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  2. I don't know if ROJO is "excellent value" anywhere in the draft, but in Round 15 it certainly is easier to justify taking a shot in the dark on him.
  3. And this is why it pays to do best ball drafts early...
  4. Where do you think he goes now in drafts? End of 1st/Beginning of 2nd?
  5. I like keeping Escobar, but if you have a chance to win this year, I would consider trading which ever bat can land you the better SP. Imo, it's about you winning the ship this year. Good luck!
  6. Right now, my catchers are Jansen and R. Chirinos. I do agree that my existing C's are adequate more or less, but Garver looks like an upgrade. I appreciate the help...
  7. Team in sig. Dropping Pagan, once Eovaldi returns. Our league is 18 weeks, then the playoffs. Was offered MadBum, D German, & Vlad Jr for Nola & Soto. I rejected. Thinking of sending this counter: Give: Nola & Soto Get: deGrom & MadBum Even with the rough game yesterday vs LAD, I think Nola has turned it around & really high on Soto, but need more SP depth. Currently have the most points in the league, but tied for 6th place (6 make playoffs). Points against me for the season are higher than any other teams points in the league. Smh! Thoughts?
  8. Is beeks lined up for another bulk outing this weekend vs CWS?
  9. Heres my rookie wr upside dart throw Mecole Hardman Why? Hall of famer Patrick Mahomes will be throwing to him @PackersFan1979
  10. Is there any reason not to test his bat in AA? Forget his age, he clearly is not being challenged, and it is not like it would hurt the Rays’ years of contract control. If it turned out AA isn’t a challenge either and suddenly the Rays feel pressure to fast track him for a 2020 debut, so what? Their competitive window is right now, this would be a good thing.
  11. I agree with you...but hope that someone does reach in the 2nd round. He's very dud prone because of his fouling issues and inability to score. It's much better to take 2 shot blockers that can equal Mitch's block output, in lets say rounds 5 through 8, maybe like Whiteside + Brolo or Allen or something like this. I'm sure most would rather have those 2 at their prices than Mitch at 2nd or even 3rd round. In 2nd and 3rd rounds you almost always are going to need multicat studs that fill up mostly everything, if not it's very difficult to make up the counting stats as you go unless you strike gold with every breakout and late rounder which is always a possibility but risky and lucky strategy.
  12. Actually you'd have to go down to WR65 in points per game to Crowder, and WR67 overall in Doctson. Honestly this will be my closing counter-argument for the "every team must have a fantasy relevant WR" argument from now on. Back to the present though- it can't possibly be that bad again, right? They lost Crowder too. Ourlads has the current third WR as a third round rookie named Terry McClaurin. I'd say the current leaders in the clubhouse for targets are Thompson and Reed, and we know the story with those guys and injury histories.
  13. congrats to ironcock for stealing Tyreek Hill - was gonna myself if cooks wasn't there
  14. Anyone who is hot may set-up ... or not. It is match-ups and firemen and lotto tickets right now in the Sox bullpen. If it is a better match-up in the 6th he could be used there. Or the 8th. Or whenever. There is no set roles there except they want Eovaldi to close. But he probably won't be able to close two days in a row as yet because they want to be careful with Eovaldi just back with only a single, one inning re-hab. So Workman or Barnes or Walden or Hembree or whoever could pick up some vulture saves at first as well.
  15. Nice to get another elite WR to draft. Makes Maowns a little more spicy as well.
  16. Kerryon is 5 years younger so obviously in a dynasty but for the next 2 years Damien over Kerryon. KC starting RB over DET starting RB is a no brainier.
  17. How I imagine the conversation went: Roger - "This is disturbing stuff Tyreek...very serious" Tyreek - "That's not my voice" Roger - "But you're speaking to me and it sounds exactly like the tape" Tyreek - "That's not my voice" Roger - "But on the tape, you say I'm Tyreek Hill, star WR for the KC Chiefs, put some respect on that" Tyreek - "That's another Tyreek Hill on the KC Chiefs" Roger - "Fair suspension"
  18. 9.14 David Njoku 10.1 Jared Goff @1972Miamidolphins -back at ya
  19. this is why they prolly nba champions this season. they should do every single thing they can to try to add a decent big man though it's really their only hole right now.
  20. Ol Sassy Pants is ranked 19th in my Y! OPS categories league. Stud.
  21. Jimmy Smith was suspended the first four games of the regular season without pay for violating the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy, a league spokesman announced Tuesday. The Ravens released a statement in support of the league's decision: "One of our players, Jimmy Smith, has been suspended without pay for violating the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy. The Ravens fully support the NFL's decision. "The NFL found evidence of threatening and emotionally abusive behaviors by Jimmy toward his former girlfriend that showed a pattern of improper conduct. Our player's behavior was inappropriate and wrong. Roger, explain this one to me?
  22. He looks lost at the plate. He keeps waving rather softly and helplessly at pitches low and outside the strike zone. I wonder if his earlier back problems are still lingering some and preventing him from reaching out all that well so pitchers are throwing him there constantly now.
  23. That sound you just heard was Tyreke rocketing to his new ADP at WR3.
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