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  2. Im assuming because teams can run at will against them. Fournette is in for a huge game but hopefully there are some leftovers/big plays for Chark.
  3. Yahoo rankings are based on an Elo system that grants a higher score to defeating tougher opponents. You can get a 751 rating on 67% by playing against other inexperience or low rated players. This profile is of someone who absolutely crushes their free friends and family leagues. Conversely, the person below has a lower win percentage but a higher rating because he has played against and beat higher level competition. Who would you rather be? Doug Polk who has a 58% win rate in 100/200 NL or Joe Malaka who absolutely beasts in his family Skittles league? BTW I'm only bringing this up because you started with the ad hominem implying that I've never played H2H lol. I know there are people with better records than I...still you're a good sport for putting yours up there. I'm joking about the friends and family leagues, idk what stakes you play. Either way, I'm a fair person even if salty, and 67% is great! Kodus. Fantasy Basketball(Head to Head) PLATINUM Rating 854 780Platinum820840860880Diamond780Platinum820840860880DiamondYear201520162017201820192020 Overall Performance Win % 57.5% Win 180 - Loss 131 - Tie 14 Top Level PLATINUM x4 Trophies 2 Teams 15
  4. Hang onto CMC at all cost!! Find someone else to deal
  5. League's already set up - I may do a $50 one closer to opening day, but these are cheap enough to have some skin in the game without feeling completely screwed over by spring training injuries, trades and the like.
  6. You're right, but Siakam was a Breakout Player in my Opinion not a Sleeper. I'll make a difference between a true Sleeper and a Breakout Player. Perhaps Siakam was a Hybrid last Year.
  7. Keep Chark & Monty. There's no timetable for Adams return.
  8. He's fresh, young, and well-rested from his injury. No reason to not like him this week even with Gore playing. Of course, this is the NFL and MIA could show up and look like one of the best defenses for one week.
  9. Drew Brees clarified Wednesday that he's back to working with a regulation-sized football. It's great news for Brees' chances of returning sooner rather than later. The future hall of fame QB himself stated, "I’ve graduated to the NFL ball ... I have a really kind of disciplined plan for what I need to do for strength and flexibility and then my throwing and all that stuff. So really starting to get back into it, doing football stuff, and just trying to get back as quick as I can." There appears to be a real chance that Brees returns in Week 8 against the Cardinals.
  10. we need 4 owners for the league. 5 keepers mandatory. its just for fun but a very competitve league. drafting Sunday at 3PM ET. come join the fun. Just leave your e mail and the team you would like and i will get the invite out today.
  11. That doesn't sound too convincing from the perpetual liar.
  12. I have a feeling Royce beasts out tonight.
  13. And hopefully it continues tonight! 😎
  14. She dropped the case and has yet to refile, there should be no reason why he cant play. I have the bench space so he will stay put.
  15. So, I'd say a couple of weeks is really optimistic. The NFL seems nowhere near close to clearing him in that time-frame. We all know how long the Hunt situation took. Hold him at your own peril. I really don't think he's a good waiver add here. Maybe in two weeks or when he's actually met with the NFL.
  16. Are we feeling confident firing up this cat this week? I'd be hesitant if it was any other team, but he's playing the sorry excuse for an NFL team in the Dolphins. Unless you have some really good options as a flex, I think he's a solid start.
  17. Bro I had the 13th pick in my draft last week and was planning to get Beal, but the dude before me, who didn’t wake up for the draft, auto picked him at 12 so I had to get Jimmy. I’m just reducing my cognitive dissonance here 😬
  18. He can't be any worse than Mariota. I thought I remember hearing that Tannehill has a decent deep ball. Hopefully that will open things up for Henry a bit.
  19. My understanding is that had he not locked up a contract this year, he’d be eligible for the supermax if he makes an all-NBA team this upcoming season. Now that he no longer has that option, he doesn’t need to go all out for that all-nba spot. With the team prioritizing youth development this season, I don’t think they’d ride him till the wheels fall off this year, potentially jeopardizing his health for next season.
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