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  2. Gives up a triple on back to back hitters. Cannot put anyone away. So overrated.
  3. The ball was flying off the bat. Couple balls to CF last night that went to the wall on some reaching swings
  4. Jeeze that's harsh. I hope not. He looks pretty damn good to me.
  5. Honestly, you can probably get more for Trout. Maybe if you really need pitching, but even then you can get good pitching for a lot less. Trout is a guy you don't trade unless you're totally blown away; if you have to ask if the trade is worth it, the answer is probably no.
  6. Right now I'm leaning towards Walker being a Christian Villanueva / Matt Davidson type moreso.
  7. I would drop JBJ or Pillar for Braun. other than that stay put. segura will help your MI and you won't have to start Dozier at 2B
  8. They’re really picking on Gregory today - another triple
  9. Man, everything AZ has put in play last night and today is extra bases. Seeing the ball pretty well lately.
  10. he “only” had 80 runs, 26 HR, 99 RBI, and 20 SB with a .388 OBP last year at AA.
  11. He’s a solid pitcher, but people over rate him. I still think he could be an ace (for fantasy purposes) but he’s just not right now
  12. Hopefully old man lester gets banged up today. Should be better played than that pirate dbacks game at least
  13. With the way Walker is currently hitting, one of Escobar, Ahmed, or Marte would likely be the odd man out. Put Lamb at 3rd and those three can duke it out for MI.
  14. I agree with the above. I have more faith in Sale turning it around so if you can get him for Bryant pull the trigger.
  15. Think so too. Thought he found something last season though.
  16. Greinke with the triple off Taillon
  17. Brandon Lowe or Ryan McMahon, just for this year? will help in return.
  18. Writing's been on the wall for awhile. Finally the Indians let someone go who doesn't go on to flourish elsewhere.
  19. If Biggio was doing this in AA, I'd be way more apt to believe in it. He didn't though, not even a little bit.
  20. I thought walker and lamb were sharing time at 1st? Maybe lamb goes to 3rd if he comes back. But they can't bench walker at this point.
  21. He's in a 10 team league there's always going to be pitching available on the wire.
  22. the 31.1 K% is concerning, and so is .396 BABIP with only 21.1 hard hit%.
  23. He can be cut. Even in a deep league. In my deep league there is better upside on the wire.
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