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  2. He has been much, much better out of the 2 hole than the 5 hole. Remember when you said no coach would ever move him up? Weird flex.
  3. I am more confident with each start that he gets the call this season and I think the Yankees will give him every opportunity in the rotation. But wherever he ends up he's gonna be special, I don't care how tall he is. I am now calling him Lil Pedro.
  4. Not an owner, but they probably don’t look at a facial fracture and hamate fracture as recurring injuries.
  5. The OP was obviously being sarcastic, as usual.
  6. forgot to mention this but the buy in is $25 haha still looking!
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  8. He won’t even be better than his teammate jrue holiday next year ( fantasy wise )
  9. LOL these guys really thought he was about to take off
  10. Another good start for Bieber. His HR/9 is the only thing preventing him from becoming a top 10 SP. His K-BB% is sitting at 25.7%, which is phenomenal.
  11. Amazing these waiver wire pickups can outplay picks in the first five rounds.
  12. Well, I've never heard of this Freddy Kruger thing you're talking about, but I guarantee I know more about it than you do 😀
  13. Go Sale, Bauer, Corbin, Boyd, etc.
  14. Started in LF yesterday for the 1st time. 2-4 (with an outfield assist to second). At this rate, don't be surprised if he doesn't get called up until rosters expand in Sept, if at all this season.
  15. Well, I've never heard of this Freddy Kruger thing you're talking about, but I guarantee I know more about it than you do 😀
  16. I paid $38 in 2018. $20 would be amazing but honestly I would probably go up to $28 depending on who was left.
  17. With another couple base knocks tonight, that now marks 8 consecutive multi-hit games for him. Gunnin’ to take down the major league record of 13, set by none other than 27 yr old prime Rogers Hornsby, back in the summer of ‘23...which was kind of a long time ago.
  18. all in on Zion! I think he'll be a top 10 fantasy player in the next 2-3 years.
  19. Not to mention what does that matter? Are 2019 owners getting a warm fuzzy feeling inside because he showed up for 2 seasons out of past 5?
  20. Speculating saves at the minor league level often results in disappointment and wasted roster utilization, however, below are some noteworthy relievers to keep tabs on nonetheless: Andres Munoz, SD James Karinchak, Cle Darwinzon Hernandez, Bos (likely eventual transition to pen) Zach Burdi, Chw Ben Bowden, Col Junior Fernandez, STL Gerson Bautista, Sea Jake Newberry, KC Hunter Harvey, Bal (the former top prospect is throwing 100 out of the pen) .....intrigued to hear if anyone else has any additional names to add to this list.
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