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  2. In my NL-only auction league I scooped him up off waivers. I now own Allen, Paddack, Strahm and Gore. I have a Padre collection going. I was high on this kid last year as a potential "under the radar" snag for deep dynasties and have to say I really like what I saw in his first outing. Not sure why he struggled so much this season in AAA when he flat out dominated it last year though.
  3. Not good, but similar to where he was to start the year and 2017 second half. At least that's how it looks on mobile.
  4. His velo has seemed fine from watching. Usually 94-97 with consistency. He dropped a table on his foot being a doofus and plays Fortnite until 3:00 in the morning. Those are his bigger issues. At least pick a good game to get addicted to, Fortnite is beyond lame, bro.
  5. Julio Daniel wore the Platinum Sembreo last night. I've been on a drukn ever since.
  6. 12 Team PPR League on $60 through leaguesafe. This is for Serious and Competitive owners. Must be at the draft. We will be using GroupMe for league chat. Payouts are as followed: 1st: $350 2nd: $180 3rd: $ 60 $10 for highest Weekly Score. Please email me at if you want to join or reply to this post.
  7. Regretting dropping Kepler as well. Also regret not keeping Cody Bellinger.
  8. WEBSITE: · ENTRY FEE: $300 (League Safe) · GROUP ME: yes the league has a GM media · 2019 ONLINE DRAFT: begins AUG 3, 2019 (Sat) · 2020 VEGAS DRAFT: AUG 31. 2020 (Mon) · AVAILABILITY: NEED 4... 8 SPOTS TAKEN Email co-commissionersat: vegas.elite.commish@gmail.comto join and please include your full name, team name, and email address. Thanks!
  9. 10 team H2H - 17 keepers DeJong is my back up SS to Trea. Would you make the move for Snell?
  10. Not starting either game of the doubleheader. Getting hard to hold on to this guy.
  11. Sorry, read your sentence differently than you allowed
  12. Yes, I'm sure that all 6 base runners he allowed did score.
  13. Read the sentence again. It's missing a comma, but it's accurate. All 6 base runners he allowed, scored.
  14. Significant velo drop.
  15. But you're using stats from a previous coaches offense. Winston/Magic combined for a 5,625 yards on 624 attempts. Palmers biggest with Arians was 1k yards and nearly 100 attempts less, Bens was 1300 yards and 120 attempts less, similar attempts with Luck but 1300 yards less again. I think there are far less attempts this year, so of those vacated 240, I would say only 100-120 will be available. Last years offensive numbers will regress in passing and attempts.
  16. Hmmm, are you sure *he* allowed all 6 to score? Because only 3 had scored when he was pulled.
  17. I’d get Bryce personally. He will turn the corner second half. Tatis has some serious regression coming his way
  18. I mean, I guess jumping out the window like that one animated gif is an option, but there's no good option right now unless you somehow get somebody willing to give you even a Top 30 SP at this point. I don't see it, so like I also said a little while ago, there's no good option other than just keep him at hope for the best.
  19. I would have to believe if Gallen pitches good tomorrow night he sticks around. Somebody would have to go from the rotation, but I find it hard to believe that even the Marlins would be dumb enough to demote any of the three guys they've called up now. Maybe Alcantara, who is basically the only other option (obviously Richards is sticking around)?
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