm not. I realized I really like making people feel good. And the way I post, occasionally its the opposite. At times I can be rude, impatient, condescending, and embody other negative qualities. And I realized that if I have to respond to someone in anger or frustration, it means I've lost some sort of control. As I've been telling my kids, if you're going to say something mean to someone, it's probably better to not say anything at all. I'm actually here to apologize to @Trench Mob . I hope you have a great season and do well in your other leagues too. And the same to all members in this league and forum. Thanks.
  19. The Raiders just beat Indy in Indy and Chicago in London. No way I trust GB enough to beat a team like the Raiders. Buff or SF s em to be more logical to me based on both their opponents and their defenses.
  20. Vinny Testaverde threw for 481 yards on them...on 69 attempts. 🤣
  21. I wouldn't say 10 out of 10 times. But in general, I agree with this.
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