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  2. all this does is make hooper a WR1
  3. flaherty and honestly id drop 1 of jram/stanton for Contreras stanton more than jram but you cant discount the jram 1st half as just an outlier he is def on the other side of his peak
  4. I'm not sure Lockett isn't better than Allen...
  5. That was a joke. Everyone could see last season that he wasn't the same player from 2013. But there's a continuum between WR1 overall upside and WR2/3 upside, with Gordon having more time in the system and the Gronk retirement. Clearly the pick didn't pan out, but he didn't need to regain his 2013 form to return value on his fifth-round price. I thought last night's game was instructive. Without Gordon in the lineup, the Pats won 33-0 and yet not a single WR put up a week-winning fantasy line. So we can set aside the debate over just how many steps Flash has lost due to all the missed time -- at the end of the day, this is a too-many-mouths offense that just added one more mouth. Good for the real-life Pats' depth. Bad for our ability to determine which specific players will put up fantasy points in the league's best team (which is what we're doing here, not saying "[Coach X] doesn't care about your fantasy team" during fantasy conversations).
  6. League settings and team in Signature. Drafted Rui as my last round pick and noticing a few players as possible better suitors for my team. The following are available: N. Alexander-Walker P.J. Washington Taurean Prince Dario Saric Dennis Schroder I feel like my team is lacking some assists and 3's. I probably need to do a few trades to gain the assists, but would you drop anyone for these players?
  7. sorry even if he perfoms like mvp year, he will never be a 9 cat player like anthony davis. so 1st isnt really possible imo.
  8. I wish I believed you...this guy has just been such a disappointment thus far.
  9. Team 1 & 3 are filled. Team 3 it's waiting on league payment.. first owner to pay in.. takes it.
  10. I think James White and Edelman are the most impacted by this
  11. b by a lot castillo is probably the best pitcher in the deal bryant has higher upside than moncada even if they have been playing at a similar level in recent times stroman still has a little juice to be a good trade piece for you in the future puk is a bit of a wildcard and mckay is going to be a megastud
  12. id go with capela lavine and bledsoe. they simply win in stocks no doubt. you lose in 3s with this composition, but if you mvoe curry, you can essentially punt 3s and ull be a rock everywhere else capela should be easy double doubles and no one on the curry side is a real threat for those. However, because curry is first round, i would at least try to get someone from 2nd round for this trade. maybe make lavine a scrub and make bledsoe a more early rounder with capela and id say its a decent deal.
  13. let’s not forget he’s somehow supporting two wr1s at the moment let alone one wr1 is trending towards top 18
  14. This guy was going in the 50s in all the mock drafts i was doing in late September. He fell to me during the draft at pick 65 (October 7th ish) and i panic picked him over Bryant... Biggest regret of the draft. Hope he proves me wrong.
  15. My immediate thought is.....he is hurting more than originally anticipated OR Patriots just upset they ONLY won 33-0 yesterday and should have done better.
  16. Am I the only idiot who bet it all on a lotto ticket, and paired Westbrook and Harden? Picked Booker 3rd round too, since he seemed like BPA I couldn't pass up, and then started being super cautious with taking on any more bad FT shooters and reached for Markkanen/Love So now I'm punting fg, to and blocks, and my ft pct might not even be a weekly lock with Harden/Booker depending on how much damage wb does. And betting the house on the rockets experiment working out. And also banking on Love not sitting 60 games and praying for a midseason trade to a playoff team (willing to absorb his salary) Not exactly my plan going into the draft but f--- it, at least the season will be interesting
  17. Let’s not kid ourselves. The man would be out there if the Bengals had even a fighting chance. My team sucks (Because Dalton sucks), and now my fantasy team isn’t hitting as hard, and I have Green. It would be a major boost. I don’t even know how I have a 5-2 record right now. I think I just got lucky playing people on their worst weeks.
  18. It doesn't work that way with trades, though - at least that's what the dude at Yahoo told me when I emailed them about it. According to him, it didn't make a difference that the offer was accepted while Adams in my IR spot was still listed as being out, nor the fact that the trade was opening up a spot for him on my bench regardless. I had to drop someone from my existing (full) roster in order to take Adams off of the IR first, and then that would allow for the trade to process as normal. Otherwise, the system would've canceled it. I know that that's not what you guys are talking about here, but it's just something to keep in mind for the future if you ever run into the same issue that I did so that you can be prepared for it.
  19. Recap Pick 'em I went 10-4. The bookmakers were 11-3, so pretty much did as well as the odds.Spread Pretty good week. I was 7-4 on bets and "don't minds". 2-1 on high bets, 1-2 medium, 3-1 low, and 1-0 don't minds. Would have been better had Gordon not fumbled the ball in the LAC/TEN game, but it is what it is.
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  21. Finally, a well thought out take... Yes, Belichick doesn't care about our fantasy teams. Them acquiring Sanu doesn't at all say they "don't give a s*** about Gordon". All it means is that they are trying to improve their football team and saw an opportunity to do so. It quite possibly does diminish Gordon's fantasy value but again, Belichick doesn't care about that. Just about winning real football games.
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