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  2. Still blah. Hopefully May will be a bit better.
  3. Caleb Smith, SP 1 or SP1 overall? Him pitching so well helps take a little of the sting away from this horrific drop I made: + Smith, Caleb P- MIA TEAMMeh100.3 remove Tatis Jr., Fernando SS,MI,UT(R)- SD done
  4. I’m kind of new here, what’s mt mean?
  5. Keep Mondesi, move a mt for L. Urias
  6. yes when I said profile I meant power/strikeouts. I wasn't looking at his current K rate 17 games into the season at AAA as a 22 year old. that would be silly...
  7. One has to think Soloman Thomas is available.
  8. I'm definitely not writing him off. I own him. I'm a fan, I think he's underrated as a fantasy prospect. Still though, I hope he cuts the K's a tad. I think after today's game he's nearing 35% in the minors.
  9. Keep Eloy also get JoRam back onto you're team where he belongs move a mt
  10. Ok Mark Reynolds, Adam Dunn, Brandon Moss, Mike Napoli, Mark Trumbo. that could be his ceiling but thats ok in the majors. all im saying is don't write him off because he strikes out a lot.
  11. Suzie Kolber: Kyler, you were on the phone there a long time. What did they say? Kyler Murray: I don't know, I kinda blacked out for awhile there, so I couldn't even tell you. But I'll remember it forever.
  12. How many games will bosa miss per season?
  13. I like the cards so I hope Murray is good, but I think this has a high probability of being a bust.
  14. I guess there was a misunderstanding.
  15. Voit, Yandy, Vogelbach, Bell, Walker
  16. My current 1B is Moreland only FA is YonderI was offered Pete Alonso for my KershawMy SPSaleFlahertyGreinkeKershawSorokaA Sanchez
  17. Don't see why it wouldn't. The standards for that are not equal to the standard a government has.
  18. when did I ever say 30%+? I simply said power guys who strike out a ton. thats it. I never got specific
  19. If you own Bryant? Keep him, move a mt for Voit.
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