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  2. Ugh Beni grand slam on my bench 😕
  3. Well, Cole is off to a good start for his 1st game. Lol! Even before this, I think Cole may have a chance to stay up.
  4. Think both have potential, but I would take a chance on Tucker.
  5. Would consider trading Senzel & maybe Yu for a decent SP, which allows you to open up a slot. If you have to drop now, would consider dropping Yu.
  6. Best $11 I've spent this year, just needs to stay healthy.
  7. Yah. Just read that on Twitter. Thanks!
  8. I'm basically holding for that fateful day when the Yanks lineup is healthy and hopefully he gets his timing back.
  9. Just saw that info after Twitter searches. Thanks too
  10. 0 percent. He’s in A ball and they are not competing. They don’t even want to call up Vlad lol .
  11. No way. Pearson is in High A, he's not touching the majors this year, especially if they limit his innings.
  12. Who could be a realistic replacement if he’s out a while? Pearson have any chance?
  13. That's his 9th double and 14th hit. Time to move him in the line up?
  14. Think this kid has any chance at being called up if Shoemaker needs an IL stint?
  15. Please never be an analyst. Maybe I'm biased b/c I own him in a keeper, but he's one of the truly underrated assets in fantasy baseball.
  16. Not a bad SP. Only thing I worry about is LAD rotation with: Kershaw, Ryu, Hill, Maeda, Buehler, Stripling, Urias. I think Maeda sticks, but could get some starts pushed to watch innings, with guys like Urias & Stripling able to spot start. Still a better option than Aguilar. If you had Quintana & needed a 2B, would you accept McNeil for Q? Trying to gauge McNeil's value. Thanks!
  17. Sso many first pitch strikes, too. Loved seeing the hitters behind in the count very often.
  18. Pirates SS situation is a barren wasteland. If he can play good defense and can have a league average bat, he is not going anywhere.
  19. I'm starting him but confidently? In Colorado, after what he's done so far?
  20. What do you also think about maeda?
  21. I would also take Kittle over Ertz. Kittle's open field speed is nearly unprecedented. But I probably will not take either, as they are both going to be PRICEY.
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