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  2. Two out walk to Calhoun bites clevinger as Santana follows up with a 2 run jack.
  3. I understand. But 90% male is still 10% female 😜
  4. Jansen is solid, where Hicks may have a slight question, with CMart around, but should still help you with saves. If your team can afford to lose Benny & DeJong, then I would make the trade.
  5. Edwin Jackson is happy wheeler started today.
  6. wheeler still has a few more HRs to distribute
  7. Close, but Davis and Laureno because BAL has a worse bullpen if it comes down to it.
  8. I'd do it, if you focus on the punt wins strategy you need elite RP. Hader becomes more valuable to you then RIley.
  9. Fun fact played 15 games this season... 7 of them multi hit... super small sample size... but dude can hit...
  10. Lynn gifted Perez a hanger. just needed a few more feet for a 3 run dinger... Cleveland has the worst luck this year.
  11. Fan hit by ball in STL. Hope all is ok
  12. Whether you "believe" something is the truth is not very relevant. Kids believe Santa Claus is real, but even though he wears crimson, that doesn't make him the truth. That's slightly more relevant, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not really relevant what he did in high school, but how he will perform in the Gruden offense in the NFL. I really don't care what school a guy came from. 9/10 I'm not interested even how he performed in school. For a guy like Fournette (not firnette), it's relevant that his production went down in his second year (IN THE NFL), and that he was injured both years. For a guy like Henry, it matters that he failed to deliver for most of his NFL career, and then he suddenly did. For a guy like Jacobs, it matters that the Raiders picked him high (in the NFL), that Gruden often had RBs with between 200-300 touches, that there is talent behind him (behind JJ, not behind Gruden) but nothing earth shattering, so JJ has a clear path to fantasy relevance. Let's talk about these things.
  13. Yeah I kept Jansen and was looking to the future but finally had to drop him. I was surprised he was not picked up and I will probably try to scoop him back up later in the year
  14. Need saves and want to get some feedback for these ROS Jansen, Hicks, and Villar for Benny, Wil Myers, and Dejong. Have Andrus at SS and help with 2B and SS acquiring Villar
  15. Nick Pivetta The Yankees are about to go Super Elite with Judge and Stanton. The runs support will help Happ win games. I don't think you will win ERA with that staff in a 10 team league very often anyways, Might as well focus on Wins.
  16. Got roped into a money league earlier than expected, just hoping for some feedback and advice on how I drafted. This was a 12 team snake, I picked 12th. You have to start 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, Flex, K, DEF QB: Matt Ryan RB: Bell, Mixon, Mack, D. Freeman, Jamaal Williams, Giovanni Bernard WR: Tyreek Hill(7th round pick), Robby Anderson, Mecole Hardman, Sterling Shepard, Tyrell Williams, Marquez Scantling-Valdez TE: McDonald, Goedert K: Vinitari DEF: Browns
  17. Hopefully that's it for Wheeler due to rain. He had a decent outing considering: 1) He sucks 2) Mess sucks 3) ATL is better 4) He sucks This is gonna be loooooooong season. Kinda feel like just dropping all my SPs and go with all RPs and go for a higher draft pick next year (keeper lg).
  18. All I need to hear is his first name ADDbert... and I knew what I needed to do...
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