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  2. Carrying Moronta, Dyson, Melancon, Watson on my roster so year is going to suck if the Giants keep Smith.
  3. Norm was pretty money from 3 towards the end of last year, and I'm hoping he sees the departure of Danny as an opportunity to break out. Til now, he hasn't really cemented himself as a 3 and D guy, and he kind of lacked a defined role. I'm hoping that changes this year now that Danny & CJ are gone. There aren't many (any?!?) legit SG options in front of him. Stanley hasn't shown any consistency in shooting in his previous teams, FVV is just too small to guard many 2s, and Matt Thomas is an unknown. I'm also intrigued by what Gasol can bring to the team in terms of passing, now that Kawhi is gone. He and Lowry will definitely be seeing more of the ball, and I hope they can show off their distributing more.
  4. I think he’s batted 2nd in 48 of his 54 games. No reason to think that will change.
  5. I'm playing 3D chess while you are playing checkers bro. Didn't say he was going to be a star. Oh no no no. These first five games are going to be cakewalks and we might see the Patriots take their time with Sony. Depending on how quickly Mr. Harris gets onboarded, I think you might see some serious value with Sexy Rexy and possibly turn that into a nice trade opportunity Week 3-4.
  6. H2H Points, two keepers aloud, need pitching for a run in the playoffs Trade- Mookie Betts Get- JD Martinez and Aaron Nola Do you make that trade? *Id be keeping Bellinger and Arenado
  7. I like it, I think Darvish has been putting it back together recently and I also love Domingo but if Castellanos gets moved thats good value. I have Eflin also and he has me worried.
  8. Perhaps not the greatest timing after giving up a run last night, but any chance Amir Garrett is thrown into the mix for saves in Cincy? Iglesias has been bad and nobody else has really stepped up.
  9. This guy is a young stud and he is definitely in the mix for ROY. Buy high if you can, especially in keepers!
  10. Flip a coin. Either is fine. I tend to prefer Liberatore, but he's prob a 2021 debut. Singer should debut next season. Both are solid prospects. Help with mine?
  11. Leclerc. Boston must get another RP of caliber for the closer position. I don't think it's time to do tests and less with the recent injuries of Eovaldi.
  12. 20-team redraft 5x5 roto. 1400 IP limit. IF: Chirinos (C), Goldschmidt (1B), McMahon (2B), Chapman (3B), Simmons (SS); OF/UT: Dahl, D-Santana, M-Smith (OF), Rizzo, Laureano (UT); BN: Mercado (OF), Wendle (2B/3B/SS/OF) SP: Paddack, C-Smith, Eflin, Gio, Ponce de Leon, Lamet, Woodruff, Heaney RP: Doolittle, Holland, Neris, Robles DL: Glasnow (SP), Taillon (SP) I've been offered Castellanos & Darvish for Domingo & Eflin in a deep 20-teamer. Domingo's been one of my smartest draft picks so far & I'd be sad to see him go, but Darvish is an upgrade over Eflin & my rotation looks pretty shaky w Woodruff out 6 weeks and no set timetable for either Glasnow or Taillon. Castellanos is a nice buy-low right now IMO & could also be moved by the end of the month, which would help his #s a lot... I'd lose a few steals, but I can live with that. What do you think? Thanks for the help! Leave a link.
  13. The WW isn't completely barren either as of now.
  14. @Br0kenB OTC @FFCollusion On deck @DocJ In the hole
  15. I would not veto that trade. Vetoes should be used sparingly and only for something egregious. This is not that.
  16. Yeah, this is not a selling point. I’ve seen snakes that were better receivers than Derrick Henry.
  17. I prefer Chavis to Weaver. If you could land Flaherty, I'd do that. Help here:
  18. I have never once successfully traded a QB outside of 2 QB leagues. Its not worth it and nearly impossible to agree on “QB for __” . Basically, it’s a stupid strategy Maybe it’ll work for FFC, since he’s starting the Dolphins likely backup - but he’s actually intelligent so unlikely
  19. Round 6 1. Taenggg: Jamal Murray 2. Kenny Mack Derrick Favors 3.Ganandorf: Bam Abedayo 4.Gile Pile: Danillo Gallinari 5.turner46: Ja Morant 6.Slmroz: TJ Warren 7. StifleTower2: Jonas Valanciuas 8.Styler: Terry Rozier 9. @christian: OTC 10.Simsanityy179:  11.Iowncrazyhair:  12.BetterCallHinkie: Team Styler  PG: Terry Rozier (6.8) SG: Devin Booker (2.8) G: Victor Oladipo (5.5) SF: PF: Giannis Antetokounmpo (1.5) F: Zion Williamson (4.8) 😄 Kristaps Porzingis (3.5) C: UT: UT: Bench: Bench: Bench:
  20. This is this league second year and there are a few spots that just opened up. Standard espn rules and settings. Accepting payment thru PayPal. Few players know each other so it’s very trusted. Draft date is August 31 or Sept 1st. There’s a group chat on what’s app to discuss fantasy football. 1st $1000 2nd 500 Settings reply or email if interested
  21. It’s all good, needed the reminder of why I stopped posting on this wasteland in the first place Thanks for the draft prep and good luck to you all in your money leagues Message/propose trades on yahoo app if you’d like ... My work here is done
  22. I'd rather have the pair.
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