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  2. I am not panicking, I am just checking my options here. Maybe it's easier to understand if I give you the broader picture: Div 1 me 6-0 rival 6-0 ... ... Div 2 dude1 5-1 dude2 5-1 ... .. Out of conference 1 (div1 + div2) the two division champs and the better second place get into playoffs. The conference champ has a bye week. When the record is the same the direct matchups get checked. So me losing would increase the pressure to win the second direct matchup against my rival and my chances of winning the division get smaller. That would force me into the comparison to the other divisions second and therefore higher chances of missing the playoffs. So the question I asked myself was "can I get a trade that would help me to win this weeks matchup and won't make my team worse". So far it seems like you guys like Carson/Samuel more than Thielen/White.
  3. What the title says. Thoughts?
  4. Think he's a wait and see. Wouldn't waste a a mid level waiver on him.
  5. aaaarghhhh decisions decisions i need help who do i drop for Herro while he is still on waiver. HELP! options : zach collins, Hayward or sato or grant?
  6. BUF and PIT D/STs line up nicely. 7- BUF v MIA 8- PIT v MIA 9- BUF v WAS 10- BUF @ CLE 11- BUF @ MIA 12- PIT @ CIN 13- PIT v CLE 14- PIT @ ARI 15- PIT v BUF 16- PIT @ NYJ
  7. That is a rough pool of WRs, but I still don't think I'd make the trade. Like the other poster said. You're 6-0. Play for the championship and not the rivalry win.
  8. Sure, issue is if I have to list out every type of league we're going to have varying statements for every player and threads will become convoluted - take him in this league but not this league, etc.. So I cater to what most people play.
  9. Unless you're in a points league, then this guy is a good late round flier considering the opportunity.
  10. Thanks man I wasn’t so fortunate! 🤣 would have lost by a couple anyways if I had played him!
  11. Ricky Rubio, has been a huge fan of him since his Euro days and now in NBA. drafted him in the middle of 8th round in a 12 teams 9 cats roto league. Couldn't be more happier for him winning the MVP and help his team won the chip this summer in FIBA world cup. I think he is always undervalued and NBA teams playing him in the wrong system. Even though this is going to be his 9th season, i think he is going to have a breakout season because he is finally playing in a NBA team that play the open court fast pace system.
  12. I'm surprised there isn't a 2020 thread for him yet? Thoughts? I didn't keep tabs on him in Spurs, so I don't have much input but he comes up in discussions.
  13. I'm much more intrigued by PJ Washington. Say no to empty points guys. 3's need to come with steals, otherwise you really get behind in that secondary category..notice how almost many cheap points guys are ranked low and can be had in abundance between round 10-13? Many of them come with a lack of peripheral stats, and no stocks. Fantasy has evolved, people expect a lot more across the board production from their picks.
  14. My team is pretty stacked. WR: Kupp Adam's Hilton Chark TE: Kittle Henry Basically when Adam's comes back I'll be choosing between Chark Hilton and Henry for flex and the other two goto bench. But if I trade for Godwin that makes my 3 WRs Kupp Adam's and Godwin. But am I gaining enough? I kind of like the depth. WHIR just leave link
  15. Normally I would say that trading something like a first round pick shows that they value Grant quite a bit. But this is the same team that traded away Nurkic to play Plumlee 23 minutes a game. So who knows.
  16. The game plan didn’t help for this game. They obviously saw something they could exploit in the packers secondary. Lions threw the ball a lot it seemed. 2 weeks in a row teams could throw on GB. Darnell Savage the safety has been out and may be a big part of it.
  17. Not that many suited to play PF though, main guys are basically Prince and Kurucs. I've been quietly on this guy for a while now, compared to the other 3pt guys he's getting drafted way too low. Finally Josh Lloyd of BBM and Mike Gallagher of RW recently talked about him as well, so I'm expecting his stock to go up. For a last round pick I'm extremely happy with what he can give me in points, but mainly I want those high high 3pters. Full disclosure he has pretty high TOs for his role tho.
  18. Your team looks fine. Unless you have a fool or two in the league stand pat. Only a fool would deal someone like Bell for a 2 for 1.
  19. Yup. I hit big on Cook, and then busted with all my other RBs in David Montgomery, Michel, McCoy, and Sanders. I may be rolling McCoy out as my RB2 this week. All my other options have terrible floors and I think McCoy has the highest ceiling. I believe they run a much more balanced offense this week, and part of that will be a lot of coaching to Mahomes as far as how to handle the RPO. Short week, gimpy ankle for Mahomes, and coaches acknowledging they have to establish the run. There’s still the issue of who gets the carries, and it might not work out well for McCoy. I would go with any solid RB2 if I had one, but since I don’t I’m leaning towards starting him this week.
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