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  2. Bet Roberts is the Maddon equivalent for us Cubbies. Madness he is still moving Bellinger around. Not only did he do in Hader the other day, but he also crushed Mad Bum for a GS a few weeks ago.
  3. all the rankings have him top 50 overall hitter.....lets go.
  4. Fwiw if just one or two managers claim him that doesn't say much about his value.
  5. As a Dodgers Fan, Roberts is frustrating beyond belief.
  6. It's funny to compare his numbers right now against 2016 - same IP, same W, same K, same BB. He's the same guy as he was in 2016 (which is not a good thing).
  7. Thats why youre the boss man. Wander Franco was looking at some hard times, you knocked some sense into him.
  8. If any Musgrove owners are wanting to sell high and are curious about what you might get back in return, I received Eugenio Suarez for him straight up in a 10 team roto league.
  9. Do the Twins want him to keep stealing when he's been so awful at it being a fixture near the top of the lineup? He's got like 600 some PAs in the 1-2-3 Spots. He is 12 for 23 in SBs there. 7 Lefties in the ALE, 6 in the ALC. 5 if we are skipping the twins. Its more that the lefties in the AL East are better. Sale, Price, Snell, Paxton, C.C. Happ, E-rod vs Duffy, Rodon, Baneouls, Boyd, D. Norris, M. Perez. NL West is loaded with lefties more than the NL as a whole. NLC for instance. Only has 2 Lefties in the entire Division (Lester, Quintina) and the NLE has (Corbin, Matz, Vargas, C. Smith, Fried) which is about the same as the ALC. I could be missing some guys here.
  10. On paper, you have a pretty good team. Could use a better OF than Schwarber, but offense & SP looks good. Especially if Kershaw can stay healthy & Nola gets going.
  11. Doesn't *every* player 'inevitably' get ....cold?? #partofthegame
  12. * purely roto player, but I’ll give it a shot* your team is actually much better than I thought. That’s a good looking lineup. Problem is, you haven’t had a single guy that’s gone on fire whereas most teams have had at least one or two (I feel your pain.) just by looking at it, it seems like you’ll never win sb, so that’s a punt. Your 1b is weak and Cron has no business being there. Might I suggest taking a stab at Sano If he’s available. He’s buried in the rankings and ownership %, but COULD be a top 10 1b. He could safely take Peralta spot.Minor is useles in that format. Maybe use that spot to try and mine a gem. There’s always a few finds on the wire, you need t research on this site and just keep trying. I’d also probably use the Schwarber spot to maybe try out a few, Lowe and Hampson are probably gone, but that type. You can’t roll out Mejia and expect a contribution. If it’s a non keeper, look for a replacement that plays every day. Keep plugging away at making your team better, but be patient it’s actually pretty good. If you can somehow maneuver your way around to getting some quality 2 start pitchers in each week (minor spot) that would be huge too.
  13. He played in the rehab game and flew to LA. So yeah, he will be activated tomorrow
  14. The Reds have been terrible. Rizzo has been terrible. And that Cubs game was in terribly cold weather. The point holds that he has not faced an offense anywhere near the level of the dodgers.
  15. First question: Is there evidence of collusion? If yes, immediately veto regardless of how fair/unfair the trade is. Second question: Is the trade so unbalanced as to distort the league's competitiveness for the rest of this year? IMO, the answer is definitely no (i.e. no veto) in this case. Judge has a "significant" oblique injury. To my non-expert ear that sounds like 6-8 weeks, with risk of sapped power thereafter. With nearly 400 players owned in your league and replacement-level being quite low, it's possible that Luke Voit puts up comparable counting stats the rest of the way. Say, .270 / 22 HR / 65 RBI from now through the end of the season. That's a fair expectation for both. Assuming Asdrubal is useless, that means the trade comes down to Fried, Paddack and Iglesias for deGrom. That's a classic sell-high on Fried and Paddack. I sure as heck wouldn't fall for it, but I can see a how a novice owner could think they are doing the right thing by trading a faltering deGrom for a high-flying Fried plus some additional value in Paddack and Iglesias. Dumb trade? Yeah. Totally outrageous? No.
  16. Starting Homer Bailey tonight across multiple leagues against one of the top 5 offenses in baseball. What could go wrong?
  17. I'd be surprised if he's a long man. I think he'll likely end up closing, though it is possible he'll be more of a 2018 Hader-esque relief ace. The first few appearances will likely be middle relief but personally I think St Louis is going to prefer Hicks in the more flexible role and Martinez in a more set one inning role---which closer for the most part can be.
  18. I dropped him for Moronta so I guess no I don’t have the faith he will. I am monitoring closely on the wire
  19. Frazier isn't special. Nor do I think he should be batting leadoff over Tucker long term. One issue is Hurdle is lazy. Once everybody is back, he has his positions that bat in specific spots in the lineup no matter who it is. The SS was batting 8th all season up until Gonzalez got hurt. Frazier was out over the weekend, so he had no choice but to change things up a bit, but now him and Polanco are back, so things are back to normal so to speak. Tucker will likely be a top of the order hitter at some point. Not going to say otherwise, as he has the ability to be a special player. I just don't think it's going to be right now. Maybe later in the season if Tucker keeps rolling, or next season at worst.
  20. Missing another game today. Also not on the minor league DL. Hope he is back soon. with his injury history the longer he is out well means he is out a long time.
  21. Why is this being mocked? OPS of .872 this year, .830 in 280 ABs last year. The guy can still kill LHP
  22. I have both, but think I trust Stripling more, because we know Hill &/or Kershaw will hit the IL again. I hope CMart comes back strong, but not sure how STL will use him or if they will watch his innings? Would imagine you may be able to offer a 2-1 trade, to help open up a slot for Turners return.
  23. what makes Adam Frazier special. I think the smart thing to do would be to have Tucker 1st followed by Frazier and then Marte/Polanco. there should be guys with good OBP in front of guys that can drive them in. Tucker batting 8th in front of the pitcher doesn't help him succeed.
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