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  3. Pats just got me 51 points in my league tonight! Wow!! Won by 2 points!
  4. It should, they took it away from me too. Doesn’t matter if it was holding in the end zone, intentional grounding from the end zone, tackled in the end zone, blocked punt out of the end’s still a safety on the scoreboard & should count for the DST
  5. He got a -6.66 in my league 😂😭
  6. Isn't it quite obvious? Belichick using his Jedi-mind trick powers
  7. 5TDs for a defense is a bit much no?
  8. Just looking at the box score. Ty Johnson. 10 rushes 29 yards. Caught all four targets for 28 yards. JD McKissic. 5 rushes for 29 yards caught 2/3 targets for 31 yards.
  9. Plus they almost never let him run outside the tackles...90% straight up the gut into 15 large men. Nonetheless - Sony showed why we put up with his nonsense tonight. I wonder how different the narrative would be here if he didn't get vultured thrice last week and had 6TDs in the last 2 games? He is painful to watch though!
  10. Totally forgot about the safety. Was having flashbacks of week 1 where ESPN kept changing the score on a Ravens def about 3 times. Back to having nothing to vent about.
  11. what are the payouts? your link says Head-to-Head. Is it Roto?
  12. He had Pats D in Fantasy, top 5 QB ROS schedule looks absolutely juicy for 5 TD games.
  13. I just got this guy on the 5th round..any idea if he will get traded?what do we expect from him this season?
  14. honestly Washington should get more for a pro-bowl left tackle than a RB one more suspension from being out of the league for good. If they move Trent Williams and get anything less than at least 1 first round pick it would be disappointing. of course with a trash organization like Washington nothing would surprise me.
  15. Not sure if they are counting the safety at the moment. It should count, right?
  16. Peterman had 66 passing, 5 int, 1 fumble I believe.
  17. Keep in my mind, none of the other RB's (Bolden, White) that played before garbage time were able to get anything going on the ground, so the takeaway is that the blocking is the issue. When you are getting hit hard deep in the backfield (like on the play he got hurt and left the game), you can't get anything going. It reminds of watching David Johnson last year.
  18. Hm.. Grabbed him 70th... please stay somewhat healthy. You looked pretty good on that GQ youtube episode LOL.
  19. jamal murray safer for now.. hell with mine under FAAB draft?
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