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  2. good comp and he should have good keeper value as well for those who play in that format.
  3. I think Hampson has a better chance of playing more, but then again, COL likes to hold back some of their young players for whatever reason. When you throw Donaldson in the mix, I think I would take him. been hitting well the past 7 days & in a very good ATL offense. Thanks for mine!
  4. I think he's a guy you want to pick up and wait and see what happens. Soroka has excellent command of his fastball and generates a lot of ground ball outs. He's the type of young pitcher I could see thriving right away because he will limit walks and HRs. He may not have a super high ceiling right away, but as his secondary stuff develops I could see him pushing his K/9 closer to 9 and posting really strong ratios. EDIT: I think he could be more consistent than some of the Braves' other young arms, and for that reason someone they want to give an opportunity to stick in the rotation if he pitches well. I'm not sold that this is a one and done spot start...
  5. taobball, have you adjusted your ranking of Brandon Lowe or do you still have him 100+ spots below Jeff McNeil? I don't expect Lowe to maintain his current pace but he has contributed in HRs (5) and SBs (2)
  6. Keep cheese steak on you're team he's far better than those WW bums.
  7. Yea, I know, lol. Im just a bit worried that he hasnt been the same, HR wise since his wrist injury.
  8. I play in "win" leagues because I like it better than QS leagues. Don't like it, don't play it. But don't gripe about others playing in it or condescend to those that do. And yes, Smith is still worth owning, and I proudly do.
  9. Call me crazy but all I see is a left-handed Paul DeJong with a lil more speed and OF eligibility.
  10. If you own Suarez? Keep him, move Mr 0 - 4 for Hollywood straight up in a new offer.
  11. If he does well against the Nats tomorrow I think there will be a mass exodus to pick him up. You'll see all kinds of articles touting him as a pickup. It generally takes the casuals a little longer to catch on to the sleepers (hence why we call them that name.)
  12. his early season power drain is a tad disconcerting but I am sure he will come around.
  13. Stat I found interesting enough to add- when he got 6 carries or more last season (12 games)- he averaged 15.7 points- that would be David Johnson (2018 version) territory Since a lot of people feel like Miami could be this year's Arizona, and DJ (who we probably all think is a better back than Drake) had over 2x as many carries to get that total, does this help or hurt the case for Drake?
  14. Carter Kieboom - SS WSH, 3 for 3, 4 Runs,1 RBI, 2 BB. This kid is scorching. Bo Bichette - SS TOR, 2 for 4, 1 Run, 3 RBI, 1 BB, 1 K. Hes starting to really turn it on after a slow start. His turnaround almost completely coincides with the return of Vlad. Coincidence?
  15. Apparently, Freddie didnt get the league-wide juiced ball, full on assault on pitchers memo...
  16. All I know is that the power is legit. Dude’s last two homers have been absolute bombs. Legit 25 to 30 HR power for sure.
  17. No love for the Ji-Man? He's hitting .293/.373/.431 through 16 games. Hit his first home run last night. Hits 3rd usually in a damn good Rays lineup and is getting steady playing time so far. There is definitely value here in deeper leagues, assuming the playing time remains as is.
  18. Not much talk about Trevor Williams. He's not real sexy but he's thrown a QS in all 4 of his starts and he's sporting a 2.59 ERA and 1.03 WHIP. He's probably never going to have an eye popping K rate and I expect a little regression but he's looking like a dependable arm to round out your rotation. I also like that he seems to have taken a step forward each year he's been in the big leagues
  19. The sliders he threw in that at bat were probably his best of the outing.
  20. Anyone have any info on who's expected to come in after Wood opens in TB today? They might be a good streamer today. The Rays have been world beaters and they're facing Baltimore.
  21. Let’s go Zach Davies in one . 🤞 Let’s go Corbin, Paddock, Soroka & Urias 🤞🤞in another team.
  22. He has a ton of solid pitching but no ace, I also have Bauer & Noah, to go along with Archer, Paddock, Musgrove & Caleb Smith. My offense hasn’t been getting it done at all though, and I have a struggling Jose Ramirez.... probably going to offer Sale with someone lesser first. I just acquired Sale by trading James Paxton & Aaron Hicks
  23. He's a superstar in my league that punishes strikeouts and doesn't reward steals very much
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