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  2. No, Pete, don't let the Mets trainers (aka partof their so-called "medical staff") remotely near you if you value your health! (Trainers: "Hand looks like it may still be attached to arm. You are good to go."). I assume the manager overruled them after the inning was over.
  3. Hate to see all the injuries, but it’s basically the only way I can win with the team I drafted
  4. Eovaldi to IL, who is first in line in Boston minors? Hernandez had a great ST.
  5. Im sitting him for the first time this season. Even with no Arenado I think I need a "prove it" game from him first.
  6. I’m not feeling optimistic here. I expect he gets a couple starts against lefties and then gets sent down when the old guy with a balky knee gets back.
  7. Braun as he bats higher and is better overall.
  8. Depends on what league you're in. Im in a daily points league so I need 2 catchers that play a lot. In roto H2H I can see him being pretty valuable since you dont always need to play a catcher. Playing time will continue to be an issue especially when Sano comes back.
  9. I would drop Senzel as he’s yet to be called up and who knows how he’ll do.
  10. Smith replaced Alonso, hopefully it's just precautionary. No update from the broadcast yet.
  11. Losing my patience. Mazara has been a black hole so far.
  12. It’s a steal as Voit is the best player in the deal and Sano can easily be the second best. Do it.
  13. I‘m confused, why can’t you pick him up if he’s dropped? Do you pay sind type of suction price? In that case that depends on how much players usually go for in your league, league size...
  14. The S.F Giants don't have a starting player in today's line up batting over 235!
  15. Yeah, I don't get why people are down on him to be honest. No catchers outside the elite couple are performing. He is getting at bats. He hits in the middle of the order when he plays so the counting stats should be decent. Actually hit a bomb today....He can swing the bat really well. He will end up top 10 catcher by the end of the year for sure.
  16. Is this Roto or H2H? If Roto then it’s a hard pass because you need saves and Hicks is vital to your bullpen. If it’s H2H then I would do it as saves aren’t as important and there’s a potential steal here with Nola.
  17. I usually try to give long responses, but I‘ve been guilty of short ones (though not because of copying others), but now I‘ll do what you’re doing because it does feel better to get a detailed response.
  18. No it doesn't ... for now. But Lin sucks with a bat and the Red Sox need to hit. They are going to HAVE to start Chavis sooner than later because Pedroia is NOT coming back soon no matter what he says. He is in constant pain and looks horrible at the plate. He can't run and his fielding range is down. At the plate he has been trying to shoot everything to the opposite field because he can't take a full swing anymore because of that knee. That is no exaggeration. He stops his swing now before it would naturally complete turning it into a literal half swing. The announcers were commenting on that aspect a lot recently. Nunez was hitting south of the Mendoza line and his back keeps going in and out all the time. Their best non-Chavis option was actually a healthy Brock Holt once his eye got better and he could see the spin on the baseball again which he hasn't been able to do all season. And guess what was just announced today the 20th? They either play with Lin forever at 2B and end up with a .100 average hitter in the line-up, trade for someone or play Chavis there. I know the quote above -- "maybe some second after they work with him" means they are having him out there taking hours of fielding practice right now but they are going to have to throw him in sooner than later because he is their best option or at least the only viable option right now. I mean they did play C Christian Vasquez at 2B one day they were so desperate but that means Sandy Leone and his .050 batting average in the game as catcher which only works if Chris Sale is back pitching as Chris Sale and they can win games 1-0. And yes Brad Miller is on waivers but that is going from the frying pan into the fire for 2B fill-ins. And I know that every day Chavis isn't in the line-up the pool of circling sharks known as the Boston sports media are going to be cornering Cora on why he isn't in the line-up. They, as well as the fans, know exactly who Chavis is and this is a big "play the promising prospect" town. Cora will be under a lot of pressure not to start running him out there soon. The team needs a spark and Lin and Leone are not it.
  19. Alonso, Mets, just got hit on the hand. Trainers came out but looks like he will finish this at bat. We'll see if he comes back out to play 1st.
  20. Anyone picking Pablo up for next week?
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