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  2. They'd target Boyd before Stroman due to cleaner health history and more years of control.
  3. Zero chance Detroit takes that. There'd need to be at least two more significant pieces.
  4. I'm not sure it's fair to blame Cam for last season, when it was his shoulder that plagued him. Also, interestingly, they've been working on his motion, and that shows in his completion percentage last season (#9 overall). In any case, you as a fan probably know better, but I wouldn't expect the Panthers to move away from Cam, who is the face of the franchise. Grier also has a tiny contract (by NFL standards) so they can drop him like it's hot if they don't like him the next 2-3 seasons. I wouldn't hold my breath, and as said, I'd put him in the taxi squad if your league has one. Edit: I do note that Cam has 2 more years on his current contract. Let's say that next year we'll probably know more.
  5. 12 team h2h 7x7 I get Conforto an P Lopez I give Bum maraza an Efflin OF would be Blackman Conforto M Smith Eloy or Reyes Rotation Clevenger Nola Flaherty Streaming Two of the following until Glassnow an C Smith return Darvish Lopez luchessi Plesac A Reyes if he joins rotation
  6. That honestly hasn't worked out for me. Have started Pete Alonso in lieu of Joey Votto and that's worked out great for me thus far (and I really don't expect that to change). I think Joey is aging and just way past his prime at this point. Dropped him today.
  7. Sounds like a fan who doesnt know how good they got it. Cam is one of the best top 10qbs in the league. Will Grier could have the worlds greatest preseason he isnt gonna usurp cam.
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  9. The same reason why Paddack was still in the 50-100 range as the season was going on.. prospect lists are slow to update.
  10. Go Clevinger, Soroka, Corbin, and Wheeler. Welcome back, Sunshine.
  11. Ah but Dirk Koetter did. I think Arians is doing exactly what RMJ said. Boost his confidence and give him a second shot. If he fails then they just draft a RB from the 20 class which is deep.
  12. He is WR10 now, which is not unreasonable. You could make a case to pick him a bit higher, but he's no top-5, so I wouldn't consider him that cheap.
  13. Chrinos is in a good spot and has been way better than ever advertised. However, when you have a top 5 catcher who has been performing as such you would be wise to hold...
  14. How is this guy not a top 100 prospect? I'm hoping he is up soon. He looks like he could be a great addition to our teams!
  15. Refer to what @B&F posted up there a few replies back ☝🏽
  16. Davis has two blowups since coming off of the DL now.... 3 straight games with runs; 2 blown saves in a row. Would we be looking at Scott Oberg possibly (should he were to get replaced)?
  17. ESPN Fan Support's twitter suggested McKay will likely be subject to their usual eligibility rules, 3 sp or 5 rp appearances. If accurate, and assuming McKay is an opener, then bank on waiting a month as ESPN sits on their hands until he goes 5 times.
  18. How many pitches did he throw??
  19. Surprising candor from a manager.
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