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  2. In one roto league I dropped Frazier because he was on IL in another league he was showing DTD.
  3. I wasnt wrong about anything. I said he can tell them none of their business and his role in their investigation ends right there, he can sue for harassment and violation of employee rights if they discipline him for that. I never said he couldnt be suspended, I mentioned multiple times in this thread the NFL can suspend him for whatever their reason is but more than likely they wouldnt win in the end. Maybe you should educate yourself on state laws In case you didnt know the CBA/union agreement does not pre-empt state laws. . . nice try though. 😜 The clause you posted is saying that the NFL can discipline him for not being cooperative but what you fail to understand is that can be challenged in the actual legal system. Let me give u an example, NFL investigating a domestic abuse issue with a wife. investigator asks the player was he in an extra marital affair player says none of your business, NFL deems that answer as uncooperative and disciplines. Player then challenges that action based on the line of questioning as invasive and will win. So there goes your NFL is all powerful theory . . .😂 Glad you put up that clause because in his attorneys statement Hill did not invoke his 5th amendment rights when interviewed by authorities. So what do u honestly think an NFL investigation is going to prove where a DA's investigation failed? Again your original premise of waiting for a CPS investigation to support suspension was flawed and now you are pulling at straws not even related to your premise because you want to be right about something or win a debate against me. 🤓 Seriously dude let it go.
  4. 12 Team AL Only Roto w/ $26 budget Auction ... should I give up Wander Franco(un-activated, no cost until then) and Eloy Jimenez($1 next year) for Adalberto Mondesi (will be up for auction next year, but I would have rights to retain for $.10 more) and Hansel Robles($1 next year)? I only have Jose Alvarez as a closer so could use Robles *if* he gets the closer gig. Also I am middle of the pack in SB. Mondesi could really swing that for me and add a lot. I am in fourth overall right now. Offense is where I am weak, but get to activate Vlad next week.
  5. I dont disagree with the 25 bombs or the 300 avg but 90 RBI in 5 months when Toronto's team On Base % is .295 might be asking a lot.
  6. Hey all, I am in a 12 team Roto H2H 6X6 Keeper auction league. We get a FA bidding budget of 100$ and I have 22$ left after tons of moves. Looking for thoughts on my squad and if you think i've clobbered together a competitive team or if you think I have no chance and should look to start trading for keepers. Much of my money left will be saved for injuries so I'm basically riding or dying with this squad. C Yadier Molina 1B Christian Walker (formerly Jesus Aguilar) 2B Javy Baez SS Jorge Polanco 3B Manny Machado CI Eugenio Suarez MI Kike Hernandez OF Eddie Rosario OF Nick Castellanos OF Jason Heyward OF Adam Jones OF Josh Reddick Utl Hunter Dozier Bench: OF/1B Eric Thames 3B Michael Chavis IL: OF Austin Meadows SP: James Paxton, Patrick Corbin, Stephen Strasburg, Jose Berrios, Walker Buehler, Max Fried, Domingo German, Jerad Eickhoff, Matt Strahm RP: Edwin Diaz, Jose Leclerc Thanks in advance for the help/suggestions/advice!
  7. I love Tucker but the allure is the speed especially with the park he plays in. He does have some BA upside too.
  8. Yeah, frustrating because he has been murdering RHP, but he is what he is, a strong side platoon. Just always have a good backup option available.
  9. I believe you because I seen my Scooter Gennett have the red IL look at my team an hour later and the red IL is gone. Then an hour later it is back. I ******** hate what ESPN did with its fantasy platform. Disgrace bull$h*t
  10. Albert Pujols rookie season would be insane. I feel like the lineup is going to be a detriment to a certain extent. I am thinking more like 25-30 HRs 85-90 RBIs .300 AVG ROS
  11. I use GroupMe for all of my kids ball teams, and I fail to see why it’s 1000x better than the Yahoo app messenger. It’s not more functional. It’s not more reliable. I’ve actually had more issues with GroupMe than I’ve ever had with the Yahoo messenger. I can’t think of the extra features it has. And what extra features do I need to message back and forth with a fellow league owner? I actually have no idea what you’re talking about with this.
  12. So this is what it's coming to for Bryant....I am an unfortunate Bryant owner and losing patience by the day. People seem to have every excuse in the book for him, but he keeps sucking every day I look at the box score. I'd hope that you could get something more just based on name alone.
  13. Quintana looks great right now. I would grab him. I also agree with everyone above that Lowe and McNeil stand above the rest. Senzel is a nice stash if you have NA slot, otherwise in a 8 team league I wouldn't roster him.
  14. And his average exit velocity is up from 85.7 to 92.9. I’m usually skeptical of the “added 15 pounds of muscle” reports but it sure seems to be paying off for Buxton. The homers will come if he keeps hitting the ball that hard with a 50% FB rate. Right now he’s got 12 doubles, which puts him on pace to break the MLB single-season record for 2B early in August. I’m not sure exactly what people are complaining about right now. He’s slashing 284/333/492. He’s going to start hitting HR. Batting 9th doesn’t help his R/RBI production but he’s still on course for about 70 of each. And most importantly, he’s on pace for 37 SB, the main reason he was drafted.
  15. I’m sure he’s asking if it’s Franklin Reyes of San Diego ( all signs pointing to significantly bad luck and positive regression if he keeps his spot ) or Alex Reyes of the cardinals ( recently sent down ). I am assuming OP if referring to Franmil.
  16. I would rather take the chance on Buttrey.
  17. The baby/poor Man's Eddie Rosario is starting his hot streak. When he's hot, there are few hotter hitters in the league. His hot streaks last weeks at a time as well.
  18. sitting Muncy against LHP 3 games in a row is just stupid. this season vs LHP in 19 AB he is .319/.350/.789/1.139. last season in 102 AB he was .255/.361/.529/.891
  19. Who's the next in line? Who's the next in line?
  20. I think they have four straight vs righties though - Fri - Monday so he has a nice weekend stretch. Nice time to get in a weekend groove.
  21. I get it, he's not great against lefties. But it's still frustrating. You would think at some point they would give him a shot at a lefty given how hot he's been.
  22. Yeah. The Machado owner in my league was really impatient with his slow start and LOVES Tatis. That’s where the trade came together. I’ll buy low on Machado here and reap the rewards.
  23. I see 5 buy low guys so they should have better days ahead looks like a top 3-4 team to me just let it sort out maybe...? might move Kershaw for a 1B
  24. Who knows. But if you don't pick him up now you might find out the hard way later. I missed out on him and I keep seeing him put up stats.
  25. nah - i'd keep swanson - sure senzel is upside but if you want someone producing right now keep Swanson.
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