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  2. Has he played a snap since foolishly running out of bounds while Reid was trying to nurse a lead v. Baltimore?
  3. there’s no way he’s Clarkson, he has a higher propensity for assists and boards in limited minutes, his per 36 production is the highest of any rookie in both summer league and preseason next to Zion (and the best guard wise). 15/3/4.8/1/.3 in 18.4 min on close to 3 threes per game in 4 preseason games (don’t think that factored last nights game), that blows anything Clarkson can do out of water. He may not get these exact lines during the regular season, but high floor in limited min, insane ceiling in 25 plus. There have been cases where teams see a guy is just way too good and they’ll move pieces to clear up minutes for him, I see that scenario here. Also let’s not forget how injury prone Lonzo is in his young career. In his first two years he’s played 52 and 42 games with a myriad of ankle and back issues. High upside handcuffs can win leagues.
  4. Would you trade Edelman and Keenan Allen for Godwin? My WRs are Julio, Keenan, Edelman, with Chark and Mclaurin on the bench. I'm leaning towards doing it because Keenan has been shaky and Godwins a top WR. Thoughts? FULL PPR ... WHIR
  5. PPR son, PPR. Hardly anyone plays standard these days but keep trying to rationalize McCoy being relevant in fantasy at all lol.
  6. Very small suggestion, for future posts! writing too much can sometimes be a turn off for people to help! I solid team, but I think could use small changes, I lien changing joe Harris Sexton for Prince and one of Mcgee and Deandre Im also open to changing ingles or Hayward If they suck to the other big you don’t pick out of mcgee or deandre
  7. Dude flashed some intriguing multi-cat production last year. RHJ and Demarre out of the way, so minutes should be there. What are folks' thoughts on this guy?
  8. Haha I picked up Washington, dropped for Tristan Thompson, dropped for Mo Bamba dropped for Matisse (in a span of 3 days) after his first preseason game. Then debated again whether I drop Kris Dunn for Thompson for a couple of hours, I come back and they were all scooped up 😭 Now I have this guy. Is he a Jordan Clarkson 2.0 who tends to get a little bit more assists? (I also couldn’t decide between Culver vs. NAW only to come to find out that Culver got picked up days after he got dropped)
  9. Seattle maybe because their TE went down and they are being aggressive to find a replacement. But highly doubt they are trading for a dude that getting paid top TE money. Houston? Well the last time a TE is a thing in Houston was at least 7 years ago. That was Owen Daniels. Cleveland is a contender? I don’t know what to say here. They are the Browns. Need I say more.
  10. TO talked a bunch of ish to everybody and anybody but he backed it up. Randy Moss talked a bunch of ish to everybody and anybody and his name became a part of speech “You’ve Got Mossed” Seriously though, this dude keeping on telling all the CBs that covered him that they are trash but yet they kept shutting him down. I have back him up for as long as I could but it is time to just “Shut Up and Catch the Ball”.
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  13. Anyone streaming him with Davante, Geronimo, and MVS out? Could have a big day.
  14. Gurley full participant today, am I missing something?
  15. Obviously Turner would also benefit and probably play more than 28min last season. Could be a win/win for a lot of players fantasywise
  16. Hey, thanks for your interest! We may go with just frontier.
  17. Why would he miss half the season? It’s just a couple weeks...
  18. Ok if nobody is going to say this, I will. I was so high on this kid. But he is looking more and more like a Blake Griffin 2.0.
  19. I think you'll be regretting that eventually.
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