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  2. Kingery is hampson, hampson is Kingery ww fodder
  3. They do this every season, I kinda like it
  4. I don't understand the agonizing (12-team leagues). I've dropped players easily more reputable than Aguilar for lesser slumps than he's had to date. Keeping the roster freshly stocked with potential studs rather than slumping "not-quite-there-yets" like Aguilar is a better (and more fun) strategy imo. Aguilar is not worth the agony unlike other slumping but more proven players such as Mazara, Castallanos, etc who are also slumping hard right now. Brewers have other guys who can do what Aguilar can do and he's lost right now plain and simple.
  5. Yep......right out of the yearly playbook to avoid boos. A sick kid, a local player, and a military man.
  6. Woodhead has had a really good career. Also, he wasn't a QB so he wouldn't be on that list.
  7. Good call Fan. Good line today. Marlins, but still.
  8. I started a keeper league and took him that year as my first ever pick at the end of round 1. Yeesh. Its ok though, I got Bishop Sankey a few rounds later.
  9. If Caesar Hernandez keeps messing up on D, maybe Kingery gets a shot.
  10. You missed the real hero, Danny wood head, he lives 12 minutes away from me
  11. I made so much money betting on Houston overs during those years. Case was a beast.
  12. That motherf***ers teeth is so yellow he spit butter
  13. Logic doesn't make sense to sit based on the opposing pitcher, unless you're in a league that counts losses, I guess. I started both and am happier than a pig in S.
  14. What are you talking about?? Montee ball was a beast on a serious note, it's pretty sad I read his family went thru alcoholism and it trickled down to his NFL career and would practice drunk, remember when he was a late 1st round pick??.
  15. It's a doable deal but if he has been chasing you just because he's got to get Yelich then I would push him to make it a 3 for 3 deal in which the other two guys are substantially better than the two you are including. So yes Rizzo for the Votto switch works but if he's willing to add another then go for it. If you guys have been equally back and forth on a deal, or you have been searching what you can pull in for Yelich then I think I would do that deal offered now. Rizzo (frustrating as he is at times) is a clear upgrade...
  16. I love when the analysts throw out all the stats from college and records broken. College records don't matter at all.
  17. Not sure how well he will translate to a 4-3. He played off the ball a lot in college. Jags really haven't had much success drafting defensive linemen. They traded away their previous top-5 DE pick last season for peanuts.
  18. To each his own man. Not trying to argue about this. Kick him out of the league would be my opinion. He will be in jail in a few years. Guy is a trash human.
  19. This is the 2nd straight year Josh Allen was selected 7th overall! lol At least we got the good one.
  20. Got the Win. Decent outing, can only go up from here?
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