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  2. best thing you can do since you have no positional or catagory you are looking to improve on would be to send a leaguewide email out saying you are willing to deal cody and see what kind of offers you doesn't do any good to "target" any certain player since you don't know if those targets owners even have interest in cody.
  3. I would make the trade. No faith in MadBum, and Weaver isn't enough to move the needle to the other side.
  4. Lol. On the pine where his big ace belongs.
  5. id go for the best you can get but idk about shooting as high as JD Acuna etc, id be targeting like if Judge was healthy type of player, that 12-25 overall player type deal, i just doubt the top 10 picks are gonna sell for a hot guy as they know their studs will get hot as well at some point
  6. Yes...I like the kid and I'm good with this matchup.
  7. Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!
  8. For you guys that have the issues about moving DL people around, are you using the App to try to do the moves or are you doing it through the website? In all the years that I played, I NEVER had issues moving players around using the classic interface from the website... I would suggest getting rid of the App and go via the website...
  9. I would definitely do it. Thx for the help with mine
  10. Yes, I'd do it. Seems like a good talent consolidation trade on your part.
  11. Thanks. Not sure what is up. Were you able to get Meadow's DL'd? I finally got it to work by going to Tuesday and making the switch and it let me and then it let me go back in to today's lineup and do it. Really weird though. I wasn't sure if my work firewall was messing with me or not.
  12. I would do it despite the tough start last game. Thx for the help with mine
  13. I know this has been a popular topic of conversation lately, but I'll add one more. I'm thinking of testing the trade waters for Bellinger, no specific positional or statistic needs I'm trying to address, just curious how high i can aim. It would seem the answer is pretty damn high. I'm certainly aware of the fact that the first three full weeks of baseball is not the best sample size and that Bellinger could have a cold streak that brings his value back to earth any week now. It seems that the perfect balance of factors are in play here: plenty of underperforming bats to target and Bellinger playing out of his mind and sitting atop the player rater. Here are the league settings: 12 team, 6 x 6 daily H2H league with the following categories: Batting: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS Pitching: K, QS, W, SV, ERA, WHIP My starting lineup (I have no bench bats, using my bench solely for pitching as of now): C- Chirinos 1B- Bellinger 2B- Baez SS- Mondesi 3B- Arenado OF- Merrifield, Pham, Piscotty, Hernandez Util- Encarnacion, Vogelbombs, Muncy SP- Marquez, Folty, Ryu RP- Minter, Swarzak, Greene P- Glasnow, Blake Parker Bench: Montas, Keller, Neris, Lyles IR: Severino Who would be some of your targets to float Bellinger out there to try and snag? I'm not under the illusion that someone would trade me Trout, so I'm not going to even entertain it. Don't want my trade to get posted on the league discussion, resulting in a good ribbing from the leaguemates. However, Bellinger is the number 1 player so far, so I'm thinking of aiming high. I don't want to undersell him. I'm considering offering for the following: Mookie- He's obviously just starting slow, as are the red sox in general. I am not sure one month of baseball is enough to convince an owner to move on from their #2 draft pick, but he must be at least a bit frustrated. It might be something I can actually get done. Yelich- Probably not going to happen as he is just as hot as Bellinger, but is it worth a shot? Acuna JD Martinez- Started just fine, but is it possible I get someone to bite on Bellinger's super start? Those are the 4 im thinking of putting feelers out for. Would you prioritize any of the above? Add anyone else to my list of trade targets? My hesitation here is that I'm moving my top 1B option who is also OF elig. The four I listed above are only OF elig. My other 1B elig players are: Encarnacion, Volgelbombs, Muncy... not terrible but certainly not Cody Bellinger level production. The question is, do I neglect the positional consideration to get the best player I can get for Bellinger? Or stand pat?
  14. I was practically begging the forum to talk me into taking a flier on this guy in my 2 preseason posts above, after noone talked about him since May of 2018... crickets... took the silence to mean there was in fact “nothing to see here”...shame on me. (Not that he is guaranteed to be a star or anything but sometimes it is nice to have some guys in the rookie portfolio who aren’t as highly touted as the toolsey teen types but have a solid foundation and clear path to playing time in the near term.)
  15. gained 2b eligiblity in CBS leagues over the weekend. giggety....
  16. I think he has value but I had to drop to make room for other guys. I'll be watching him though.
  17. Has to do with some injuries... Kingery was at that 2 hole for Segura... he goes down and Caesar is probably in the dog house after yesterday.... wasn't paying attention to a drop ball on the basepaths and was terrible at the plate. He probably wouldn't even be playing today if they weren't down Segura and Kingery.
  18. I'm trying to activate Polanco on Yahoo and I have Lowrie and Sanchez on my bench and both are on the DL currently. Yahoo won't let me DL either one of those guys and activate Polanco. It is saying they are not on the DL. Is anyone else having issues with yahoo currently on this?
  19. Where is the power?! Haha! I'm getting tired of waiting.
  20. No surgery required--likely out only couple weeks
  21. might end up offering kimbrel and abreu for Meadows and glasnow (im a rays fan) but yea im just all over the place right now haha
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