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  2. I think it's a fair offer as well. If the guy only has one closer and is dead last there's no real reason for him to keep Hader unless he thinks he can either get one on the WW or trade for one. Dozier is a talented bat and Flaherty (as you said) offers some upside with the occasional meltdown factored in. I say go for it and see how receptive he is to it. Thanks for your input w/ mine.
  3. I am in a 14 team H2H dynasty league where I am currently in first place. Pitching staff is Scherzer, Cole, Castillo, Marquez, Canning, Bassitt, Gray, and Caleb Smith on the DL. Other guy in the league desperately needs pitching, and I have been eyeballing his Yordan Alvarez, and Jesus Luzardo. Would offering up Scherzer for the pair be crazy? Or possibly not enough even? Thank you in advance....leave link!!
  4. I may have low balled the owner but I offered Justin Turner and Blake Treinen for JoR. The owner declined that offer. I don't think I'd offer that much at this point.
  5. We'll know tomorrow I think. They have a double header, if he's out both games they might IL him before and get another catcher up.
  6. i don't, i'm just asking for a friend.
  7. League Summary 1. 24 team, two conferences, 2 player copies. 2. 27 player rosters, no taxi, 5 IR spots 3. 10 starters: 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 TE,1 Superflex(QB, RB, WR, TE), 5 flex spots (WR, RB,TE) 4. PPR, TE premium 5. 1 annual draft which includes league free agents and NFL rookies 6. FAAB waivers - $200 7. $35/year via LeagueSafe, 100% payouts less site fee, Paid 2 years in advance on year one. 8. League communication through Slack 9. Draft in year 1 will be 3rd Round Reverse Serpentine' draft (1-N, N-1, N-1, 1-N, N-1, serpentine for the remainder of the draft). 10. Rookie Draft after will be straight. 1.This means that the same team receives pick 1.01, 2.01, 3.01, etc. 11. Comic Book Character Theme. Team name must be an (any) individual comic book character. First come first serve. League Rules: ... sp=sharing MFL Site:
  8. Fair offer. See if they bite. If they ask for a different SP, maybe consider Soroka, as you have plenty of very good SP & who knows I'd he is on an innings limit. Good luck!
  9. problem is with radars this time of the year (hot and humid, especially with a stalled front in some cases) is that these huge pop up storms can come up at anytime and be isolated or widespread within 30 minutes of seeing a "window" or "clear" radar. bottom line is that you just never know
  10. I would drop Villar & Puig for Cooper & either Mallex to help SB or Luzardo, if you have room to stash.
  11. Im a quarter mile from the stadium and it’s just light rain here at the moment though there are some dark clouds in the distance. The radar looks like there may be a delay but there looks to be a window between 7:30/8ish and 11.
  12. Anyone think maybe an IL stint is coming? Anyone worried that it’s a serious issue?
  13. they may prefer to wait and see how dozier performs when he returns from injury. If he comes back and struggles it'll be a steal for you. I'd make the offer.
  14. Agreed, own him but it’s keeper and my Braves and all... For others, I’d think you’d be hard pressed to get fair value currently, and I’d never sell low... he’s too talented! Ride it out hoping hit streak carries into ASB, then parlay his starting AS status! Timing is everything, but sellers beware!
  15. Considering who was signed last summer (Micheal Beasely comes to mind), above is far from certain
  16. WEBSITE: · ENTRY FEE: $300 (League Safe) · GROUP ME: yes the league has a GM media · 2019 ONLINE DRAFT: begins AUG 3, 2019 (Sat) · 2020 VEGAS DRAFT: AUG 31. 2020 (Mon) · AVAILABILITY: NEED 4... 8 SPOTS TAKEN Email co-commissioners at: vegas.elite.commish@gmail.comto join and please include your full name, team name, and email address. Thanks!
  17. WEBSITE: * ENTRY FEE: $35 (League Safe) * JOIN- email with full name and team name selection (below) Bogdon's Eyeborows*Box Cutters*Spooge's ATM*Skinny Pete and the Badgers  * AVAILABILITY: 4 SPOTS REMAIN (13 SPOTS TAKEN)
  18. Yeah, I would make that move. Agree that COL may make the change or even try to trade Davis. Thanks for mine!
  19. @Sack Exchange working to be the RW forum Stand-up Philosopher "Dole Office Clerk : Occupation? Comicus : Stand-up philosopher. Dole Office Clerk : What? Comicus : Stand-up philosopher. I coalesce the vapors of human experience into a viable and meaningful comprehension. Dole Office Clerk : Oh, a *bull***** artist! Comicus : *Grumble*... Dole Office Clerk : Did you bull**** last week? Comicus : No. Dole Office Clerk : Did you *try* to bull**** last week? Comicus : Yes!"
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