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  2. Hopefully the Cowboys can take care of Dak's contract situation during this bye week which will eliminate that distraction. I think the Cowboys are set up for a strong 2nd half push thanks to a schedule that is very exploitable. The only matchup in the fantasy playoff window that I'm a bit weary of is that matchup in Chicago in December.
  3. How do we feel about him against Hayward this upcoming week?
  4. You get a 'like' just for using the correct word there!
  5. We are still looking. Just to make sure I am clear--CLE and LAA are not rebuilds and are built to win this coming season. CLE coming off a playoff berth and LAA just missed. So this is a great opportunity to make money the first year in the league. If you like a little project then SD is the team for you. Not great but not horrible. We have not had our amateur draft so you will be able to make your own picks and we will not start FA until all teams are claimed so you will not miss out on any FA you might be interested. This is a very good league, very deep, and made to model MLB as close as possible. Use links above to explore and post here or email me at if you are interested or have questions
  6. Trade them both & ride waller ros. He already had his bye week.
  7. I'll echo what everybody else is saying, keep that niners defense and I'd rather have Williams over Jones, especially next week vs KC if you have to play him
  8. I sure hope the shoulder isn't anything. Jacobs seems to get nicked up a fair amount though. Wouldn't be surprised if he misses a game at some point. Maybe they don't have confidence in Washington?
  9. Yeah really well rounded team imo. I agree with tryna trade away gallo. Possibly even porter? There are news that he might be limited to 30 minutes and has a load management plan. May not be a big deal but something to consider. Maybe try getting a jjj to help with blocks while still getting threes?
  10. You could be right. But Brady has killed the Jets at home. Hell last three years they have outscored them 105 to 12.
  11. I feel you. I’m working on a siakam for doncic deal. But still trying to figure what else I can do to save this team. Definitely trying to offload kanter + rozier
  12. Firmly believe that he has a secure role in NO. He shot corner threes in UTAH and has a decent looking stroke from mid-range. He sets good screens and can rim run, roll, execute hand offs and is a good defender. He’s also more in line with pace and space than Okafor is. You still need a screening roller for an offense that spreads the floor. You don’t want 1 ball handler and 4 guys waiting for a kickout, even at the lowest levels of basketball. Otherwise your playmakers will get stifled by good teams or just breakdown over 82 games. The guy is 28, let’s not act like he’s a over the hill 1-2 skillset guy itching to join lebron or any contender for a ring ride; Though it wouldn’t surprise me if a team like the Clippers or Rockets trade some young talent for him.
  13. I'll just keep darnold. I'm lucky im 4-3 considering ive had terrible QB play the whole season (cam first 2 games, danny dimes post his blow out and brissets 10 point game lol). I don't think my QBS have given me more then 11 points on the season. Darnold's ros looks great and if i can get Jets D that i don't need the steelers D. Thanks!
  14. That’s exactly the point. He will be off ball more and he’s one of the best catch and shoot pgs in the league. Assists go down. Threes go up.
  15. From Schefter: Lions’ RB Kerryon Johnson is expected to miss “some time” with a knee injury, per source. For now, Johnson will be called week to week.
  16. Ya that’s what I’m thinking. I been rolling out Lamar ngl but fine with Watson as an every week guy. Plus I just snagged Henry for Waller’s bye so this is funny. (This is the owner who cut him😅)
  17. ESPN have him projected to score 14ppg 🤦‍♂️
  18. He’s active...anyone picking him up before the game?
  19. Yeah dude, I knew that. I wanted him to be ruled out, so I could put him on IR. Could have picked up Ty Johnson with that extra bench spot.
  20. I don't think the blame does not lie only at Gordon's feet. This is an OL issue. Rivers himself has been barely ownable this year. The entire offense is in disarray and Okung's return is required to fix it (if it even happens). Ekeler has instant acceleration to get on the perimeter, which is why he's the best skill player on this team right now. If SD's line was right Gordon would magically look better again. Does any of that help anyone here? No. But it helps to see the problem as it truly is, and I really believe this line is making everyone look bad, except BMW, whom I'm more and more labeling a career bust who looks bad on a good day.
  21. Ya the Niners d is solid already so you’re good as is.
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