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  2. 10 team standard keeper league. I’m currently in 2nd and trying to beef up RB for the playoff run. QB - Ryan, Dak RB - Gurley, Conner, Mixon, Coleman WR - Tyreek, Mike Thomas, Godwin, Chark, Hollywood Brown, John Brown Offer 1: Give Coleman and Chark for Zeke (Chark is 10th rounder to keep next year ) Offer 2: Give M Thomas and Coleman for Saqon (this is my last year keeping a Thomas but he would be able to keep him for a 6th next year)
  3. Saying OBJ because it's been a mess. Thielen second choice since Minn likes to run a lot and especially when leading.
  4. He skied for a high pass from Stafford (think it was the 3rd quarter), and then came down hard on his hip/posterior. He looked noticeably shaken up on the play. He didn't really do much from that point on for the rest of the game. It was kind of weird, since the broadcast booth never gave any updates after that point. They just kept lathering over the virtues of Rodgers.
  5. Floor: 14 carries, 2 receptions, 80 scrimmage yards. Maybe a TD. Probably a TD. Yeah, definitely a TD.
  6. Henderson dropped in half he worth a #2 waiver burn?
  7. I'm not really leaning to getting Pollard because Elliott has been pretty healthy. I'm thinking of staying put. Maybe monitor Thompson's status and if it's too long, then drop him for someone else. Is Williams available for Jones since they get equal touches when healthy?
  8. He likely draws Patrick Peterson. Not sure I want to go with a middling WR on a pretty weak offense going up against an elite corner. There will be weeks to start Shepard, just not sure it’s this week.
  9. Damn aight well lmk if you change it eventually. If it stays auction i might drop out
  10. I’m giving TE-Olsen/RB-Howard for either Ertz or Kittle. Both owners each have 2 TE to deal with, there others are Hooper and Andrews. Am I giving to much or not enough, both owners could use the rb also and would get the Olson cushion as well? Just looking to up my TE spot cause I have the room to work with Howard.
  11. I’m having no problem with his production per game breaking his ADP. The question is how many games he will miss? 20 games maybe.
  12. Barkley, Zeke, & Chubb will make up any WR loss. Plus you can usually find a decent WR in the WW as the season goes on. Worse case, can always trade a stud RB for a top WR & a low end RB.
  13. I’ve ran something like 70+ mock drafts so far. Ja is one of those guys who isn’t going in the same 5+- like the guys near his ADP. I’m thinking I may have to reach for him a round ahead if I want to ensure I take him. My issue is the number of pgs I’m likely taking by the time ja comes around.
  14. So this is an interesting one. Gore has a great matchup this week and has been producing pretty decent points overall. Ekeler is the favorite by most standards but with Gordon back and a tough matchup I am trying to figure out which to start. Titans do have 6.7 receptions per game to backs, which is a plus. But I'm strangely torn.
  15. I think I would take it & probably go with Diggs & hope MIN continues doing a balanced offense & not just run 80%. If you prefer Boyd, go for it.
  16. I don’t think Ekeler will have much value as long as Gordon is around. My hope is they trade Gordon at the deadline, but if the deadline passes and he is still on the team I may drop Ekeler.
  17. Has had a consistently high floor in 0.5 and full PPR leagues, and that's with only 1 TD through 6 games. Last year he had 12 (5 on the ground, 7 in the air), so it's reasonable to expect an uptick in TD's in upcoming weeks.
  18. I watched the game and he just kept running straight up into a wall of defenders, really didn’t seem all that elusive. He dropped at least one easy pass. Thankful for the TD, but benching him vs the Vikings if you have better options isn’t a terrible idea.
  19. Too risky to start at the moment as the coaching staff seems obsessed with MGIII (even though he's looked like JAG since his injury last year). However, there's much upside to drop Ekeler though. He'll ride my bench for the meantime, but has league winning upside as we've all seen earlier this year.
  20. Per rotoworld, Gurley limited today and M. Brown didn't practice. This is getting interesting.
  21. Denver has had a couple of big weeks, it's true. But given how LAC looked against Pittsburgh, I'm leaning towards suspecting they have some problems without Pouncey, and TEN was certainly easy to game plan with Mariota at QB. They haven't played anything that looks like KC. Harris is a great corner, and has had some good games against Reek. But I could also see him getting the best of him minus Chubb rushing Mahomes. If Fisher was playing and Mahomes was 100% I'd be more confident. Things being what they are, I'm not expecting a huge game, but given Reek's talent I think it's possible. Particularly if Mahomes is feeling better.
  22. Too funny. The Pack actually did wear white at home last Monday. I thought it was unusual when I first saw it too.
  23. Didn't practice today per Rotoworld. Gurley limited.
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