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  2. And freeland...only when people bench them. Will start againstbworst o in the league and they will get destroyed
  3. Well he's in the lineup at 2b with McMahon at 1b so that's at least one positive to take from this. Ya he would be a nice fit in the 2 hole but they would have to bat Dahl (also in today) a little further down (probably fifth) but he's been a good hitter during his time in the majors and deserves that spot. I think if Hampson turns out to be all that we hope then he'll move up at some point. For now I'll take the playing time...
  4. One of their beat writers said Just hypothesizing on the second part of this (Oakland trip), but the weather in Buffalo this weekend is supposed to be nasty. If the Bisons don't play, have to think the earliest date for a Guerrero promotion would be April 26 vs. Oakland. #BlueJays and replying to “why the holdup?”, he said “Honestly, that's for the organization to explain. Not me. I'm just the messenger and I can tell you, he won't be up this weekend in Oakland. I know that for a fact.” Article here
  5. Yes, solid move. Or give a mt for only cheese head. Wtf?
  6. As noted above, Pedroia's injury looks to be putting him on the shelf for awhile. Keep a watch on how he's being used at Pawtucket. It would not surprise me that he's used significantly more at 2B moving forward and if he keeps hitting and performing adequately defensively there.
  7. Good team. Cabrera is a weak link and you could use an ace but if you stream or get lucky on the WW you have a good chance to win most weeks.
  8. Don't care much for Mike Clay, but 1150 total yards and 8 TDs sounds about right for Guice this season. Probably his floor.
  9. You’re giving up way too little. Ramirez is still worth a lot.
  10. Outstanding move in my opinion. Especially if you need a C.
  11. Yeah, I think these two games might be a sign that he's ready. Tomorrow should end up being Happy Lindor Day.
  12. Kind of what I'm thinking. I dropped in a redraft league last year a little too early as it turned out. Then Carp was rolling. I think it would be wise to be (more) patient this time around.
  13. Elbows guy in face.. laughs about it in post game press conference.. sits out next game? SAWFT.
  14. Jean Segura sure picked a Bad time to tweak his Hammy. He sits 1st game of 4 games in Coors.
  15. Which one would you pick to pair with KAT? 12 team 9-Cat Roto
  16. You do know the Phillies can backdate an injury
  17. Didn’t do it. Dropped Neris since it’s saves/holds lol you scared me. Anyway, let’s go Franmil.
  18. Has anyone been selling. Fangraphs article today made it sound like his peripherals are backing up the results. I might put him on the block and see what kind of crap I get offered
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