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  2. Well, I guess if you pay the League Safe fee. I think it is around 2% I would have to pay your league due with my credit card on League Safe
  3. I’d keep Strasburg. He has the best statcast numbers, the best performance so far, a much better fip than both but about even xfip and siera. Sale and snell are similar everywhere except statcast which favors snell. Sale however has pitched more than one good season and is on a better team imo. I’m leaning toward trading snell here sale’s more proven success is the tiebreaker for me
  4. Drop city. We definitely saw what he's capable of, but he needs to work on his approach.
  5. People act like every game from the top rb has to be like Doug Martin vs the raiders 2012.
  6. Platoon Pollock and Joc imo.
  7. I will be off-line between roughly 7.30 - 10.30 or a bit later. I'm up in 9 picks, but I can leave a list with you or Miami. I don't really expect things to go that fast though, so maybe it's not necessary.
  8. What kind of projections do you have for him? Titans will be one of the most run heavy teams in the NFL this year. Barnes could have 4 a game for 64 on the season and Henry can still get to 300 carries.
  9. You guys in redraft dropping ? I'd been patient with him in my 10 team all year, was nice to see him heat up a bit and return some production. But this late into the season and who knows at this point how many weeks he's out, then what he'll contribute once back.
  10. My gut is telling me to drop him for someone in the TB/NYY doubleheader today and not look back. But I can’t. I just fear his season may be over and the Royals are basically going to leave us in limbo about his timetable.
  11. Are there any rumblings about him being demoted? Has been awful for over a month now.
  12. Has Aaron Sanchez even been mentioned here? 3-14, 6.26 Season ERA He’s lost 10 straight decisions and has an era of 9.40 in that stretch LoLBlueJays
  13. ^yeah. That was my point yesterday. It wasn’t a comment about that day’s starting lineup.
  14. bumping hoping this can fill over the weekend and we can do one monday night 8pm eastern
  15. Snake draft through ESPN. Looking to draft 09/01 or 09/02. Scoring is .5 PPR with some minor tweaks to the QB scoring. Link to settings is below. The league is Star Wars themed, so please choose a Star Wars team name. Leave a reply if interested or email me at
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  17. Nathan Shmalo Send Invite
  18. What you are looking for doesn’t exist right now. It’s not what Best Ball drafting is about.
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