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  3. I would not veto that trade. Vetoes should be used sparingly and only for something egregious. This is not that.
  4. Yeah, this is not a selling point. I’ve seen snakes that were better receivers than Derrick Henry.
  5. I prefer Chavis to Weaver. If you could land Flaherty, I'd do that. Help here:
  6. I have never once successfully traded a QB outside of 2 QB leagues. Its not worth it and nearly impossible to agree on “QB for __” . Basically, it’s a stupid strategy Maybe it’ll work for FFC, since he’s starting the Dolphins likely backup - but he’s actually intelligent so unlikely
  7. Round 6 1. Taenggg: Jamal Murray 2. Kenny Mack Derrick Favors 3.Ganandorf: Bam Abedayo 4.Gile Pile: Danillo Gallinari 5.turner46: Ja Morant 6.Slmroz: TJ Warren 7. StifleTower2: Jonas Valanciuas 8.Styler: Terry Rozier 9. @christian: OTC 10.Simsanityy179:  11.Iowncrazyhair:  12.BetterCallHinkie: Team Styler  PG: Terry Rozier (6.8) SG: Devin Booker (2.8) G: Victor Oladipo (5.5) SF: PF: Giannis Antetokounmpo (1.5) F: Zion Williamson (4.8) 😄 Kristaps Porzingis (3.5) C: UT: UT: Bench: Bench: Bench:
  8. This is this league second year and there are a few spots that just opened up. Standard espn rules and settings. Accepting payment thru PayPal. Few players know each other so it’s very trusted. Draft date is August 31 or Sept 1st. There’s a group chat on what’s app to discuss fantasy football. 1st $1000 2nd 500 Settings reply or email if interested
  9. It’s all good, needed the reminder of why I stopped posting on this wasteland in the first place Thanks for the draft prep and good luck to you all in your money leagues Message/propose trades on yahoo app if you’d like ... My work here is done
  10. I'd rather have the pair.
  11. He has zero upside with Calloway emerging and the style of offense they run.
  12. Tough call on the bats. Don't love Didi /Pence, and who knows how long Mondesi is out. I do like Kingery, tho he's been cooling off recently. I wanna believe in Senzel, but he's often injured. I also wanna believe in O'Neill, but his K-rate is up there. In a pinch, I'd go with one of those over Didi. I'd hold on the pitchers. Help here?
  13. Generally speaking it's the hardest skill position to trade away unless someone gets hurt early in the season.
  14. Bell and then Alonzo. Cruz not in the same league as those two.
  15. Interesting. I suspect that is an outlier, but in this pass-happy era, maybe not, not sure
  16. Id keep Beebs and deal Bauer for Sale. Thanks for mine.
  17. Further, D Williams seems to be THE sole bright spot of the KC Chiefs in the playoffs, THE leader of the offense, and THE only reason that the team was competitive in the playoffs. In the two playoff games, here are D Williams’ stats: 35 carries, 169 yards, 2 TDs 10 receptions, 91 yards, 2 TDs And the ENTIRE rest of the team stats combined, including Mahomes, Tyreek, Watkins, Kelce, Ware, Darrel Williams, etc: 10 carries, 52 yards, 3 TDs 33 receptions, 411 yards, 1 TD Oh and Kareem Hunt’s only playoff game, a loss to the lowly Titans: 11 carries, 42 yards, 1 TD 3 receptions, 5 yards, 0 TD
  18. Certainly not safe. The back of their rotation is volatile. But he's performed well enough in the minors and based on the stats I provided in the tweet that one could conjecture future success. And isn't that what it's all about? Life's a risk. Urq has some upside, and if wins are a category, he seems to have even more. Astros can't afford to be paitient, so a bad start or two one can easily envision a minor league demotion or relief role. I wouldn't be dropping stud for him.
  19. I'd do Caleb and Weaver for Blackmon, but not sure that would get it done. Given your pitching, I wouldn't give up much more than that honestly. You've got some solid bats, I might try and flip one for a stronger SP. My 2 cents. help here?
  20. Completely agree- guy has been sensational... can't wait to see him in LA
  21. 12 Team Dynasty - HTH Points Keep 25 Just traded away Josh Bell for Clevinger... Should I add Urquidy and drop anyone else? Team in Signature. His stuff isn't terribly nasty, but he's got great control and a changeup that is a bit befuddling. Kingery and Meadows just sitting on the bench, but I like Kingery's long term...originally got him for 2B eligibility, but that's in the past.
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