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  2. Melvin & Singletary, Kirk & Ridley, Flex Royce Cooper is dealing with a quad injury. He stays on the bench!
  3. The lack of usage in garbage time is killing Mixon. Seems like there will never be a game where he gets 5 catches, he’s always in the 1-2 range and it’s killing his floor especially when he’s only getting 10-20 yards running. The worst.
  4.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1027369502579687424& I wanna see something like this from Tannehill
  5. I'm not high on Boyd especially when Green gets back and the emergence of Tate, as mentioned above. I like Montgomery's increased snap count and touches. Now its up to him to make something of it. So, from that aspect I get the "proven" thing in Boyd. I just think an RB with opportunity will usually produce more than an WR, if both are lower/middle tier. Help with mine?
  6. Can't see you're team on phone can you post it in bold print.
  7. Things definitely seem to be happening here. Walton probably becomes a solid flex option in PPR if Drake goes.
  8. Drew Brees clarified Wednesday that he's back to working with a regulation-sized football. It's great news for Brees' chances of returning sooner rather than later. The future hall of fame QB himself stated, "I’ve graduated to the NFL ball ... I have a really kind of disciplined plan for what I need to do for strength and flexibility and then my throwing and all that stuff. So really starting to get back into it, doing football stuff, and just trying to get back as quick as I can." There appears to be a real chance that Brees returns in Week 8 against the Cardinals.
  9. #FeedPhil I wish I could play them both but just no room. As the article points out, the Broncos are better when Phillip is out there. They could even put them both on the field together if they really wanted to. It wouldn't hurt anything. I don't get to see them play too often, so I don't know exactly how they are using them.
  10. Hunt go with. Melvin is the #1 for LA and he's not going anywhere. They will trade Ekeler first before anything.
  11. My man about to ball out on national TV - a chance to show how good he has become.
  12. You know your stuff. My percentage, in my opinion, isn't shabby either. Good luck to you this season in roto.
  13. Keep Monty ROS. You already have an elite WR1 in Chark. Boyd is in a super crowded group with Green & Tate.
  14. Use Minshew. He's got a beautiful match-up, and I feel he's more consistent. With Cousins, you never know which version of him is going to show up. Especially when you have a crucial game, which I would consider the Vikings match-up against the Lions to be considering their division records.
  15. Gordon > Fuller Henry < Andrews Tyrell < Damien Don't like that deal. You're giving up the best player involved being Melvin, Try to sell Henry high before he gets hurt yet again.....
  16. *Frozen Foot McBigChest has entered the chatroom*
  17. I think this offense needs the combo of Gurley and Henderson to start clicking. Gurley could serve us as a RB2/1 and Henderson can serve us as a RB3/2 (expected/upside). I think that the combo of these two fools can reshape this offense a bit. Seems like the Rams offensive playcalling is stale as fu......
  18. lol? guys chill out and ask these questions on AC forum please
  19. Im assuming because teams can run at will against them. Fournette is in for a huge game but hopefully there are some leftovers/big plays for Chark.
  20. Yahoo rankings are based on an Elo system that grants a higher score to defeating tougher opponents. You can get a 751 rating on 67% by playing against other inexperience or low rated players. This profile is of someone who absolutely crushes their free friends and family leagues. Conversely, the person below has a lower win percentage but a higher rating because he has played against and beat higher level competition. Who would you rather be? Doug Polk who has a 58% win rate in 100/200 NL or Joe Malaka who absolutely beasts in his family Skittles league? BTW I'm only bringing this up because you started with the ad hominem implying that I've never played H2H lol. I know there are people with better records than I...still you're a good sport for putting yours up there. I'm joking about the friends and family leagues, idk what stakes you play. Either way, I'm a fair person even if salty, and 67% is great! Kodus. Fantasy Basketball(Head to Head) PLATINUM Rating 854 780Platinum820840860880Diamond780Platinum820840860880DiamondYear201520162017201820192020 Overall Performance Win % 57.5% Win 180 - Loss 131 - Tie 14 Top Level PLATINUM x4 Trophies 2 Teams 15
  21. Hang onto CMC at all cost!! Find someone else to deal
  22. League's already set up - I may do a $50 one closer to opening day, but these are cheap enough to have some skin in the game without feeling completely screwed over by spring training injuries, trades and the like.
  23. You're right, but Siakam was a Breakout Player in my Opinion not a Sleeper. I'll make a difference between a true Sleeper and a Breakout Player. Perhaps Siakam was a Hybrid last Year.
  24. Keep Chark & Monty. There's no timetable for Adams return.
  25. He's fresh, young, and well-rested from his injury. No reason to not like him this week even with Gore playing. Of course, this is the NFL and MIA could show up and look like one of the best defenses for one week.
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