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  2. Hey guys, thanks for your interest! I‘m positively surprised by so many reactions. I‘ll take y‘all onto my list. Have a good one!
  3. The Pats have one of the worst o-line's in the league and JE and JW take up all the short passes...I still don't see how people can't see this!
  4. so the chiefs lost because of Damiens 2 touches, one of which was a touchdown? Uhh ok
  5. Punt builds are a lot of fun and make guys undervalued. Always should punt TO or more accurately just don't even worry about TO. It messes with all the other rankings as it prioritizes guys who do nothing. Good strategy most go for is the punt assist build where you will target KAT/Embiid/Antetokounmpo and pair with Vuc, Collins, Ayton and then get some 3's and steals guys later. If you end up with Harden/Jokic/Curry/Lillard you are better off punting FG% and pair with Irving/Paul/Butler; punting %'s might be best for you anyway if you are just trying to max out other categories. If you are punting %'s & TO's then target guys like doncic/westbrook/Simmons/Fox/DRuss
  6. Yes to the first. No to the second. Allen>Goff and he has a great schedule ROS. Edmonds is really talented and already getting a workload and passing game action to be a desperation FLEX when DJ plays. Not convinced the back is 100% healthy and Edmonds becomes a rock solid RB2 with potential for more if DJ were to go down. I would hold him
  7. With Darnold back in action I feel like there is finally promise for Bell. I've had him all season and have held on just waiting for his return. After NE next week, the jets have a nice run of some easier defenses. Could be a nice way to upgrade your RBs without huge loss.
  8. Should be chasing points vs. GB and the week after that vs. HOU. If he's healthy, he's going to be a juicy play.
  9. Yeah, the most important time leading into fatasy playoffs. imagine how comfortable he'll be on the court by then.
  10. Clarification: league is not "new" this is Year 2. Looking for 2 right now, might need more...
  11. Cousins a decent pick up this week to cover for the bye round. He has the Redskins that week.
  12. Who knows, but I can guarantee Slay will not shadow any Raiders this week.
  13. I'm realizing that this is for the same team. I would make a call between San Fran and Buffalo and hang onto Edmonds. Both of those DSTs are great starts, but you don't need to roster both of them at the expense of cutting a decent value lotto ticket like Edmonds in my opinion.
  14. I would pick up Josh Allen. I wouldn't drop Edmons. Help with mine?
  15. You don't necessarily need to add Kyle Allen, but it makes more sense to roster him than a backup DST since you have San Fran. Bills have some great matchups on deck but I'm not in love with the idea of dropping Edmonds. Do you have a DST on that roster already?
  16. Well, seeing that Green has been M.I.A this whole season its hard to gauge what his production will even look like. On the other hand, Darnold looks to have a fairly solid connection with Crowder, and he should see his fair share of targets Help with mine too please?
  17. I have #1 priority and My team isn’t going anywhere this year. Would you add Snell using the #1 waiver? There is a chance he passes through waivers since the Steelers have a bye. I guess I’m looking for a potential lottery ticket keeper for next year although Conner may not be going anywhere.
  18. Sutton based on match up. Help with mine please?
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