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  2. Kinda of getting sick of Voit and Im looking for a replacement at 1B in a points league. Christian Walker and Hunter Dozier are both available and hot right now. Which is the better add/more sustainable? WHIR
  3. It depends on the player, but I still agree with you about the whole sell high thing in general. It's ridiculous when it pops up for almost every player that is doing better than expected. I have no problem with somebody asking around a bit to see what people would be willing to offer for a player that is performing better than expected, but it's not like you have to make it a priority to trade that player immediately. Do I expect Paul DeJong to continue to do this all season? Maybe not, especially the batting average, but his overall numbers should still be pretty good given that he's hitting in between Goldy and a now fully healthy Ozuna. I also don't expect him to be in the Top 20 all season like he is now on Yahoo, but still, I'd consider him much more of a draft day bargain than a must sell high candidate. At the other end, he's not exactly somebody I'm rushing out to buy as 1) He has to do this longer for me to fully believe 2) His ranking right now is a bit inflated one way or the other. In the end, it doesn't really matter. If I had him, I'd more than likely just enjoy it and only trade him if I got offered somebody better than I expected to be offered.
  4. Some of the more clueless posters in here ehhh? Frazier is a difference maker. Bat speed off the charts. Easy 30+HR power and he’ll mix in some steals with a good not great average
  5. I wouldn't hesitate. Check out his thread for some underlying metrics that indicate the breakout just may be sustainable
  6. McPugh getting pummeled....It's got to be Josh James time soon
  7. It shouldn't even be a question. Frazier, Frazier, and Frazier again, just like I said in Franmil's thread. Doesn't matter if Franmil actually gets it going like the experts think he will, Frazier is already doing good. You don't pass up near guaranteed production for a what if. You already missed a HR because of that, and possibly yesterday's HR too if you had time to make the move then. Don't mean to be harsh or anything, but again, you shouldn't have been hesitating when there's a good player out there. I wish I had the opportunity to pick up Frazier.
  8. Is Hunter Dozier for real? Making it real tempting to pick him up.
  9. My team is on pace to have 9 wins on the year with one of the top offenses in every category in my league. Getting absolutely ****** in my offensive matchups and my pitching is a complete dumpster fire. H2H just making me it’s bitch so far, if I don’t sweep the other bottom feeders in the league I’m buried.
  10. Based on last year and this year - their strategy seems to be working so far
  11. Amazing that pitchers aren’t allowed to pitch. Absolutely ridiculous. I don’t own Glasnow but this is ruining baseball. Too many mediocre pitchers no bench. A major league pitcher should be able to pitch 9 innings period.
  12. Thor just needs to shut up and pitch.
  13. Yeah Parker has pitched well lately and Rogers had two innings last night but makes sense he gets the chance again...
  14. Shaky 9th, error was big though but a save none the less though for Rogers..a lot of trust shown today for sure
  15. Is Parker hurt? Why does Rogers get that opp after pitching two last night?
  16. my mistake. I saw it was a 1 run lead and thought the box score said 9th instead of 8th. he still blew it and I'm guessing wont be getting any 9th inning save ops anytime soon.
  17. It's TB. That is what they do with their pitchers. And the Sox say thank you for it.
  18. Soto continues to stink... correa turning into a giant bust
  19. I'm wondering the same thing. Rogers looking shaky, put multiple innings yesterday and still left in to face a right handed hitting pinch hitter.
  20. Or you could ride him to your fantasy championship
  21. While it’s technically a save opportunity, I wouldn’t call pitching the 8th getting a save opportunity in these circles
  22. F' my loser a** team who hasn't hit for 4 f'n days.
  23. Wtf why did they take glasnow out after 76 pitches one out in the 6th?
  24. Right on, a “true” mile, from back in the day, there’s a movement to bring it back. That extra 9 meters could have accounted for 2sec on top of his 1600m time, bringing him close to 9sec off the #1 ranking in the 1600m in 2018...very nice!
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