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  2. thanks saric and culver got picked up osman and keplar were dropped
  3. lost by 5, 4, 3 and 2 points. If that Wilson and lockett td would have stayed, I would have won all four.
  4. I don’t get all this RB1 RB2 talk.. Wasn’t Jones selected as an RB2 peeps? Anything more is gravy
  5. Looks like a weak crop. Save FAAB or waiver priority and look to see who is dropped by panicking owners.
  6. This post is a prime example of why this forum needs a downvote feature.
  7. Team is pretty strong so I'd say save yourself those two roster spots for potential hot adds.
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  9. this backfield is disgusting. The niners backfield i can tolerate...but this GB backfield is gross. Stay far away. I failed to trade away Jones, but I hope you all got something good for him. His value = jamaals
  10. value wise jrue simmons and otto you have to take it. that what two 40 buck players and atleast $20 for otto. for high end $70 for harden.
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  12. Holding Slye through the bye. This dude has been a difference maker at the Kicker position. He has 14 point upside every week. The misses are a tad concerning, but all but one of them was from 50+ yards out. If he starts missing 40 yarders consistently it will be a problem, until then he's on my squad even through the bye week.
  13. Most people were worried about that because he was going to be in a committee. So even if Kerryon has been somewhat disappointing, those people were still wrong. He is their bell cow.
  14. well done, sir. quality rant here. another quality rant. short and to the point. i am sorry for whatever caused you such epic frustration. for both of you i hope both your seasons turn around.
  15. What your referring to is a full blown committee. That brings Jones down a whole tier. He's probably just a RB 2 most weeks and thats if we are lucky enough to get a TD.
  16. I would not trade Harden as you already built a hard punt fg team around him. Your core of Harden, Trae, Dray, Rozier, should play well together. You do have an abundance of PGs which you have to address sooner rather than later. KP would be a fine add and maybe you can flip Conley for him.
  17. A buddy and I are interested, have both played a long time and can pay quickly. Let me know if one drops out or you want to raise to 14.
  18. He’s a good flex. Even with 20 plus carries he can’t break 15 pts in standard.
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