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  2. I think that’s a pretty good comp at this point. With both guys you’re probably hoping for about 10 HR, 20 SB and a passable AVG/OBP. Fringe MI types for this season with some significant long-term upside. Even though Rosario’s been in the bigs awhile he’s only 8 months older.
  3. In a 20 team roto dynasty league, who would you rather have at face value?
  4. Not likely to give you a lot of innings, QS, or strikeouts. He'll limit the damage, keep the ERA low, and always have a shot at a W. I hope he has a great year.
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  6. Well after the Touki turdball and Shoemaker being launched into the sun it's time to scour for a live body. C.C. has a 0.00 ERA through 2 starts and he didn't have a thread yet, so here we are! Discuss!
  7. First of all I‘m sorry for how your season is going. Second, don’t overreact or panic. Segura isn’t seriously injured and will be fine, Judge is a beast and will be back in a month. I would drop Strickland, who probably won’t close when he’s back. I would also stream the hot hand for Winker and/of Choo. Good luck!
  8. Ramirez is the best player in the deal and will turn things around so it depends on whether you’re going for this year or next year.
  9. Just wait until Cody‘s sky high BABIP goes down and he starts getting platooned with Verdugo and Muncy in RF/1B and Judge comes back in a month.
  10. Looks fine to me. Darvish looks terrible, Marte is a WW player and Eloy has a high ceiling. Cruz is clearly in decline but still has some pop and Musgrove isn’t pitching like this all year. Fair trade.
  11. I did preface it with FWIW. If you don't make anything of it, there's really no reason to comment in the first place. Just being argumentative for argumentative's sake.
  12. Officially not missing only one start. "I am surprised." said nobody.
  13. Yes definitely. Hamilton is actually a starter and is better.
  14. I don't know if I would pay $1000, but im sure I would never play in a free league, seriously what's the point? That "we love the game and we are hardcore" crap its lame and stupid.
  15. I suspect the posters above didn’t look at Brasier‘s peripherals: FIP: 2019: 4.84 Career: 3.47 xFIP: 2019: 4.53 Career: 4.05 He‘s going to lose the job to Barnes, whose peripherals are a lot better. Parker doesn’t look good either. Strop is the best pick as Morrow is not going to close this year at this point and they’re too cheap to get anyone better.
  16. Solid start for Glasnow. He didn't dominate, but he held his own against a tough lineup.
  17. Like Luke Voit, he never got a chance to get consistent ABs in the big leagues before coming to the Yankees. And he didn't really get any opportunity with Colorado. Yankees traded for him because they believed he could be another 2018 Luke Voit. Since playing regularly he's looked much more confident and having much better ABs. Has a .978 OPS right now. With so many injuries to position players (for fantasy team owners) there's not going to be a ton out there on waivers or in free agency. Buy in cheap on Tauchman.
  18. He won't be a sub-2.00 ERA pitcher anymore, but I could see him finishing the season with an ERA in the 2.90 - 3.10 range.
  19. Should provide Vladito some decent protection shortly.
  20. I see no reason why we would not be looking at a similar bullpen situation to what we saw last year when Knebel lost his full time closing duties. If Jeffress pitches well (a question still as he is coming off an injury and last year could have been a career year) he will undoubtedly see a number of save chances again. That will free Hader up to do his multi inning thing but will also see a healthy number of save chances as well. I could see a situation where they were both had +15 - 20 saves, as well as a number of holds especially for Hader. I expect this to occur unless Jeffress shows he's not the relief ace he was last year...
  21. Drop Ryu, who can’t stay healthy long anyway and Cruz who is the worst of the four above.
  22. Watched it live on YES but yea I wouldn't make anything of that. And sometimes the ones that aren't as painful take the longest to heal. Just have to wait and see.
  23. Marquez as he’s not even in his prime yet, while Blackmon is in decline.
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