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  2. Smallish redraft points league that penalizes Ks, rewards walks and devalues steals, while slightly favoring pitching. Of hitters, guys with low K totals, solid plate discipline, RBI/run production and decent average are favored. Trout owner has brought up the prospect of moving him for pitching. He originally asked for Judge or Soto paired with Cole. In negotiations, I lowered his demand in pitcher to Sale, Snell or Strasburg plus Judge (only Judge not Soto). I could try Nola with Judge but he values the other two higher so I doubt he will bite. For reference, last year, Max, Verlander and Degrom were, in this format, the top 3 scorers with 640-700 points on the year while Nola was the 4th pitcher and tied for 4th overall player with Jose Ramirez (top hitter) at a bit below 600 points This year, with the ball flying, the gap between pitching and hitting has shrunk somewhat with the top 4 hitters (Cody, Yelich, Trout, Freddie) in line with the top 4 pitchers (Max, Verlander, Morton, Cole) but pitching remains the only way to score points in bulk as even Yelich’s 3-HR game scored about 20-23 points compared to Scherzer’s average pts per outing being 20. Back to the trade, Judge is not the ideal points league player but he is still really good even with the strikeouts and pairing him with a pitcher of this caliber feels like a possible overpay. Do you bite on this? Try to modify the deal? Which pitcher do you prefer to give up? WHIR 100% Could really use some thoughts here as this is the kind of blockbuster that shapes a season. Here is my team C- Grandal 1B: Rizzo 2B: Hiura SS: Lindor 3B: Matt Chapman CINF: Olson MINF: Story OF: Judge, Soto, Yordan, Meadows, Eloy UTIL: Laureano BN: Hunter Dozier, Garrett Cooper SP: Gerrit Cole, Snell, Sale, Strasburg, Nola, Paxton, Giolito, Woodruff, Sonny Gray BN: Stroman DL: Weaver
  3. Well, April stats count just as much in the standings as July stats do. And also mid-June was the point when Nola turned it around, not the end of April. March/April: 5.68 ERA, 1.58 WHIP May 1 - June 15: 4.38 ERA, 1.46 WHIP Since June 15: 0.76 ERA, 0.87 WHIP Sure, it's nice that Nola has turned a corner and if we are just talking about value rest of the season, then I agree with you. However, if we're discussing whether Nola has been a bust or not this year, then I totally disagree with you because one great month doesn't make up for two and a half bad ones, especially given Nola's ADP.
  4. Thank you for the response. I appreciate the context. If it’s a fantasy-specific question, I would highly recommend just replacing him with one of those 15-16 3Bs you referenced (you either have one or can probably find one), and giving him some time on the bench to counter-adjust. He really should not have been expected to complete those counter-adjustments in such a short period, as you alluded to earlier.
  5. Well there went Paddack’s no hitter. Still a great game.
  6. What does this have to do with Derrick's outlook? I might have missed it but I guess I fooled myself thinking you would have something relevant to add.
  7. Also no one has mentioned the great schedule he has. Rams, saints twice, colts, 49ers who will score. Rest of the teams are weak defenses. I only fear the jags. 4 stud receiving options, bad def, arians, im in.
  8. I’m hoping just little extra rest. No one else pulled though.
  9. Just as we have seen with Motown Magic, ". . . you will become a true believer, Dr. Jones/Ryansm11."
  10. I would like to take over the redskins team if available, I've played fantasy football for over eight years, my only condition would be that i could change the team name to the seahawks. If so, my email is
  11. really hope the pen hangs on here...
  12. He's already inched onto the bottom of my RB list. And could climb a bit as time goes on.
  13. Lux has hit another homer tonight, that's 4 games in a row. He's now hitting over .500 in 14 AAA games. Albeit a small sample, that is still absurd how quickly he has adjusted.
  14. Lower in the Order=Less R/RBI. Not demotion. We are in the middle of a HR record breaking season. He was a great WW pick up for those who nabbed him. They got great value with 16 HRs in a 2 month window. That would be tied for 10th in HRs in that time frame with a .249 BA...but most of that surplus value comes from his very first 2 weeks. Which is the problem...because since the start of June(Which represents 75% of his games played thus far) He has hit 9 HRs. Which sounds solid, until you realize that its only tied for 32nd in that time frame and 81 players have hit at least 7 HRs(over 15-16 of them being 3B). Most of which come with a better BA or some SBs. I get if you gambling on another hot streak and maybe there is a mini one somewhere. I'm not entirely optimistic about it. I'm not the one saying drop him, but you are likely going to put with rather JAG like production ROS at best. At least JAG for this specific juiced season.
  15. I just have to see him finish this strong before I put him that high. he’s a monster though, every time I expect him to slow down he crushes another. Edit, yeah he’s lookin like a top 10 pick lol.
  16. He reminds me a lot of Khris Davis. Don't count on .270, or even .250. But he can hit and hit for power. Going to be pretty streaky and probably very frustrating to own at times, but I think he is a 30+ HR bat as a full time player.
  17. Did Ketel leave the game just due to blow out? No injury plz.
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