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  2. I feel so much better since I clicked the drop button. He is a WR3 and nothing more.
  3. I'm having a really hard time pushing accept because most people think conner is a decent amount better than mack
  4. How does the DVOA stat work? I figured NE would be #1 for sure. Is Josh Norman back to his old self?
  5. Less than 0% chance that happens.
  6. This. Especially in 5x5. How can you put back a 24/40 guy when SB are so hard to come by in todays game? Im sure someone will come begging for one of your SB guys after about 1/3 of the season, much easier to trade than a guy like Bauer.
  7. Yeah. Shouldn’t be for long. 🤞. Love his game. As long as he don’t get injured. $$$
  8. Is it crazy that I might start Alex Erickson in my flex over Mixon? (It's been a rough year) My Draft: 1. OBJ 2. Mixon 3. Ertz 4. Diggs 5. Watson 6. Gordon
  9. I would. The upgrades at other positioning make the hit at RB worth it. And Jacobs is banged up right now and could possibly be worse than what the team is leading on.
  10. Vance vs the soon to be 0 - 16 Phins
  11. this guy really acts like (and maybe is) the best player on the court.
  12. Undrop Undrop! ugh think it is too late in my league.
  13. Nah keep Miles he's been getting way more carries/volume than Howard.
  14. For my flex spot: Honestly I hate the matchup Chubb has going on vs the Pats. You can't run the ball on them. I feel like the Browns will get clobbered. On the other hand, assuming teh Brownies can move the ball at all, he might be in line for goal line tds.... Ty Johnson has a much better matchup vs. the GMEN, but we don't know anything about how good he really is or what the workload is for him. Would I be crazy to run Johnson instead of the Chubbski? WHIR
  15. I highly doubt Morris would overtake Edmonds as the #1 back for ARI.
  16. Already prepping to be without Zeke this week... Great
  17. Keep you're top 2 TE Kittle, and move HH for a WR or RB
  18. Where did you read this? This is him at a family gathering
  19. Who should I start this week? Leave a link I will return the favor. terry vs min. boyd vs Rams
  20. I actually agree with this. Probably lean Judge and he has more of a proven track record. Yordan was great, but only for a half season. Judge does carry some injury risk so I could see going Yordan to see what he can do for a full season
  21. Even though Seattle is a run first offense. I would go with Lockett
  22. LFG Davante, i think at this rate they will hold him out 1 more week or give him limited snaps against KC... But full send week 9
  23. All speculation on what the deal is at this point, but I definitely wouldn't be dropping him. If it's just that they didn't see eye to eye on his role/fit in this offense, he could end up being huge if he's moved to the right situation.
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