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  2. Homerun on Tuesday. The Padres are somehow .500, but that won't last (-33 RD). Once they fall out of the race you have to figure they are going to give him a chance to really run with it.
  3. Tell that to his 7-game hit streak and 6-game streak to end May. This is the first time i've checked out this thread because I only have one share of him and traded the other share before the season started but this is laughable. If I was big on him coming into the season I would be through the roof over him. The pessimism is laughable. Rookie hitting for the Mets where many people thought no one could ever hit is .275 and 24 WAY before the AS break. All rookies-scratch that- all players have low points during the season. At least his low points have been very short with HRs during them. This from someone on the outside looking in for the most part (and NOT a Mets fan), the hype is still VERY high.
  4. Well for the sake of the Cardinals who just gave him a huge extension you hope that it's just adjusting to a new team, but it's not going to help anyone who drafted him this season. I know some of the posts above (I know from 2 weeks ago) predicted a June tear, well that hasn't happened. Carpenter just can't consistently get on base which doesn't help, but a .765 OPS at this point in the year? Just ugly. And he's not a kid, could this be the start of a decline?
  5. Definitely not. Hill is underrated but Albies is a great asset in dynasty. If his skills vs righties improve even somewhat, he can be a top 5 2B in the MLB for years to come and Travis Shaw at that salary is a negative asset. Easy decline.
  6. I would also rather have the Clevinger/Conforto side and I do not think it is that close. Conforto has the potential to match Rosario ROS (not saying he will). The same cannot be said of Peacock and Clevinger.
  7. I see all your back end rotation guys as having higher ceilings than these guys. Anibal has a decent floor but when you are that deep on your team, I would prefer to gamble. Going off that, I would hold.
  8. Comes down to whether you are contending or not but without that info, I also say no. Even if you are selling, I might try to hold Boyd or at least deal Muncy and Boyd separately to try to get a better return. Definite no if you are planning on contending this year.
  9. I would cut Parker for him if you feel like taking a stab. Have been impressed with his stuff and there is a chance Iglesias gets dealt. Romo is not a good pitcher but seems to have little competition-one of the perks of playing for an AAA team- so I would hold him
  10. The thing is though, the 1 for 4 nights often result in a HR. I thought maybe he was coming back down to Earth a couple weeks ago, but he has immediately picked it up and exceeded what he was doing earlier in the year. The power is pretty insane. And it works out perfect with McNeil getting on base so much.
  11. Seeing as you have power, my top 5 would be: 1. Mercado for the speed upside with a decent hit tool 2. Semien due to quality counting stats and an improved average tool 3. Yandy because of good counting stats, OBP skills and a solid average 4. Cooper as he has made strides in plate discipline and is hitting the ball really hard right now to back up his solid average 5. Laureano because his speed/power combo though I do not think he is quite as talented as Mercado
  12. I found this: I'm not impressed yet.
  13. Depends on league size, bench spots and your current team but I would say you are safe to drop. Unfortunately, I do not expect a quick return
  14. The awesome nights are followed with several 0fers or 1 for 4 nights so the hype has gone down for him.
  15. I would hold but if you have to make a move then Rhys is still the guy unless you NEED second base eligibility
  16. Who gets 5 ABs off the bench? I missed out on that one. Kid has been nuts lately.
  17. I hold Pivetta and move Didi for Donaldson.
  18. I would rather have Tatis, especially in a categories league even if it is OBP. I think you can find the guy in your league who dives into prospect hype the most and get a better player than Harper. If that does not work, I might even consider trading Trea if that gets you the best return.
  19. Pretty tough but I lean McKay because I trust the Rays to make winning moves more than I do the Marlins but these call ups are really hard to predict IMO.
  20. I would absolutely do this. Murph has a lot of upside in that lineup and in Coors while Mikolas is not really all that important to your pitching. Hard to imagine you get a better player with that waiver than Murphy
  21. Redraft Points League that favors pitching (and especially pitching wins), devalues steals, punishes Ks for hitters and rewards walks C- Grandal 1B: Rizzo 2B: (Empty) SS: Trevor Story 3B: Matt Chapman CINF: (Empty) MINF: Fernando Tatis Jr. OF: Hoskins, Yordan Alvarez, Eloy Jimenez, Meadows, Soto UTIL: Nelson Cruz IL: Judge SP: Verlander, Snell, Gerrit Cole, Nola, James Paxton, Flaherty, German Marquez, Pivetta, Lucchesi BN: Scooter Gennett, Didi Gregorius, Altuve, Glasnow, Taillon My two main players near the cut line are Didi and Pivetta. My add for Didi would probably be an outfielder or corner infielder. These are the top bats at those positions: Garrett Cooper, Donaldson, Ramon Laureano, Schwarber, Bryan Reynolds, Vogelbach, Jay Bruce, Aaron Hicks, CJ Cron, Kendrick and Matt Olson. My add for Pivetta would be another starter. The top ones available are: Pablo Lopez, Framber Valdez, Lance Lynn, Matz, Eflin, Kyle Gibson, Jordan Yamamoto, Merrill Kelly, Plesac, Trevor Williams and Logan Allen. Right now I am leaning towards dropping Didi for Donaldson due to his sound statcast metrics and upside in that lineup but am far from decided. On Pivetta I am even more unsure but right now am thinking I should give him one more start though my favorite potential adds are Matz, Gibson and Lynn. Thoughts? Drop a link and WHIR
  22. Anything is more realistic then that because Kuzma is starting. After signing a max to someone like Kemba there would be no money for either Beverly or Cousins. Lakers would only be able to re sign its own players to go above salary or draft players to go above and with no current draft picks it does not look great. I assume the Lakers will buy a few 2nd rounders off a team that has a abundant amount of them.
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  24. As it says is it worth using my #1 on Murphy im all in this year to win and am currently in 1st Thinking of dropping Mikolas for Murphy gives me a backup bat for each position. Dropping Hicks to activate Springer when he returns. Assume the pitching will be okay without Mikolas 10 Team keep 6 league 13x11 H2H cats R H 1B 2b 3b HR RBI SB BB TB Avg OPS PA W L ERA whip IP CG K BB k/9 Sv+H QS C - McCann 1B - Goldschmidt 2B - Moustakas 3B - Arenado SS - Story IF - Bell OF - Yelich OF - S. Marte OF - Benintendi OF - D. Santana Util - Cruz Bench: Andrus, Hicks, Donaldson DL: Springer SP: Bauer, Grienke, Syndergaard, Paxton, Clevinger, Hill, Mikolas, Darvish RP: Chapman, Kimbrel, Pressly DL: Severino
  25. Yikes. More of the same. "Reyes (1-3) recorded nine strikeouts but also allowed six earned runs on 10 hits, three walks and a wild pitch over five innings in Triple-A Memphis' loss to Las Vegas on Tuesday."
  26. He’s πŸ‘€ are gonna be black & blue tomorrow...😏
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