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  2. He's a wait and see guy for me. No speed, questionable average, he'll likely hit at the bottom of the order. But the power potential is definitively intriguing if he gets a chance to run with the 2B gig.
  3. Should have included that I have osuna and treinen. Like to keep 3 open spots for starters.
  4. Thanks for the help with mine, I like his deal for you too. Like Darin said, Bauers is a throw-in and Abreu > Turner.
  5. Does anyone else on Fantrax keep getting when they try to access their teams or the home page? infuriating.
  6. What are our thoughts on Roenis Elias, the 30-year old lefty who is currently in a committee with Swarzak and others? 2019: 12.2 IP, 10:4 K:BB, 2.84 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, 3 SV, 1 HLD. Looks like he's a converted starter, having been sent to the pen in 2016 at some point. Looking through his career numbers it doesn't look great, but then I split for starter/reliever and it looks better. Career splits below: Starter: 297 IP, 4.15 ERA, 1.32 WHIP, 256 K, 115 BB. Reliever: 52.2 IP, 2.73 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, 31 K, 19 BB. What does the future hold? Well he's a lefty in a committee so he may not get all the opps, but will likely get all that involve two out of three batters being lefties and so forth. Given that SEA's offense is clicking (Narvaez ftw) there should be a good amount of opps to be had. I hate predicting saves but the ratios look like he could settle in at 3.00 ERA and 1.25 WHIP. He also has the coveted SP/RP status in Yahoo. Who knows what will happen with SEA pen, though; watch them go out and sign Kimbrel.
  7. Value seems close in a lot of these scenarios. Not sure what Alonson or Abreu do ROS, but I could imagine similar power numbers. Abreu could get a decent boost if Moncada steps it up and Eloy gets going, but wouldn't be surprised if Alonso matches up for power this year with Abreu, could just as well surpass him. The other trades, some decent options but I can't see your team so not sure how much they address needs. If you could snag Nola I'd also go for it, but not sure about the other players.
  8. In a 10 team, I would cut Piscotty. Good luck. Help with mine?
  9. Someone laughed in one of my leagues too but I defended the addition. Not many people are looking for "this year's Anibal Sanchez," a Veteran who has been thought of as completely done, but throws various pitches, and is trying to use a change in pitch-mix (anti-Fastball brigade) to improve results.
  10. Standard 10-team A. Rosario B. Buxton Y. Diaz S. Piscotty
  11. If it is Peter Alonso, I would stay with him. He is the real deal (I may be biased since I am a Met fan though)... As far as the second one, I may just stay put on that, unless you can get Nola in there somehow. Good luck! Help with mine?
  12. So when I woke up this morning I saw someone in one of my leagues added Homer Bailey. I laughed for a bit, then laughed some more, then since I had the day off went to his Fangraphs page to see why someone could've possibly added him. He hasn't been fantasy relevant (aside from stacking hitters against him in DFS) in several years and even in his peak he was only an SP3/SP4 type. But through 4 starts this year he's pitching to a 10.57k/9, 2.74bb/9, 3.36FIP, and 3.45xFIP. His fastball velo remains in line with the past 3 lousy years at 93.8, but his swinging strike rate has increased from 8.8% to 11.5%. He's now pitching in a pretty good home park, backed by a good defense, and in the worst hitting division in baseball. The biggest change I see is he is now throwing his splitter 26.6% of the time, up from 15.9% last year. His splitter is generating whiffs 25.5% of the time. I say this with great trepidation, but maybe he becomes fantasy viable again this year as an SP6/SP7 type now that he's healthy and out of GABP.
  13. Have to agree with your choices of drops at this point, although I may just cut bait on Darvish here. I own him in one of my leagues (an NL) and am close. Good luck! Help with mine?
  14. For someone who doesn't sniff a top 10 list, I think he's a guy you're going to want to take a look at in fantasy. Great power, I believe he hit over 30 HR in 2017, last year he was suspended for PEDs for the first half of the year, but when he was finally back he mashed just as well if not even more impressive because it was the first time at AAA at the time. With Pedroia on the DL, they are looking for a 2b, and Chavis could be it. He has 30 HR upside in the Red Sox lineup, sign me up. The average isn't going to be great, but I don't think its going to be anywhere near Gallo status, He's somewhere between a 250-275 hitter in my eyes. Could be something to see with the juiced balls in the majors. If a guy like Starlin Castro is a starter in your league, Chavis should definitely be picked up in your league. Might be looking at a prime dozier minus the steals type player, maybe more RBIs because of the lineup. Im assuming he probably only has 3b in your league at the moment, but I imagine he will try to get a lot of time at 2nd, and 2nd is probably the least deep non catcher infield position at the moment. Most outlets have Chavis as the Red Sox #1 prospect. The Red Sox don't have a great system by any means, so that doesn't matter too much, but he is probably the best of them, and he;'s #1 because of offense. There's no defensive bump up in his rankings on lists, so while that may limit playing time if he can't cut it, it also shows how strong the bat is, which is what we care about in fantasy. Take a read Decent statistical comp: Mike Moustakas
  15. Stripling Strahm and Lyles all gonna throw gems!
  16. 🤣 Not making fun of you, this just made me laugh.
  17. ...and one more: 5'11" 220lbs RB Darrin Hall Pitt Senior year: 153/1144/10 (7.5yds/carry) and 15/66 Career: 381/2189/21 (5.7yds/carry) and 38/267/1 Recent write-up/analysis: Anyone got info/thoughts on this guy?
  18. You have plenty of OF (and 1B too) especially with Stanton coming back soon you could try packaging an OF+Posey for an upgrade higher than Ramos/Posey
  19. I would give the edge here to the Machado side, but I feel like it is close. Good luck and help with mine?
  20. That's tough with where some of them are at in their careers. I prefer Machado over Bryant, just think Machado has been so consistent every year and he's got some good young hitters around him. Bryant's health and seemingly a bit up and down at times concerns me. Carp and Cruz kind of was out a bit, depends what positions one needs. Cruz is getting up there even though he's still putting up good power numbers. Carp had a decent bounce back season last year, kind of like both players about the same if neither is a keeper. I'd prefer Kershaw over Stras personally. I know Kershaw has a ton of innings on the tires and health concerns, but still think he can be effective as he adjusts to having lost velocity. Stras has always been a bit too combustible for me, but if either are keepers then it makes this a tougher call for me. If I had to pick a side, I might go with B as I'd like consistency of Manny and Cruz, and even Sras even know he might not be as good as Kershaw each time out. Having both Bryant and Kershaw would be a bit nerve racking for me with different issues they've had.
  21. I picked him up in two leagues without looking. Is he good?
  22. Moreland is playing most of the time and is doing OK, although he has cooled off some. I may move on Garcia over Moreland though. Garcia was killing it last year until he got hurt. It is more of a personal preference though. Good luck!
  23. Bauers is kind of throw in on this deal, so it comes down to Turner for Abreu, which I am fine with. Think both of those guys will start to heat up & both should be better than Miggy. Thanks for mine and good luck!
  24. Give up on Posey? Like, two years ago. Make this particular trade? I don't think I would.
  25. We’re just going in circles here. I’ll say this one thing and then will be done woth this particular disagreement. I never once said your evidence wasn’t sound evidence. If you’ll go back and read WHAT I wrote and not read into what I basic statement was that I disagree with guys who simply point to a second half swoon and say that means he’ll struggle this year. There are guys who see a great second half and assume it means a great next year...and vice versa. If you have metrics from June onward that predicted this struggle, then fine. My comment was to those who look at .245-11-38 and say, “Well, that means he’ll suck he next season.” If you took it differently, I apologize for not communicating more clearly.
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