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  2. He has thrown all of 36 innings above A ball. I just would have thought to give him a look at AAA. Anthony Kay comes to mind. Kay was simply dominant at AA, called to AAA and struggled horribly. He has started to figure things out, but it's not easy to jump levels. It's not like Morejohn is "over seasoned" either, he has basically pitched a single year's worth of innings in his career. Hey, I am good with it, it's exciting to see a kid get the call, don't get me wrong. Padres must believe he is ready to go and their scouts get paid to do this, I don't. I was just wondering why now? Just to be a bullpen guy or opener?
  4. You’re not getting it. If you can’t catch at 22 years old, you can’t catch. Period.
  5. “ahead of”? No, I understand value. I also think this is just a backfield to stay away from. The line can’t block. The RB’s aren’t good. Doubt anyone gets enough touches to stay consistent.
  6. How did I do? lol. guess I forgot to put that in the post.
  7. Thanks for the help with mine, you made a good trade, but what is your question? lol
  8. entirely feasible melvin gordon's impending holdout pushes his ADP, and gurley's is already depressed, so at 1.08 and 2.04 you could start your draft with gordon and gurley. then just click on auto-draft and pray to your respective fantasy god that you see 16-game seasons from both.
  9. Yeah. Wow I couldn’t believe how he just walked that off.
  10. This 99/100 MLB players would have been flailing around on the ground after that. Then there’s Luke Voit
  11. just pulled off this blockbuster. 12 team h2h 5x5 Gave: Ryu, Voit, Domingo and Vlad Got: Cole, Alonso, and Tatis
  12. When did this guy turn into such a bum
  13. I see him as this years Strahm, get him work at the major league level 1-2 inn at a time, and if hes does well allow him to compete for a spot in the rotation. If not, hes going to be a hell of a setup/closer guy potentially plus he now gets to work with arguably the best pitching coach in baseball
  14. I guess I am in the minority, I'd take Caleb ROS.
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