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  2. I want Jorge Polanco. Who do I drop out of the following? McMahon Winker Bader Inciarte C. Tucker (just added though) Leaning one of Inciarte or Bader. Inciarte has done nothing and Bader hits so low in the lineup. Thoughts? 14 Team H2H Yahoo Standard league****
  3. What does his ERA or contract situation have anything to do with his thought on who is major league talent ? What does he needs ? A radar gun a pen and a pad and a 2004 civic to be considered a scout ?
  4. robles in the 9th in a tie game at home...are we jumping on him over cody allen? edit: robles looked filthy too. i know it was a hurt lineup but still
  5. Elvis Andrus was pinch-hit for in the 7th. The announcers said he was hit by a pitch early in the game, so it may be related to that. I didn't see any of the game up until he was about to be pinch-hit for. Just passing it along since Andrus has been great so far this season...
  6. The problem isn't how impressive that is necessarily. The problem is that: 1.) HRs are not completely telling of a season and 2.) He's still young. In regards to 1.), I get what you're saying about parking the ball over the fence 21 times. And that is impressive. I couldn't do it. But he didn't have a GOOD season by many respects. .731 OPS, .298 OBP, didn't exactly hold his own v. Lefties... That's not just "alright." By most league's standards, that is a bad season, simply put. (I also don't think, because of his struggles v. Lefties, it's fair to give him a massive sample and say "he was on pace for 28 HRs." I think if he played every PA last year he would've had worse numbers and worse numbers per PA, because they rescued him it seems at times from LHPs.) and 2.)... I hate the argument about what he's done per age. I think it's the worst argument of all time in a redraft league... because he's STILL young! It's not like he stopped being extremely young. Rafael Devers is extremely young. If someone's panicking in a long-term format, I've been the low-man in the room on Devers in redraft since teh preseason, but you'd be bonkers to not throw out some offers in Dynasty at his age 22 season. But I think that "not bad per age per level" argument could still work this year.... and he still is not the player that people drafted him to be. He'll continue to make strides. He's making strides now. I wouldn't panic in a long-term format and I don't think you should really change your opinion in a redraft either. His value is still where it's always been: young, talented, still a bit unproven, UPSIDE, but with some risk.
  7. Anyone else throwing in the towel on Josh James?
  8. Thanks. It's too late this week, but I'll keep an eye on it. Sano will be 27 this year, and that's prime breakout to me as well.
  9. I do as in no one has those apps or would use same or we see ANY reason whatsoever to use them for league messaging when they already have a league messenger service built into the app. They would think anyone trying to persuade them to use a different app for no reason whatsoever is crazy. Plus you have to know a person's phone number for WhatsApp as I recall. No one want s to give out that much private information to their fellow owners in some private league who are otherwise strangers in real life. I know I never would. And why are these apps a thousand times better anyway? Yahoo League Messenger works perfectly to do exactly the task it is meant to perform being able to message the whole league or just one or some of the owners.
  10. Are we still hanging onto Jeffress? Like when is he going to get the 9th, if he does even. Get that velo back.
  11. I actually think this is spot on. I think it's disappointing that he had the game he had including containing Christian Yelich and happened to make three mistakes that cost him 4 Runs. He was more efficient than normal throughout the night and, for the most part, seemed to spot his fastball well. The problem is that he's the guy, to me, where sometimes things break right and sometimes they don't completely, and it really stinks that they broke right today and he didn't get a truly good start to show for it.
  12. MLB teams are now going to require all Starting pitchers to wear Depends Adult Diapers in the 5th 6th and 7th innings. These innings will now officially be called The Crap your pants zone..Mike Minor just is the latest to enter.
  13. How many 21 year olds hit 28 hr in the majors in the last decade? I agree with you on his approach this year but let’s not play games and act like he didn’t have a plus power pedigree coming up.
  14. The Brewers are tough for him, but I'll take the 10K's and a W.
  15. What are the details of the league? Love the trade tho. Having the best player in baseball, and it's not like you're getting waiver crap along with him. They're decent holds
  16. He's been pretty consistent at the 12 SB range per season. If he doesn't hit as many snigles and hits more power maybe he won't run as much. But Polanco on wires is just total nonsense tbh.
  17. The LOL at the end has me confused as to whether or not you're serious. He HAS only started 14 games due to the combination of weather and two series in NL parks. In fact, he's slashing .315/.439/.556 and is on pace for 29HR, 95R and 124RBI in spite of the relatively few ABs I say unless you desperately need the roster spot to hold on and let him build up the counting stats. If he stays on pace, a month from now you may find suitors.
  18. Ah! I added Tucker for the speed aspect, but are we going to get some speed from Polanco? I probably should make the switch from Tucker to Polanco but damn, Tucker is the unknown.
  19. Bump. At this point I am leaning towards not taking it. Paxton is looking good right now and I'm scared of getting burned by a Degrom injury.
  20. Yeah that's the reason why I started him. The Angels have been brutal against left handed pitching. Still encouraging though.
  21. I'm going to slowly and shamefully take back my comments on Happ. He made one mistake but has pitched a gem. Hopefully he's back. I'll walk myself out of here now.
  22. Happ definitely looked better later in the game. Of course he’s facing the pitiful Angels lineup but still an encouraging outing.
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