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  2. Is Jeffress going to close for MIL? Or is Hader the uncontested guy still?
  3. I don’t really know much about Woodward, but from what all the beat writers are saying, it sounds pretty clear he’s sticking with him at least for now. If I had any shares of him, I’d keep him on the bench and see if he figures it out. Rangers already invested in him and know what he’s capable of, so they’ll give him every chance to get himself straightened out. That being said, he looked horrendous.
  4. Having to take H.Ryu off of DL and deGrom coming back off soon. Drop Candidates Elvis Andrus - been hot to start the year, but have Seager/TatisJr as well, but I do need speed Domingo Santana - on fire to start year, expecting to slow down? Cruz - finally had big game, but getting old. he is 90% owned Kris Bryant - slow start, probably need to hold on longer. same with Seager who is just coming back from injury Advice appreciated! Team in sig
  5. Okay ESPN people are any of you still gonna make Yahoo jokes this season? Yahoo now has advanced sabermetrics tables, updates stats promptly and had that rainout glitch fixed in a few hours. Time to join us and finally be "assimilated." 😎
  6. Bryan Reynolds OF Pirates. 4-6 so far and has been hot in the minors and has been good with the Pirates in 2 games so far. Pickup now and think about it later before others catch on.
  7. This thread is for offering suggested waiver wire pickups and streaming options for week 3 of the 2019 MLB season. It is not for the following: Questions / discussions about adds/drops/trades — these belong in the Bench Coach Forum Stories about your fantasy team — post these in the Cool Story, Bro! thread Comments that fall into one of these categories or are otherwise not on topic for this thread will be removed. Some discussion of waiver suggetions is allowed, but this is not the place for an extended debate on the merits of any particular player. Take these in-depth discussions over to the outlook threads for the individual player(s) in question.
  8. Bryan Reynolds OF Pirates. 4-6 so far and has been hot in the minors and has been good with the Pirates in 2 games so far. Pickup now and think about it later before others catch on.
  9. His stuff sucks. He’s toast in this league. He’s the 2018 Boxberger. His s*** stuff will have lineouts go at people long enough to skate by for a bit. But ultimately he’ll lose job after his horrid stuff stops getting lucky. He’s a garbage a** arm.
  10. Would you drop Hampson for Billy Hamilton with Ryan McMahon back in the lineup as I am needing some speed to boost my team steals. Or should I just keep Hampson? H to H points league
  11. Exactly - unless you're a bad owner and: 1) Were relying on the production Meadows was giving you to start the season 2) have literally no backups to plug in and are desperate to make a deal such as the one for Puig.
  12. You get contrarian reports on just about every player, but he was one guy that was just about universally recommended by every site before the season
  13. In Roto you just stick him in a DL slot and use another outfielder, no? Same as h2h that way. And in dynasty -- whether h2h or roto -- yeah of course we hold even more so like you said.
  14. Ausmus seems loyal to vet closers but Allen doesn't look like he can get anybody out right now.
  15. I'm going to recommend staying the course and holding this guy if at all possible. I had a guy on my team with a very similar putrid start last year, but I held on. This guy was a lefty who got shifted to death, and he kept hitting the ball into the shift and striking out all April just like Shaw is this year. But I am very glad that I held Matt Carpenter last year, and I am planning on doing the same with Shaw.
  16. See my response above. To add to this - what upside does Puig have? The fact the Dodgers finally gave up on him being the elite player they thought they had signed, and now that he's playing in a hitter friendly park he's suddenly going to find that potential? I see the redraft argument. I'd still like to think I've drafted well enough to not have to make that trade.
  17. 1) I never said Puig was trash 2) I really could care less about ADP before the season, during the season or after the season. I've always said that - fantasy owners who follow ADP as if its the bible are just fooling themselves. It's simply there as a guide (at least in my book). 3) Because he has a thumb injury, his power WILL CERTAINLY be zapped... sure. Here's what I know - Yasiel Puig is what he is....A guy who is going to hit 25/drive in 75/steal 10-15. I'd much prefer to hold onto the guy who has the potential to far surpass those numbers and take that risk and rely on my other depth I'd have drafted to hold me over for a few weeks.
  18. Yankees start a west coast trip tomorrow and don't get back until May 3rd. I think it's realistic to hope he's back by the start of that May 3rd homestand, although it's tough to know for sure with how little information we have. I'd be really surprise if he's back before then though.
  19. Disappointing start, did have an inside the park HR Saturday. Anybody holding in deeper leagues 14+?
  20. I can handle the adversity... active manager that gets it done, looking for like minded league - Eddie my email is
  21. Hopefully. I expect something between 2017 and 2018, though. Maybe 30 HR. His RBIs should rise from last year especially when Vlad comes up.
  22. Is he at risk of losing the job here? Seems to be struggling pretty badly.
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  24. Slider: .041 wOBA and 31.1 SwStr Rate Fastball: .514 wOBA and 10.8 SwStr Rate SSS ALERT. Yet this has been really extreme enough to warrant pointing out. See how this plays as the year plays out.
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