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  2. She dropped the case and has yet to refile, there should be no reason why he cant play. I have the bench space so he will stay put.
  3. So, I'd say a couple of weeks is really optimistic. The NFL seems nowhere near close to clearing him in that time-frame. We all know how long the Hunt situation took. Hold him at your own peril. I really don't think he's a good waiver add here. Maybe in two weeks or when he's actually met with the NFL.
  4. Are we feeling confident firing up this cat this week? I'd be hesitant if it was any other team, but he's playing the sorry excuse for an NFL team in the Dolphins. Unless you have some really good options as a flex, I think he's a solid start.
  5. Bro I had the 13th pick in my draft last week and was planning to get Beal, but the dude before me, who didn’t wake up for the draft, auto picked him at 12 so I had to get Jimmy. I’m just reducing my cognitive dissonance here 😬
  6. He can't be any worse than Mariota. I thought I remember hearing that Tannehill has a decent deep ball. Hopefully that will open things up for Henry a bit.
  7. My understanding is that had he not locked up a contract this year, he’d be eligible for the supermax if he makes an all-NBA team this upcoming season. Now that he no longer has that option, he doesn’t need to go all out for that all-nba spot. With the team prioritizing youth development this season, I don’t think they’d ride him till the wheels fall off this year, potentially jeopardizing his health for next season.
  8. The Ingram trade I think is fair. Ingram has been hot and cold. However, when he's been hot, he's been explosively hot. Boyd is solid, but not overly spectacular. White is stuck in Patriots Running Back Limbo, of course. I have no problem with this. The Devante Adams trade is a bit more tricky. Yes, Michel is stuck in the same limbo world that White is and Woods has to contend with several other receiving options in the Rams' passing game, but Adams has been severely underwhelming in his 2019 performances. The only outstanding game he had was against Minnesota in Week 2, and since then he's even missed two weeks due to turf toe. While you'd expect one of the best receivers in the league who is accompanied by one of the top quarterbacks to eventually come out of this funk, I'm not so sure. Green Bay's offense doesn't look like the amazing passing game that it was in the past and they're using the ground game more. If you don't think that the passing game is going to pick up, I'd say that this is probably a fair offer where you buy low on Adams. If you think it will, I'd hold off on making the trade.
  9. If one of Gurley or Brown is out, I'm certainly rolling him out there as at least a flex play. If Gurley plays, you'd have to think his workload would be less than the reduced share he was receiving before he got that concerning bruise.
  10. I have held since drafting him, he is a major upgrade for any team if he plays.
  11. Well other than Saquon, he’s the only top 1st or 2nd round player to miss multiple games I believe. And Saquon was immediately screaming to get back on the field and you knew it would happen as fast as possible. This one we are in the complete dark. No real updates, just ‘not active’ on ya, it’s frustrating
  12. Snake draft Sunday October 21st @ 830PM CST - draft order determined randomly 1 hour before draft. Link to league settings: Link to League Safe : $50 buy in 1st: $275 2nd: $175 3rd: $75 Best regular season record: $75 Payouts done by majority approval at season conclusion. Post here or PM me if interested.
  13. You waited too long my man! See if the Saints or Packers are available.
  14. I've read some of it too. Picked him up yesterday. I have the room to hold him for a couple weeks. I'd only pick him up if you truly have the room.
  15. Thanks for letting me know DfWelch and Fantasynut18, but in the first case I really want to stick with Fantrax because that is where my other league is and don't want to have to bounce between apps. I'm also not looking to join a new league. I just finished my rebuild win my other league and it is now competitive for a long time to come, but I want to have another 'project' team to fix.
  16. Good move getting set for the playoffs. He was incredible last December. He goes Super Saiyan God on 'em. We will see if Tannehill is the answer to spreading out defenses.
  17. 2016 he was awful without a QB. 2015 his QBs were weak (Hoyer / Mallett) in real life, but they were decent fantasy QBs. But if your QB hits 2016 Brock Osweiler / Tom Savage levels, no WR can produce. Even with them, he went 954 / 4 tds, but with his talent, he should never be under 1000 yards barring injury.
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