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  2. Watching this guy catch is painful, just absolutely dreadful. Can’t even catch normal pitches clean.
  3. I heard the official scorekeeper is already marking him down on the score sheet has a Out before his AB is even finished.
  4. The announcers on you tube are horrible.
  5. Come on, come be delusional with me for a bit, it is great!
  6. Against a team that is said to be very interested in him.
  7. would love to see most points at least get their money back when are league invites going out draft date?
  8. I think that's the plan with the Tigs packaging Boyd and Greene. How does Philly feel about Bohm? Completely untouchable? Detroit needs a big positional prospect out of the eventual Boyd trade.
  9. Tigers are doing a good job holding on to Boyd as long as possible to minimize his trade value. 2 ER in 2 IP already today
  10. Round 6 1. Taenggg: Jamal Murray 2. Kenny Mack Derrick Favors 3.Ganandorf: Bam Abedayo 4.Gile Pile: Danillo Gallinari 5.turner46: Ja Morant 6.Slmroz: TJ Warren 7. StifleTower2: Jonas Valanciuas 8.Styler: Terry Rozier 9. Christian: Ricky Rubio 10.Simsanityy179: Malcom Brogdan  11.Iowncrazyhair: Aaron Gordon 12. @BetterCallHinkie otc
  11. What? No, winning, that is what fantasy football is all about. Faith is just fake certainty and belongs in church (temple, mosque, etc).
  12. Looks like everyone else is also having a bad start to the day today. Misery loves company. And Darvish has not even started pitching yet. Wheres the alcohol?
  13. He's been a starter for pretty much all of that. Guys getting the luxury of seeing him in multiple ABs and all that jazz. He can approach things differently as a RP.
  14. REALLY slumping right now. anyone heard anything?
  15. If there is ever such a thing as flushing 10 seconds down the toilet, clicking on this thread is it.
  16. Boyd with another allowed HR to a guy with a .450 OPS. What else is new.
  17. I can have a poll after everyone joins to determine if it’s best record or total points. The draft is at 7:30pm EST
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