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  2. I'm always betting on guys with: 1) High K% 2) Really good K:BB 3) Above average spin rate on his offerings
  3. Its A Very sad day in baseball today: A player I would not consider in the top 1000 all time baseball players is going into the HOF. I put him on the pretty good B level player but Not close to a HOF player list with players Like Larry Walker, Mosies Alou, Lance Berkman, Scott Rolen, Todd Helton, Al Oliver, Albert Belle, Dave Parker, Chilli Davis. The only difference is Everyone of these players listed also played Defense which is half of the whole game and some played defense at a HOF level too. but they just are not quite HOF level players but they are all better players then Edgar ever was. Its truly a sad day for baseball.
  4. I will wait for the end of the story
  5. It counts, but he will falls into oblivion against all the other for this year so enjoy that small outburst once in a blue moon
  6. Homered in his pro debut. Went 1-for-4. Hopefully a sign of things to come.
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  8. The only 2 examples I could find of this recently is Reggie Bush (went to Miami for multiple 1000 yd seasons) and if I'm generous, Chris Ivory (went from crap to meh). I don't think that's a strong argument for a running back who will be 30 this year that suddenly he will have a monster season. Not saying it can't be done mind you, but to claim he'll be good because he's released by NO is a bit of a reach.
  9. This guy is looking like he's figured something out. His k:bb over the last month and a half is about 1:1. I like him ROS.
  10. He had a grand total of 9 home runs in 1,458 PAs prior to 2018. He's hit 30 in 994 the last year and a half. The sample size is smaller, but do the last 1,000 PAs not count as track record? I get prior history and other metrics, but sometimes raw boring stats tell a story too. He's obviously tapped into some power that wasn't originally expected - resulting from launch angle, exit velo, confidence, etc is another story. It's a game of averages so whether they came in the first 50 games or last, it all counts the same at the end of the year. In my humble opinion, based on the last 1.5 years of data, expecting 15-18 homers next year from McNeil is totally reasonable. Now is that enough to be a top 50 guy? I donno. Those speculative questions are impossible to answer because leagues vary so greatly. Different skillsets altogether - so not a good comparison here, just something to consider - but Victor Robles had just 31 homers in 1,793 career PAs and has 14 bombs in 360 this year. Comparing an insanely talented guy and former #1 overall prospect to Jeff McNeil isn't fair, but point is it can take players time before it clicks for them.
  11. This is only year 4. The last two seasons, the runaway best team, overall scoring champ, etc was the Survivor champ and also won their league. The other year, the team that was in the dead middle of the pack in scoring somehow won the Survivor and I don't think he even made the playoffs (6 make out of 14) in their league.
  12. I liked your post, but then clicked the link. It seems like he's just trashing travon Austin. What's the issue here?
  13. People tend to sleep, but everytime the saints let a RB go, they Excel someplace else
  14. Even if last night was just Vlad learning how to punish bad pitchers, it's still a good first step. Plus he hits in the AL East. Bad pitchers and tiny parks are not exactly going to be hard to come by.
  15. I understand his POV as well but I'm not losing sleep over it and I appreciate the feedback from the Forum members.
  16. I understand his POV, Xander is a great dynasty piece. But I also wouldn't get too bent out of shape if I were you. Reyes, Suarez, and Kieboom are solid young pieces for a dynasty team. I'll put it this way there is no way I would offer more than that if I were you.
  17. Stupid idea. Guy that exploits another should be rewarded. It takes a lot of time and energy to set up a good ole fashioned TRAPE. You give everyone that's too lazy the opportunity to see a situation and exploit it then it diminishes all the hard work the other person put in to accomplish it. PLUS TRAPES create a fire in the league that gets everyone in a Frenzy and makes your league more involved and stronger. It's bad for both the league and the idea of working for a trade. If I was in your league I'd never do anything but counter offer trades.
  18. I don’t normally post these types of threads but my team has been struggling. I thought my pitching would be a huge bright spot but it’s been hit or miss. My offense hasn’t been hitting over the last 4 weeks. Khris Davis has had a couple of injuries this year and he isn’t 100%. Some of my guys have been bumped down in the order. Should I try and improve my offense by trading pitching or am I being impatient? 16 TEAM DYNASTY C - Cisco/Wilson Ramos 1st - Voit 2nd - Moose SS - Story 3rd - Arenado OF - Benintendi , Merrifield, Dahl U - Khris Davis , Kevin Newman Bench - Wil Myers IL - Brandon Lowe, Ozuna SP - Sale, DeGrom, Buehler , Bieber, Caleb Smith, Mikolas , Deivi Garcia RP - Jackson, CMart IL- Rodon , Hunter Strickland
  19. Make sure to tell your league manager those 4 RBIs don't count because they came off a bad pitcher. 🤦‍♂️
  20. Very interest in join. If will open, invite me.
  21. Giving some people until tomorrow to accept their invitations and do some callups, then I will know what teams are available.
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