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  2. Keep Eloy side, move mts for Mondesi duo.
  3. Despite his slow start, Jose Ramirez is on pace to swipe 47 bags.
  4. Steriods, performance enhancing drugs, increased testosterone, and a willingness to turn a bling eye to his behavior all his life.
  5. Keep Socal and move a mt for thin air instead.
  6. Nola looks like a pitcher who is completely unsure of his stuff.
  7. what are our expectations here? i know it was discussed briefly on the last page but that was a couple of weeks back. wondering how we should be viewing him now
  8. If they really wanted Murray you’d think they’d just pick him.
  9. Keep nations capital & move Hollywood for windy city in a new offer.
  10. Hang onto you're stud 3B, move Max and another arm for only Blackmon & Goldy in a new offer.
  11. Zimmerman has accepted your challenge and thrown down the gauntlet.
  12. The overwhelming reception of Marcus Mariota was deafening.
  13. Awkward. They have Mariota presenting at the start. He might not even be their starting QB by the time the season starts.
  14. If ya own Vlad? Keep him, and move mts for those sticks.
  15. It’s awful. The reality of what happened is obviously way beyond fantasy football and NFL. I honestly can’t understand the mentality of beating a 3 year old. The anger that he must have...I don’t know how you get there.
  16. I miss Gruden on the draft coverage. Man it has been a while.
  17. Move tribal dance for either an OF or INF upgrade.
  18. Does leaked audio say anything about hill actually assaulting kid or just mama saying kid afraid of him, then hill saying you should too. gonna say...a DND this yr🧚🏽‍♂️
  19. I’ve been offered Syndergaard and Luis Urias for Mondesi. We are in a dynasty(keep forever)CBS H2H categories league. I feel like ok the surface I’d be winning this deal but I’m shallow in terms of SS only having Story and Enrique Hernandez eligible there if with Luis Garcia as my prospect in that spot. Owner also has Buehler who I’ve thought about countering for with Urias. Thoughts? Thanks gents
  20. Ryan Howard was a top round fantasy pick in his prime and in that time only had one year at 30% and was exactly 30. Cust had a pretty short career, certainly was successful for a minute. I'm still unsure what's controversial about 30+K% guys who stick as regulars as rare.
  21. There was enough before the audio for the reviewers of the conduct policy. Whether it holds up or not is the real question.
  22. Carter got called up because Turner got hurt though... Little different if you are giving up on your vet hitters after just 1 bad month.
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