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  2. I agree. I think the DWat drop off in the past has been due to having no one like stills to step into that role.
  3. The only coach who is honest is Belichick, because he literally tells you nothing. Everyone else is lying.
  4. I'd roster him if available. I think the trade deadline is coming up soon, so you never know what might happen.
  5. I don't see any way Harrell brings any value to any trade. So I would eliminate him from any proposals. I'd say your best shot is Randle/Russell but I don't think that gets it done either.
  6. 100 percent ! nothing worse than not gambling and seeing him possibly excel for your friend ...
  7. If you join and pay, please say so in the yahoo fantasy league Beyond the Arc group chat or on the message board.
  8. I need 4.1 points from James White....Shouldn't be an issue, but I just have visions of him coming up injured after his first catch
  9. I can certainly not argue too hard against dropping a kicker, but Tucker is a good one to have down the stretch. I would drop Ronald Jones or Will Dissly (isn't he on IR?), then get rid of your emergency kicker next week for one of them or someone else. Another idea might be to use the extra bench spot to pick up an extra defense with a good matchup or matchups.
  10. I would say len because he has guarantee mins
  11. I’d go opj for the upside as well. Middleton just got paid v fat last year and I think his play will decline a little. There was an article that came out a couple of days ago about Otto and how bulls are gonna manage him and play him around 30 minutes per game and if that’s what you’re worried about, don’t worry he’s going to be super solid. Ultimately, the stocks are huge and Otto provides that.
  12. Why are Big men like Collins, Turner, Robinson, Jackson, getting drafted higher than Aldridge? Aldridge's stats are better and he's been consistent. Is it just a boring pick and people think he will decline and the other will really play MUCH better than last year? If all these guys are available at #30, would you pick Aldridge in 8 Cat Roto?
  13. Started Kerryon Johnson/Freeman/K.Murray ....opponent had bye woes and Lindsay Thursday night. 70% favored into Sunday....lose 1 RB to injury ...okay, second ejected hmm okay i still got this ....Kyle Murray puts up 6 points...screwed. Dumpster fire year....
  14. Team totals I just noticed Team passes 54 Team rushes (all players) 7 Is something like this even explainable?👀
  15. Hope everyone has Edmonds...this is not looking promising
  16. I would 100% do the first trade. Don't make trades too big. Just settle for the ole 2 for 1 and get a player like Gobert. Heres mine if you'd like to help!
  17. I would say you are punting pts and ft. You should be able to use your last spot to maximize games played to stream 3s. And I'd agree that you need to target another PG who preferably shoots a lot of 3s.
  18. He was picked 13th in one of my yahoo $ leagues just yesterday LOL
  19. I’m in the same boat too and may be forced to have to drop him, but I’m going to try not too. Fairbairn is there for me but i still don’t want to drop him he has 75 points already.
  20. Played him over CHASE EDMONDS and AUSTIN EKELER....needless to say, I lost this week.
  21. Ya never know, the NFL seems to have more trade action now then in years past. One thing I know for sure, Chase Edmonds scored all 3 of his TD's from 20 yards out or more in week 7, that's one less 20+ TD than DJ has for his entire career. The young buck looks like he has "league winner" potentially in his future. Would accumulate in dynasty, season long, this could possibly be the smoke.
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