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  2. Cousins a decent pick up this week to cover for the bye round. He has the Redskins that week.
  3. Who knows, but I can guarantee Slay will not shadow any Raiders this week.
  4. I'm realizing that this is for the same team. I would make a call between San Fran and Buffalo and hang onto Edmonds. Both of those DSTs are great starts, but you don't need to roster both of them at the expense of cutting a decent value lotto ticket like Edmonds in my opinion.
  5. I would pick up Josh Allen. I wouldn't drop Edmons. Help with mine?
  6. You don't necessarily need to add Kyle Allen, but it makes more sense to roster him than a backup DST since you have San Fran. Bills have some great matchups on deck but I'm not in love with the idea of dropping Edmonds. Do you have a DST on that roster already?
  7. Well, seeing that Green has been M.I.A this whole season its hard to gauge what his production will even look like. On the other hand, Darnold looks to have a fairly solid connection with Crowder, and he should see his fair share of targets Help with mine too please?
  8. I have #1 priority and My team isn’t going anywhere this year. Would you add Snell using the #1 waiver? There is a chance he passes through waivers since the Steelers have a bye. I guess I’m looking for a potential lottery ticket keeper for next year although Conner may not be going anywhere.
  9. Sutton based on match up. Help with mine please?
  10. I think Goff. Atlanta's D is just soooo awful. If Gurley is healthy, that should open up the field as well. Help with mine please?
  11. I prefer depth at RB over WR, but if you are looking for somebody who will likely be spending a decent amount of time in the lineup, I prefer Sutton. He has a really nice floor so far this season. Sanders has upside but it's still somewhat of a guessing game which Eagles RB will shine from week to week.
  12. Team in signature below. PPR Would you make these waiver claims? Drop Panthers D/ST for Josh Allen? I have Goff at QB and 49ers D/ST Drop Chase Edmonds for Bills D/ST I have DJ and my opponent’s D/ST in on a bye Appreciate any help!
  13. What SenatorSpaceman said. Help with mine please?
  14. I'm picking Sutton. Big frame, solid RZ target, and Flacco continues to look to him for big plays Help with mine too please?
  15. I picked him up last week but my league is pretty active. Although I highly doubt he’s back, I would consider stashing AB next week or the week after to see how his hearing goes.. couldn’t hurt
  16. I am weak at WR in a 0.5 ppr....who would you want ROS, Green or Crowder? thanks
  17. Sutton has been very steady in PPR. He'd be my choice.
  18. It might be the glaring lack of talent that bothers you about Mayfield. Typical college QB that won't translate to the NFL. I have no idea what Cleveland was thinking. He's short, slow, and you're spending a #1 pick on him? Makes no sense.
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