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  2. He has 1HR in 80Abs and a .928 OPS He's awesome
  3. Good comparison. LIriano in his prime before TJS fastball was around 97, after the surgery 93/94 range. Maybe you're speaking of after TJS? Not sure.
  4. Rosen comes across as such a petty person.
  5. the Chiefs in dissaray, Phil a year older and still insisting on keepin' up with the Duggars ... Flacco in Denver - could it be? no, now wait a second ... could it? NO sport has as much upheaval with division winners/playoff teams as the N.F.L. - and we see it, and still pay it meager heed methinks, year after year. this kid will be the featured back, and contribute mightily, on your 2019 A.F.C. West Champions! oh, and IN before the ensuing "what, he got traded to K.C.?" shtick.
  6. Maybe 2 minutes.... I grabbed and started playing Nunez over Turner about a month ago and it's worked out. However, I expect Turner to heat up and will be making the switch sometime in late May/June. Keeping a close eye on it.
  7. I'm really liking Dozier right now, at least while he's hot.
  8. 6 numbers make me think that you're probably not off base for thinking about moving him 108, 117, 115, 112, 120, 118
  9. Nope! We are now tracking who he’s not following on Instagram. Next up will be his chocolate chip cookie recipe.
  10. Just another day in the Vlad thread... I wonder where he will slot in the lineup tonight? Any reports on that yet?
  11. Marte is currently on waivers and I’m wondering if I should add him on my team. Not sure if I exactly need him but would appreciate any ideas of who to drop if I’m to make the add. 12-team, H2H, 5x5 3-keeper league C- (streaming) 1B- McMahon 2B- Merrifield 3B- Vlad Jr. SS- Torres OFs- Polanco, Eaton, Jones UTIL- Devers, Escobar Bench- LeMahieu DL- Turner, Meadows, Marte SPs- C. Smith, Paxton, Corbin, Musgrove, Arrieta, Velasquez, Teheran, Whitley RPs- Neris, Jeffress, Swarzak, Minter
  12. 6 x 6 OBP 10 team AL roto league Moncada for A.Hicks and Profar Am I giving up too much? Profar is currently my weakest link as my starting 2B and Hicks is still hurt. WHIR, Thanks
  13. Can I trust your analysis after your Henry analysis on Henry's pass catching?
  14. They optioned Jake Noll to open a spot.
  15. Washington hasn’t announced their starting lineup tonight so presumably they’ll announce the corresponding 40-man move at the same time
  16. Hi all, Wondering who is my most droppable considering value & team needs & league settings. I'm thinking Gurriel now that Murphy is back? Bassitt will be dropped after the 2 start stream week is over. Odor just came back and wasn't exactly stellar so i'd be willing to part ways with him. Also wondering, what, in, your opinion, I need to address the most either via trade or waiver wire. My team currently in 8th place out of 12 and i'm currently near last or bottom half for all offensive cats except stole bags. Pitching not much better...pretty much middle of the pack for those cats. See team, league details, & possible waiver wire options below. ALWAYS WHIR W/ a Link. Thanks! 12 team h2h 7x7 cats, mixed league. runs, doubles, triples, HR, RBI, sb, avg x w, complete games, svs, k, era, whip, qs. Can keep two players drafted after round 3 for up to 3 years. However, first year cost at corresponding round, 2nd year will cost round divided in two. C- C. Vasquez, 1b- Abreu, 2b- D. Murphy, 3b- Donaldson, SS- Bregman of- McCutchen, F. Reyes, Puig. utl- Tatis Jr. Bench- Y Gurriel, Odor, Piscotty. dl- Judge SP- Snell, Buehler, C. Smith, Lucchesi, Darvish, Fried, Bassitt (stream for the week, so holding for Sunday start) rp- Brasier & Osuna dl- Hill & Eovaldi Waiver wire: 1st, notable bats, high ownership, just not my league: T. Shaw, T. Beckham, M. Cabrera, J. Schoop, A. Jones, B. Hammilton, K. Wong, E. Hosmer, E. Inciarte, K. Schwarber. 2nd, hot pickups: Kieboom, D. Smith Jr., M. Chavis, J. Reddick, D. Fletcher, T. La Stella, All arms: D. Robertson, B. Parker, H. Neris, B. Keller, A. Bradley, A. Swarzak, J. Jeffress, Soroka, A. Heaney, Chacin, Sabathia, Eikhoff, C. Anderson, V. Velasquez, D. Holland,
  17. I'm not sure how you can defend taking a RB in the first round when you have a bottom 10 defense. They literally could have had Sweat or Greedy Williams. Gruden has done nothing to be praised here. I feel like they didn't take Sweat because they would have been criticized for taking a pass rusher with a pick they got for Khalil Mack. They also traded Amari Cooper for Josh Jacobs. Antonio Brown will be gone after 2 seasons of putting up with his sh*t.
  18. So he will essentially take the lynch/martin role with richard doing the cop role. Not bad gruden likes to run to set up the pass so he should get 15-20 touches a game. And I don't anticipate the raiders having probably the worst defense again and with AB+tyrell+nelson keeping defenses honest the running game should blossom
  19. If you are looking for something very different then all the other leagues you are already in, This league is for you ---- If you are just looking for something different to try , This league is for you ---- If you are looking for new and unique challenges that you do not have in all your other leagues, This league is for you .. Unique format and set up that delivers a complete different set of challenges than standard fantasy leagues. EMAIL FOR INFO ON TEAMS AND INVITE FIJI : ( # 13 draft position) If Interested, please email direct @ (
  20. He wasn't traded, he was a free agent and signed with the Redskins. Giants should have traded him when they had a good offer on the table though. Or franchised him and traded him like we have seen with a bunch of pass rushers this offseason. The Giants were overrated though.
  21. Let me know where the sortable OBP/SLG stats are. Not to mention K/9, BvP, etc. etc. etc. Yeah, morons. oh, btw. When you check the "standings" tab, at the bottom set of columns, you can see how many total GS you have. But the tracker you're asking about is gone afaik.
  22. Time to stash at least i am F it haha
  23. I touted him earlier but even with his impressive start against the Mets Vince Velasquez is still only 28% owned in Yahoo. Those who took a flier on Pivetta to have a breakout season should scoop up Velasquez instead.
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