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  2. The complete failure to use him at all in the passing game was just baffling. Instead they kept running him into brick walls and using him as a speed bump for KC’s pass rushers.
  3. Well, hopefully the mastermind coaches that get paid 6+ figures a year are wise enough to see they need to utilize him more and not get too creative with rhythm and carry distribution. Last nights game of 1 run on, 1 off was abysmal and the Broncos couldn't generate a play over 25 yards. Not to mention they have a stonehenge statue at QB. Let's see if next weeks game script is different.
  4. It's a bad matchup. But Baltimore's pass defense has been terrible and Russell Wilson is hot. Expect the Seahawks to be in the red zone a lot, so Carson will have TD opportunities.
  5. last year he was, but, at his hefty 3rd rd price tag I own no shares this year. I just like saying that to all the fallen.
  6. Feel like my roster is pretty competitive. Currently in fourth. Third highest scoring team in a 12 team, full PPR league. Looking for a trade to put me over the top. Looking to package up Joe Mixon and Alshon Jeffery in hopes of landing Leveon Bell. Owner is traditionally stingy so I know I will have to overpay. Love Leveon's schedule and usage. Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, 1 K, 1 DFNS Currently, I have: Wentz, Goff Mack, Jacobs, Coleman, Mixon OBJ, D. Adams (IR), Thielen, Alshon, Sutton, Gallup, C. Davis (Using up an IR spot to hold C. Davis) Ertz, Henry SF Defense Should I stay put or go after Leveon? Thanks in advance.
  7. He runs a 4.5, which isn't pedestrian. I'd compare him to receivers like Alshon Jeffery and Michael Thomas.
  9. im commish and u put it through i do think the kemba side wins, but its not vetoable
  10. He is.. foles or fitzpatrick would be great bridges, but I think Moore can surprise people. Reid wlll put him in optimal position to succeed
  11. Yeah, Oliver's potential is nice but he's missed all preseason and hasn't played yet. Hill is interesting but, he's playing against Chicago. So, I'll probably just roll with Knox. Thanks.
  12. How cool would it be if your last name was “Dragon”? 😎😂👍🏻
  13. Edmonds if johnson is out. If johnson does play, I still might lean that way because you have to imagine hes limited and the matchup is great for edmonds. Mixon has been so disappointing
  14. oh I was under the impression he could be back to practice next week. But yeah I guess it doesn’t make sense if there is a gap between now and when he’s available.
  15. Seems like Rogers keeps under throwing him whenever he gets open downfield.
  16. He looks good. The minutes on the other hand is a different story.
  17. He’s always “banged” up. Every patriots are usually on the injury report. Not sure why but that’s how they’ve always done things
  18. The second coming of Thy Lord Covington. He has blessed us with his prodigy.
  19. Thanks for the response man 🙏 thybulle is still available on my WW league, but I've already committed myself to PJ and Herro 😟 I've added him to my watch list. I don't know how he'll fair with Philly line up being so stacked.
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