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  2. Yes, love Montas but Dejong is replaceable and Snell is a level above on the pitcher totem pole, even with today's blowup. I would make the move.
  3. Nah he’s not better. Look at WAR. Look at who is winning MVP polls. Look at the fact it took a month slump. Or ballpark factors. Yelich is great but can’t carry Belliger’s lunch
  4. Probably Gibson or Pivetta. Consider whether you need stable wins and Ks more or a wild card lotto ticket (depending maybe on record). Definitely add him though
  5. That would make sense if they didn't have an almost guaranteed bottom 5 defense and no running game, but here we are. I also don't think those teams had the WR and TE talent that the Bucs have now.
  6. Bad offer. Polanco has struggled even when on the field while Musgrove has not lived up to the hype. Moncada is also the best player in the deal and IMO it takes a special package to give up the best player in a trade and this is not it.
  7. So your complaining about not getting a WR1 but waiting until the 5th round to take one? People are saying he has a chance as a WR1 but the uncertainty is what puts his price so low. He has a really high efficiency and now that Baldwin is gone there are more targets/red zone targets to go around. He’s also the most tenured we with Baldwin if I’m not mistaken
  8. Just fine with me, if he can hang onto the W. Sub 1.00 WHIP and 6 Ks
  9. Is he hurt, or do they have a trade pending? Not playing either game seems bizarre.
  10. ik there are other factors but this is why I clearly had buehler>snell starts @NYY
  11. ONLY TWO (2) SPOTS LEFT Email me with your full name please and choose either BOGDON's EYEBROWS or SPOOGE's ATM
  12. Word. Glanced at the boxscore after 5 🙂 Took the mound the next inning and forgot how to throw😤 F A P
  13. Another multi hit game for the kraken. Does he get his avg north of .280 by year’s end?
  14. How many teams in the league and is it free or paid?
  15. Didnt Baldwin score like 15 tds in that 2015 season? It was something crazy like that. Locket got a lot of his TDs on deep balls perfectly placed in his lap by wilson. I think DK will probably take a few of those this year. The vertical route is probably the one thing DK can already do at an elite level in the NFL.
  16. Having a pretty bad June so far. Striking out more and the BABIP and AVG suggest he's getting a little unlucky. Been seeing him hit into the shift a lot lately. Add an 0-4 with another K from today. Hasn't hit a HR since May 28th.
  17. braun playing 7 days in a row. never thought I would see that again
  18. No way, Foles to Charkanado going to dominate in 2019!!
  19. Bassitt was cruising, couple of walks couple cheap hits and his final line doesn't look all that great.
  20. We ready to bounce on Luke Jackson? Blown 4 of his last 8 saves but overall his numbers aren’t that bad... I feel like he’s on real thin ice with those behind him
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