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  2. Three better plays? You must have some good WRs. Terry is currently #12 overall in standard scoring, even with the bye. If you go by average points per game, he's #10. This is including yesterday's debacle.
  3. Head to head 1 win 10 cat faab league. Here is the link to join, you can join and read the rest of the settings if you are unsure whether you want to play.
  4. Forget the game-time decision b.s. Now that they know Edmonds is more than capable of carrying the load, let DJ sit out a game to heal.
  5. (fun fact this is The Hound from GoT)
  6. Dude, your team isn’t as bad as you’d like to think. I would get rid of the last 3 picks, send Kanter packing for a PG, and maybe even move one of your other bigs for an assist PG/wing. Challenge yourself to salvage this roster!!!!
  7. Yea I 100% know what you mean, but against a leaky defense like that, I think Wilson will be slinging a couple of long TD passes. Hopefully one will be to Lockett 🤞🏻
  8. Bad teams have a tendency to melt all the way down on TNF. I'm not sure Terry is a must-start after seeing how low the floor can be. I wouldn't fault anyone for just shrugging off yesterday's dud and starting him anyway, but I'm pretty sure I have three better plays in Week 8.
  9. He's more than a WR3, but he is susceptible to duds as we've seen twice this season. He's still the top WR in that offense, but it's obvious the Lions are OK completely ignoring him if the matchup is not entirely favorable. He won't be force-fed like other elite WRs.
  10. what a joke! Hield ($94mil-4yrs)+ 21mil = Jaylen Brown true winner of offseason
  11. Ray Butler’s top 200 for Prospects 365.
  12. Head to head 1 win 10 category faab league. Link to join below
  13. I think I'd make that trade, especially in a dynasty. You'll just need to ride out Mahomes injury for the next three weeks, but it should be worth it. Once he's back you're arguably getting two best player in the trade.
  14. I think he should have opted for sports hernia surgery. He could have been put on IR and returned later and the Eagles could have shopped for someone.
  15. To me, it's still just a matter of time until Henry gets hurt again, but can't have enough RB
  16. So Matt Patricia said he talked to Kerryon today and he said "he's fine". Whatever that means...
  17. I can't figure out how to delete a post on here, but I see I'm still in the league it just wasn't popping up for me, will pay now!
  18. I got him in the 70s in a couple places. But that’s not what’s interesting. I got him for $20 in a 9 cat roto league, the sort of league where it’s just not as much risk if he gets injured, and people were laughing at how I must be a big fan? Top 30 player for $ what if he misses 30 games? 50 games of a top 30 player should still be 30ish.
  19. While it's too bad that week 2 and 3 were anomalies, Lockett has still performed well given he's only seeing 4-6 targets a game. I suspect that will be his usage moving forward. He won't be a WR1 all of us were hoping for, but he'll be a solid WR2
  20. Hate to say it, but I’d bet this time next week, this post will still ring true.
  21. Well, at least he didn't drop it. So technically it's an improvement.
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